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How to Block Caller ID on Verizon?

Verizon is known for providing various phone deals and offers on different mobile brands. It is a major mobile service carrier in the United States that offers the best phones with best deals. Moreover, when you call someone, your Verizon Wireless phone number appears on the screen of any landline or wireless phone that has caller ID or caller identification. However, at times, you may not wish to allow your phone number to be recognized by the person you are calling.

For example, if you are contacting on behalf of a business or playing a prank on your friend. In that case, you may want to hide your caller ID. This is possible, but you will need to enter a special code before you make a call to someone using your Verizon phone and this will block your phone number from being displayed on the receiver's phone. Simply follow the below steps to hide your caller ID while calling.

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Steps to block caller ID from being displayed

Step 1

First of all, type "67" on the call screen. Also, ensure that the star ("") and "67" appear exactly next to each other, and there should be no space between them.

Step 2

Now you have to enter the phone number to whom you want to call up. While entering the number, you need to ensure that there shouldn't be any spaces between the phone number (i.e. 6715555555) and the "67" value that could separate them.

Step 3

Finally, you have to press "Send" on your phone. Now your Verizon phone number will not be displayed if the person receiving the call has caller ID.

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