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Improve health with Wartrol - A skin wart will not generally incite this reaction, and treatment is usually necessary to create this immune reaction and eradicate the wart. Don't worry as Warts Removal is an easy process.
Where can i buy Wartrol - Another sought after drug is called Heal Warts. This explains why warts normally appear on hands of children who love nail-biting.
Wartrol Guide - Plantar warts may be possibly removed through the use of a duct tape, in exploring other natural remedies for this condition. In these cases, mole removal is the only solution.
Faster with Wartrol - While the occurrence of warts cannot be prevented, there are many measures a person can take to minimize the risks of getting warts. Like you I jumped online and started searching for an easy, at-home solution so that I could take care of my warts on my own without having to spend any money.
Code with Wartrol - In most people's minds, Wartrol has become the most popular because it offers long term results which are the closest possible thing to being completely free of genital warts. Facial mole removal is a type of cosmetic surgery that has a lot of interest.
Wartrol Relieve - Some people who have extreme cases of plantar wart growth need to take aggressive measures to get rid of recurrent warts. The main reason is because they don't have the rights to recreate the remedy themselves.
Good price for Wartrol - Add Aloe Vera to your wart or change the piece of cotton with Aloe extract as often as you can. It is also effective in removing genital warts.
Best price for Wartrol - By considering some of the best wart removal home remedies mentioned above, surely you can say bye-bye to your warts and live a happy and healthy life. So, if you tend to get a lot of warts, no matter where they are on your body, with Wartrol, you will have what you need to get rid of them quickly.
Wartrol Reviews - Do not use them on malignant moles. You can get rid of warts yourself with simple methods, and it doesn't require a large investment.
Where to buy Wartrol online - His eBook comes with a money back guarantee. Again, however, this depends upon the recommendation of your dermatologist.
Wartrol For seniors - I printed out the directions and gathered up the needed ingredients and mixed it up according to the site's instruction. Among the patients one of the best parts to the product was there were secondary outbreaks within the test group.
Compare Wartrol - Excision by a pair of scissors or scalpel can hurt even when the patient is under the numbing effect of local anesthesia. Cyrotherapy involves freezing the warts so that they can be easily removed.
All natural Wartrol - However, the cost involved in getting a mole removed by a professional may prevent you from seeking care from a doctor or dermatologist. Before agreeing to surgical removal, which is both expensive and can leave a scar, you should look into the mole removal products mentioned above.
Best Wartrol website - What most people don't know however is that all natural remedies, including Wartrol can take up to 6 weeks before results start to show. Sometimes these abnormalities manifest because couples are not careful.
Wartrol For men - Take the time to do something about it. The most likely reason castor oil works better than other natural mole removal remedies is because it has a high molecular mass, which allow it to penetrate deep into the layers of skin.
Wartrol Cheap - Nevertheless, there are many natural products, which deliver good results. Visit the pharmacy and purchase plasters, solution or gel containing tretinoin, salicylic acid or other medications containing skin-exfoliating agents.
Quickly Wartrol - Some moles appear at birth while others may grow over times. However there are some moles that can become cancerous and thus have to be removed.
Wartrol Program - Fortunately, the globe of web has brought the remedy to our doorsteps within the name of Wartrol. All they need is the same bottle and to fill it with alcohol and distilled water.
Buy Wartrol Direct - Folks, who got to learn about his methods, applied them and thus far have revealed outstanding results. Another group was given placebo during the study.
High price Wartrol - Your skin will have an annoying smell though. Chances are the dermatologist would recommend cauterization, cryrotherapy or excision to get rid of those warts.
Wartrol 6 month supply - Warts found on the bottom of the feet are called plantar warts (not 'planter' warts as often misspoken), and can be quite painful to walk on depending on their location and relative size. If you get your wart taken off at a doctor's office, there is pain and a lot of expense, but there are no side effects at all when you use Wartrol.
Wartrol Clearance - However, it will also take the longest and therefore may not be the best option for people who are interested in getting rid of their warts fast. Instead you should constantly be thinking about the best ways to keep your warts suppressed and using a remedy such as Wartrol is a good way of doing this.
Wartrol Now - Genital warts is not as serious as many of the other STDs that can be contracted from unprotected sex. A mole wart removal cryosurgery meanwhile uses liquid nitrogen to freeze wart growth until it is solid enough to be plucked from the skin.
Wartrol Solution - This can result in a mole removal scar that looks like a red or sometimes white ring around the area where the mole used to be. Your day is progressing as normal and then you notice it - a wart.
Buy Wartrol Online - Finally we look at what are the treatment methods available should you seriously need them. Having moles taken off with a laser can reduce the chance of scarring.
Buy Wartrol in UK - They are just pretty much ugly to look at. The first step you must take before attempting any mole removal at home is visiting a doctor.
Where to find Wartrol online - If they are dramatically lower than the official price stated on the Wartrol website, then it's likely the product they are selling is not Wartrol. Such moles are best removed surgically, by a doctor.
Bargain Wartrol - They may be extremely resistive to treatment. Warts can also spread from one part of your body to another.
Wartrol official website - The only difference between the two is that warts are neither cancerous nor harmful. However, you can use certain vegetable oil derivatives to remove a mole.
Easy Wartrol - What you need is a real, proven, effective wart removal product that is proven to be safe and effective with zero risk of physical harm. If you have warts, or someone in your household has these growths, you should try to never share the same towel or bathmat that the person with warts uses.
Wartrol for cheap - According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), they are normally not dangerous. If the mole is a cancerous one, it may continue to grow without your knowledge underneath the scar tissue left in the removal process.
Top of the line Wartrol - People continue to display signs of warts on their face and other parts of the body including the genital areas. You risk reoccurring warts and probable diseases when you lapse treatment.
Cheapest Wartrol - Some of the methods used to remove plantar warts are natural remedies and cryotherapy. If you seek the advice of a podiatrist in pursuing your technique, plantar warts can be treated with many kinds of options: surgery through excision, laser and even cryosurgery.
Lowest price for Wartrol - It is also used as a natural wart removal approach. This over the counter drug is often purchased from online stores.
Solve problems with Wartrol - It is very a lot contagious that scratching would make it spread to all other parts, really quickly. Therefore, you will not get a scar, but your mole may not be completely removed.
Buy Wartrol in Jordan - It is very effective in and provides treatment for the pain and symptoms associated with this disease. Nevertheless, Wartrol reviews declare that self-confidence and encouragement is amplified among the customers with this ensure provide.
Wartrol on sale - In many cases, our body fails to recognize the warts formed in the skin, and that may be the reason why our immune system remains silent against the invaded Viruses. sour apples, pineapples, onions, garlic).
Wartrol no prescription - There are many types of wart removal treatments available that can be categorized into three different types. There are other things you need to consider like the price and the issue of scarring.
Wartrol 3 month supply - First, we'll look at one of the most dangerous wart removal recipes that can be found online and second we'll talk about why people are choosing to use it. Accordingly, the treatment was effective and very relieving.
Lowest price Wartrol - What if you are afraid you will screw things up? This helps expose the lower layers of the mole to the active ingredient in the mole removal product.
Brand name Wartrol - With that in mind, it's important to have on hand a short term response treatment as well. There is also no guarantee that the warts would not return after the treatment.
Wartrol Methods - However, because these are over-the-counter remedies, these methods may not be as effective as professional wart removal. Maybe you do not know that homeopathic treatments can be very easily reproduced.
Herbal Wartrol - Characteristically warts are infectious and on being left untreated they could enlarge in size and may get transmitted to different parts of the body of the bearer. I have outlined these potential risks and pitfalls so that you will be well-informed.
Cheap Wartrol online - I thanked him for the advice, took it as a lesson learned and moved on. Bloodroot, when used for a few days, penetrates into your skin and energizes your immune system to send white blood cells to begin fighting the abnormal DNA in the cells of your mole.
Buy Wartrol in Singapore - Although there are a few things to know before attempting mole removal at home, it is likely that you can use natural methods for removing your moles. Home remedies for mole removal come with much less cost and much less risk of scarring.
Buy Wartrol with credit card - It can be rather embarrassing for the victims to face their friends or just about anyone especially when multiple warts develop on their bodies in visible areas. Online orders can also be placed with some companies that have highly potent wart remedies.
Wartrol For students - The safety of the wartrol is deemed safe. Cover it with bandage and continue doing it until the wart starts to fall of.
Wartrol Secret - Therefore when people see no improvement straight away, naturally they are eager to voice their concerns. The best wart removal technique is to use duct tapes or following natural remedies like vinegar treatment, banana peel, potato rub etc.
Wartrol 2 month supply - Stronger and more resilient then the time before. This can be done upon the recommendation of your dermatologist, and there are several ways of doing so.
Buy Wartrol in UAE - An individual infected with Human Papiloma Virus may develop warts at this time. They found it in now way caused them any embarrassment.
Top Rated Wartrol - Here is a small list of home remedies to remove the growth. This allows your body the chance to fight off the warts and create the antibodies needed.
Wartrol promo code - Without eating or drinking before administering the medicine, the mouth remains clean which is important for the effectiveness of this solution. The secret to permanent planter wart removal isn't destroying the roots.
Original Wartrol - I have found a number of practical products to use as a mole removal product and many of these items you have in your home already. If you want to buy Wartrol, you should thoroughly analyze the web-sites that sell this product.
Wartrol affiliates - What you will find when you go to your local drug store is a number of products for wart removal. In clinical studies Wartrol comes out on top by not just removing the symptoms but keeping them from ever coming back.
Wartrol Purchase - Certain mole removal procedures may leave ugly scars that found to be more apparent than the mole itself. It is important to know that there is no cure for warts since they are caused by a virus (human papilloma virus - HPV), which millions of people have.
Buy Wartrol in Malaysia - The body will then absorb these cells during the healing process. The author's name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.
Wartrol Discount code - If you are interested to know more about how you can effectively remove those nasty warts in a totally natural and safe way from home, do read up on my blog. Let' s study some of the underlying reasons.
Wartrol Product - Topical anesthesia is applied to each wart so you wouldn't feel any pain. Plantar warts removal then becomes a must.
Wartrol Tips - Why? This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website.
Deal with Wartrol - Wartrol also has the major benefit of being cost effective with a 3 month money back guarantee. Warts are indeed contagious, and occur when the virus come in contact with the skin.
Coupons for Wartrol - These treatments also work on warts and skin tags. This method typically takes approximately 3 weeks to be effective.
Wartrol Benefit - Patients that buy Wartrol will enhance their immune system and improve their blood filtering. After consulting with my doctor I learned that the removal mixture's ingredients were extremely hazardous and had burned my skin pretty badly.
Budget Wartrol - The acronym for this virus is HPV. A wart thrives by feeding off of the body's blood stream.
Fast working Wartrol - Addition to that, those ingredients could be found in at your own homes. Though the effectiveness of these natural home remedies is unproven and it differs from one person to another, some have found them to be useful to some extend.
Find Wartrol - Warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). A lot of people like to pick or scrap their warts off, but there is absolutely nothing that is worse than that.
Buy Wartrol in Canada - This can be easily avoided by applying a fine layer of Vaseline or a similar petroleum jelly based products around the base of the mole. Of course, depending on the severity of the infected area, your body may have the ability to start using the active ingredients in Wartrol immediately off the bat.
Wartrol 1 month supply - Unusual moles, precancerous moles and the highly dangerous mole look-alikes, melanomas, should always be treated by a specialist. The manufacturers claim that DermaTend is 98.7 percent successful in plantar wart removal without leaving scar.
Best Wartrol Online - The active ingredient in the oil is called Ricinoleic acid and this component has been extracted from the bean of the castor plant and used for medicinal purposes dating back to ancient Egypt. The general idea is to apply a mildly corrosive substance to the mole using multiple applications so the cells of the mole die.
Buy Wartrol in Kuwait - The moment I applied the paste to my wart I felt something, kind of like a stinging. Common warts appear in skin surfaces which are broken, or fine skin cracks on our hands, particularly on fingers or nails.
Overcome with Wartrol - Water, then it's only obvious that a reduction in the effects will result. Maybe these parties are other companies, trying to save a sale, maybe it's just another frustrated member of the public.
Best Wartrol site - Since warts are rarely cancerous, home wart removal is typically the method people choose to get rid of their warts. Therefore you should make sure never to take Wartrol with anything else.
Coupon code for Wartrol - This disease can be treated with creams, gels and solutions. It may take a couple of weeks for you to see the mole fading away.
Wartrol money back guarantee - Once your warts are gone you'll be able to maintain healthy skin and keep them from coming back, even keeping a healthy immune system is vital for keeping the warts from coming back. It is not advised to use removal cream to remove these moles as though they do help in mole removal; it is too slow.
How to get rid of With Wartrol - It is still unknown why some people are more likely to get warts than others. External procedures performed at the dermatologist can be painful and in some cases, the wounds can remain uncomfortable and irritating for several days.
New Wartrol - If you don't experience any stinging sensation after applying the cream, its better to scratch the mole even more deeper. They appear on the skin and mucous membranes and can spread on a larger surface area in the genitalia region of both men and women.
Brand new Wartrol - However, in some people, the melanin will gather in small round clusters, which forms a mole. At the end of three months it was noticed that people who received the former displayed results, which showed that their condition had improved by over 70%.
Online Wartrol - They are flat in appearance unlike common warts due to the walking pressures. Home remedies for mole removal are appropriate for normal moles, which are basically small round or slightly oval areas of high pigment concentration.
Buy Wartrol in South Africa - Planter wart removal can be as simple as altering the blood flow to the wart. Without the side effects as well.
Get Wartrol Online - Wartrol is made up from ingredients that have proven healing properties which work by heightening the body's ability to basically heal itself. Dermatologists determined the Wartrol treatment extremely effective.
Wartrol over the counter - About three out of 10 people suffer from this problem. If the little bugger still attacks, the Warts Removal processes are numerous.
Save on Wartrol - The question you may be asking is, "how do you extract juice from an onion, or these other products." This is a valid question and you can typically find these products at a health food store. Wartrol is easy to take in by placing a few drops under the tongue at least 20 minutes prior to eating or drinking.
Best of Wartrol - Wartrol was examined between couple of sufferers, both males and ladies. Bleeding is likely to take place and if the skin tags are numerous, the bleeding can be a rather messy sight for the patient.
Wartrol Plan - You may be pleasantly surprised. Currently there is no true medical cure for foot warts.
Buy Wartrol in Philippines - People with diabetes or heart condition should not use over the counter drugs. We all have our daily routines and sometimes we to take some extra time to make sure we are okay.
Wartrol Cure - You can either seek professional help for wart removal or you can choose to treat them at home. He told to never, ever trust the natural skin recipe sites that are found online without consulting a professional first.
Wartrol review - Wartrol will reduce the severity of future flare-ups, however it is not a complete solution and will not cure your genital warts. An advantage of castor oil is that the FDA has approved the derivative of castor oil for over-the-counter treatment of common skin disorders and problems.
Wartrol promo - Unfortunately, it can grow back if it is not removed in its entirety and if HPV is still lingering in your system. It can spread throughout our body; but can isn't passed on to another individual by just casual contact with others.
Wartrol Supplement - With pineapple juice apply the juice daily to the moles, they will eventually weaken and disappear. There are several methods of hand wart removal.
Wartrol Remedy - Then rub it on the spots that have warts. Warts are of different types based on the site at which they appear.
Wartrol Technique - As for cryotherapy, doctors use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart to the point where it falls off after a few days. Another consideration is that with natural remedies, it is a good idea to prep the mole by gently scratching the surface.
Buy Wartrol in India - This will allow the cream to penetrate into the skin layer and blast the mole cells. Results can be seen in as little as 3 days.
Need Wartrol - Transmission of genital warts is very easy as they pass from one partner to another unnoticeable. Warts are also notorious for being a recurring skin condition.
Closeout Wartrol - While this may make you question the use of home remedies, you must also consider that the faster a mole is removed from your skin, the greater the likelihood of a scar being left behind. Over the counter means you can buy then without any doctor's prescription.Over the counter drugs can be found in any drug stores and supermarkets and even from online stores.
Healthy Wartrol - In due time, you will immediately experience the results. You will find an over-the-counter, and even an Internet mole removal product will cost you more than the suggested items below.
Order Wartrol Immediately - Common warts are either flat or raised, moist or dry can can have a pitted or rough surface. Apply it directly onto the mole several times until it turns white.
Wartrol Review - Another thing you should consider before a plantar wart removal is your medical history. Warts usually grow in oval shape and are painless and cancerous.
Wartrol Wholesale - Today most of us try many natural products for the treatment of warts, but many of them are not effective and their actions do not undergo clinical trials. I believe most people tend to give up too soon when it comes to this remedy.
Wartrol Bonus - The capsule is broken and the contents massaged on the wart. Wartrol will not remove your warts immediately but after spending a few weeks taking Wartrol you will begin to notice the improvement and within days the warts will be gone forever.
Quick Wartrol - Before we go ahead to look at the ingredients of Wartrol why don't we first state the cause of Warts? And talking about warts, it may prove to be nasty and it will keep on coming back no matter how we try to get rid of it.
Wartrol affiliate program - Continue with this treatment for only a few days and you should begin to see a noticeable difference in the size of your mole. Here are accepted and proven natural wart removal home remedies: Tea Tree Oil has a whole host of beneficial uses.
Buy Wartrol with paypal - Of course, this is not much of a problem as you can find them readily on the Internet. It is recommended that a pumice stone or emery board be used to file the wart and soften it in between applications of any of these methods.
Buy Wartrol in USA - How much time will it take for the natural mole removal remedies to work and what can you expect as far as cost and scarring? If the mole pigment extends into lower layers of the skin, it will be necessary for the doctor to remove these lower layers as well resulting in a larger wound.
Wartrol Deals - Be sure to check with your insurance company before having moles treated to see if the cost will be your responsibility. The physician will remove the dead tissues present in the warts and apply liquid nitrogen on to the wart.
Best savings for Wartrol - The treatment obtained via Wartrol is completely natural and therefore hundred percent secure. This option is the least expensive, because it requires no medical treatment, and it is quite feasible, because most warts do clear up without treatment.
Best Wartrol Offer 2015 - It also helps treat warts that have not become visible i.e. Most people find that their moles disappear within five days when using apple cider vinegar.
Order Wartrol - In short, warts can be contagious and it is best that you avoid sex or direct contact with any known sufferer or share personal items with them. Now I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
Wartrol For sale - If you mix the ingredients with any other substance, ie. But that's OK, because For the vast majority of people, scarring can be avoided by using these five simple tips.
Low cost Wartrol - Some individuals may not be interested in this method since it does not involve the modern medicine. Heal Warts, produced by Healing Natural Oils, is yet another remedy.
Wartrol Offer - This eBook is informative and easy to understand. It's also important that you keep your skin free of cuts, and healthy.
Wartrol Reasonable priced - This has been seen in many studies. Each time you do this your body sends it defense to fight the irritation and therefore also starts to fight the virus in that spot.
Buy Wartrol in Hong Kong - Attempt not to mix intake with any other substance. That is a major reason why you should never pick at your warts, then touch another part of your body.
Discount Wartrol - Rub the planter warts with the pumice stone and notice the wart skin falling away. The commitment from the organization in the manufacturing exercise can be understood by reading the Wartrol reviews.
Wartrol special - First of all, there are several things you need to consider before having any plantar wart removal. Wartrol, unlike other products, does not contain tea tree oil which has been tied to scarring and other skin problems around the infected area.
Where to shop for Wartrol online - This article will expose some of the risks and shortfalls you need to consider before going for a clinical removal treatment performed by your dermatologist. In order to kill off the wart virus, you must cut off its food supply.
Wartrol Study - The small tiny cuts within your skin is perfect for this virus to creep into and infect your body. More and more people are growing tired of the high costs of solving medical issues.
Wartrol discount - In most cases, the healing is quite fast if you take proper care of the wound. If the individual already have warts on her body, they may spread to other parts of the body or increase in its number rapidly.
Reduced Wartrol - Your eyes mater water. And it works without having to go through painful surgeries or chemical substances applications.
Low priced Wartrol - In women, warts are usually found both inside and outside of the vagina, on the cervix and the uterus. The process of removal is quite painful and the treatment usually leaves a scar at the location of the wart.
Buy Wartrol in Australia - If you have poor immunity system, diabetes, high blood pressure or any arterial blockages, you should first ask the doctor before getting remedies. Numerous steps before entire removal should be taken: from building up your immunity system to kill the wart virus then undergo through several injection or surgical removal sessions.
Wartrol Great buy - This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. Abnormal looking moles are not necessarily cancerous, but they may have a higher risk of containing cancer cells.
Wartrol Instructions - Natural methods of mole removal generally cost no more than over-the-counter medications. The viruses that cause common warts are highly contagious and enter the body through breaks in the skin.
High priced Wartrol - In these conditions what is the treatment that should be adopted to deal with warts? We've just unlocked the secret door.
Quicker Wartrol - Acid compounds can be used to remove a mole; however, the wart removal products are not recommended for getting rid of moles. You will need to continue daily application of your home remedy.
Inexpensive Wartrol - Indeed, numerous patients suffer without having muttering a word. When using plasters, it softens the wart, making it easier to remove.
Wartrol OTC - How does one do this? An effective method must be chosen to eliminate this nuisance condition.
Wartrol That works - This says something. The main reason why Wartrol is effective is because it attempts to activate the immune system of an infected person thereby helping the body fight the HPV virus that causes warts.
Wartrol coupon code - Right now, with select packages, you can get a free bottle of Wartrol, and of course it also comes with a full guarantee. In the rarest of cases, warts may also develop inside the mouth and the throat of a person who had indulged in the oral sex with an infected person.
Wartrol Explain - It is used in conjunction with electric current and this removal treatment is sometimes called electro-surgery. It is call Wartrol.
How to make Wartrol work - 90 days to be precise but don't let that sway you. Many of the common substances that are effective at removing moles may sound strange to most people.
Price Value Wartrol - They may appear on any part of human body, in singles or clusters, and are caused by a virus known as HPV. Both types work on a mole in a similar fashion, but the home ingredients cost less and you can monitor the mole as it fades to avoid scarring.
Wartrol coupon - What method should I choose? The use of some of these substances may require you to be very patient, as it commonly takes 2 to 3 weeks to completely remove the mole.
Wartrol Savings - Also the ability to give long term results was a huge talking point. However, a number of best wart removers available in the med-market contain the extracts of above listed natural products fortified with advanced medicaments.
Prevent using Wartrol - I was relieved at the time to find that there were several sites out there that listed these homemade wart removal recipes that I assumed would give the results I needed. This would include treatment of warts inside the vagina, cervix, or the anus.
Wartrol in stock - This is of course one of the major talking points when it comes to Wartrol If you know anything about natural remedies, you would know that they are designed to target long term results. The virus is known as the human papillomavirus (HPV) and is quite common.
Guide to Wartrol - Most of all learn about Wartrol and how it can assist you in many different ways. There is a way to get rid of your warts for good, and don't worry it isn't expensive.
Where can I order Wartrol in 2016 - When applied correctly, the viral cells are destroyed and replaced by normal healthy skin. Here we can see some natural wart removers found effective against certain types of warts.
Buy Wartrol in Ireland - You would also have to consider added expenses if you want to remove scars. The costs for treating and removing plantar warts through self-help are varied: $4 to $40 for simple salicylic or nitric solutions; $150 to $ 200 for immunity booster capsules and wart remover kits.
Wartrol Step by step - So begin instantly, by employing the world's best organic genital warts healing and beat the pain and embarrassments caused by it. Because, with the mole on your leg you do not have to worry as much about the possibility of scarring.
Wartrol manufacturer - Look into it yourself before any sensational headlines dampen your spirit. A removal of this kind demands a repeat application every 48 hours for up to 12 weeks until the wart is removed.
Wartrol For women - A very acceptable home remedy involves use of onions. It is important not to scratch or pick any of the warts, or otherwise it will scatter on the other parts of your body or unfortunately, to other bodies as well.
Buy Wartrol in New Zealand - Castor oil by itself is also in an effective substance to use in removing your moles. There are also natural wart removers.
Wartrol Comparison - Here's a brief summary of each treatment method and its possible harmful effects. He can perform removal right there at the clinic.
Buying Wartrol - If you cannot stand the sight of blood, reconsider this option. Above all, natural remedies do not leave any scar, which makes this method a favorite one for all!
Buy Wartrol in Dubai - This is easy to find in a local drug store or with the medications in your local grocery store. They should also consider whether they have any conditions such as diabetes mellitus or poor circulation, which may preclude them from using over-the-counter wart removal kits.
Wartrol Explaining - The risk of suffering from skin burns or dyschromic lesions/wounds do exist for these methods. In the case of genital warts, transmission is easy especial if one of the partners have been affected.


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