GroupSpaces is now discontinued

As of 3rd April 2021, GroupSpaces is now discontinued and will shortly cease operation.

Within the next few days:

  • Group websites will no longer be accessible

  • Emails to group mailing lists will be returned to sender as undeliverable

After 3rd May:

  • All data will be erased, including all group databases and user accounts

Thanks to our customers who have made use of GroupSpaces since the site launched in 2006. We hope you have found value in using the service to manage your organisations and communities. Unfortunately the service did not make sufficient revenue to maintain as a business, and the necessary maintenance and upkeep required to continue the service has not been possible.

Your data is still accessible until 3rd May 2021

Before 3rd May:

  • Download your membership database in XLS and CSV format at any time up until 2nd April 2021.

  • Arrange one or more alternative solutions to manage your group.

  • Notify your members of your chosen alternatives so they have time to switch before 2nd April.

Appropriate solutions will vary according to your needs, but you may wish to consider:

  • A website builder such as Wix, Squarespace or Wordpress

  • Email newsletter software such as Mailchimp

  • Email discussion group or forum software such as Google Groups or

  • Alternative group, club or membership management software - a variety of options exist on the market.

Exporting your group data

You can export the following data for your group at any time until 2nd April 2021:

  • Download your membership database in XLS and CSV format

  • Download any group files you wish to retain a copy of

  • Export a record of any group payments received from members: go to your BillsSubscriptions or Shop Items and then select "Track Payments" > "Export" for each type of payment

  • Export event attendees and any registration information: go to Manage Events > select event > Attendees > Export

  • Unfortunately email archives and website/wiki pages cannot be downloaded - you may navigate to the relevant pages and copy/paste any information you wish to retain.

Information for customers with paid plans

Customers with paid subscription plans have not been charged after 1st January 2021.

Paid customers retain access at their current subscription level at no further charge until the service is discontinued.

Customers who have paid in advance for annual or biannual plans will be refunded for any service provided beyond 1st January 2021. If you have paid for an annual plan your refund should arrive by 15th January 2021. 

Customers on monthly payment plans will receive no further charges, with their last payment taken in December 2020.

Further questions

Please send a message via the dedicated support forum for any further questions about the shutdown or exporting your data.