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EDIT - Sorry guys

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 4th January 2016 @ 6:26pm

There I went trying to make it poetic when I had given misinformation. 

The monologue slam is in Mully's on 19th, not the Rose and Crown.

And also - the bid interviews are on the 13th January, in the afternoon and evening. 

Happy Holidays Thespy Friends


Greetings 2016, Greetings Dramatics. Reminders!

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 4th January 2016 @ 5:51pm

Greetings Friends!

I hope that you all enjoyed a most pleasant Christmas, and I would like to begin the email by wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Doubtless we all spent the initial hours of 2016 in a state more glorious than the entire Greek Pantheon of Gods put together. I knew, even as I stood alone upon the dancefloor, my steely gaze fixed upon those massy speakers, all pounding and thumping like Alexander the Great's war drums on the field of Gaugamela, as I struggled to retain clarity of thought in amongst the stupor of stupor-juice, and the thunder of the excessive bass, and the sheer weight of the attention that the girls were paying me and my glorious dance, that, in a quiet moment of thought in amongst the thud and thrum, the dramatics were probably doing the same - throwing the same shapes, quaffing the same magical fun enhancers, and thinking the same thoughts towards the coming year.  

I perceived the moon as I stood in the fog-laden smoking area, and the hazy drone of small talk with a fellow club attendee faded away, its lunar luminescence striving to pierce the screen of thick and overbearing clouds, as if to say unto me in a kindly voice: "Jack, it is I, the moon. Rejoice, for I am the same moon that shineth upon your goodly friends of the drama society". And, knowing that the same moon of 2016 did shineth upon all the society, I was enthused to endure patiently the tedium of other humans, anticipating the hour of my return to your welcome. 

With this message I begin this email of reminder - I can't wait to come back.

Bid Reminder, a Merry Christmas to All Dramatics

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Saturday, 19th December 2015 @ 11:15am

Greetings Dramatics,

The day, Dramatics, is upon me. I must bid you a total, but thankfully temporary, farewell. I awoke this morning aware of the duty I was bound to fulfil, the composition of a farewell email, and I almost cried 'Alas' to the heavens in my dank flat. All that inhibited my grief-laden tongue from bellowing this roar of anguish was the wee glimmer of inspiration that I, good Jack, would be the one to bid you all a Merry Christmas, and that I would see you again in January.

Do not doubt, friends, that the fates have decreed for it to be thus, and there shall be a glorious return of dramatic persons and activity when the term starts once again. We shall burst back onto the theatrical dimension, shattering the hopes of our enemies and naysayers, with arms outstretched in heady gesticulation, refreshed and newly-nourished tongues and mouths projecting with a gargantuan boom across the city, prompting wide-ranging and profound praise to such an extent that we shall consider ourselves theatrical deities. And there shall be rejoicing, and none shall feel left out, for we are inclusive in our demeanour, and there shall be alcohol flowing like the Nile, moistening the land for the cultivation of drama, like a delicate crop which we carefully tend together.

'Til then I occupy my time with glorious endeavour - a quest to inform Justin Bieber what she truly means, consulting soothsayers over how long the duration of time should be, before it is acceptable to make reference with dramatic metaphor and simile to Star Wars, and an added irritant, a dissertation.

Read below the short information, and then my farewell. 


E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Sunday, 13th December 2015 @ 10:05am

Greetings Dramatics, 

Out from the ether of deadlines, and parties, and friendship, I can discern the end of the term, which sinkens my heart to a point of melancholy. For I know that there shall be no jollity of drama once I return home, that my hopelessly boring sisters will flout me for my thespish flamboyance, and yea, I shall miss the company of all ye who art excellent and pleasant and affable.

All clad in the scruffy apparel of a man who has done little clothe-washing, I shall trudge back to my native city, borne to my doom by that carriage of malice, the national express coach, and thereupon I shall arrive at home, professing joy at my return, but untruly. Each piece of free-of-charge nourishment shall merely disintegrate upon my forlorn palate, and I may weep whilst chewing on a piece of choice turkey, crowned in a flimsy green crown of paper, for I possess the highly perturbing knowledge that the calories I consume (of which there will be an abundance) shall not be spent in rehearsal, towards glory and art! 

But understand that the labours of the society never altogether cease, and below are listed the pieces of information which are essential to know in order to participate in glories.  



E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 7th December 2015 @ 9:40pm

Greetings fellows,

I nurse my hangover with the same delicacy as I would treat an injured baby seal. By my troth, my head did pound this morning, and my decency was besmirched as I learnt of my Arts Ball silly beheaviour. I hope the same is true of you all, for it was a glorious night.

The director of Volpone's name is actually Olivia Perrett. I mistakenly spelt it wrong in the last email, and shed a tear after finding out. Thus her email is as follows - 

She is seeking a producer, assistant director, and assistant producer.

ALSO THE MONOLOGUE SLAM IS TOMORROW. We're still taking submissions, so if you have the inclination, just email this address back with the monologue you wish to do! We want to see you perform! I shall see you all there.

For now,


STORM BIDMOND - Insofar as many bids are opening

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Sunday, 6th December 2015 @ 12:17pm

Greetings, O Dramatic ones, O ye who art ever enthused,

My knees do knock against each other. My stomach churneth hither and thither. My mind, and very soul, struggle with herculean might to focus on my study, but alas and alack to no avail. My very being is consumed by thoughts of the Winter Arts Ball, the gargantuan quantity of shapes that I wish to cast upon the floor, my all-encompassing worry that I will, perhaps, run out of shapes... That an innate quota of thrown shapes might be reached within me, rendering my person wholly in a state of paralysis. Primarily however, my hope that the dramatic persons and their artsy kinfolk shall find in the Knights Templar a common experience of such wonder that it can only be truly done justice through the medium of dance and waviest juice. 

Verily, such are my hopes, and let the worries remain unheeded, and the desires fulfilled, abundantly, this eve in the Knights Templar.

In amongst the quality social experience, there is enticing opportunity to satisfy your dramatic yearnings. So read downward, and endeavour in calm to prevent your excitement leading to a sudden bodily implosion.

A Winter Arts Ball, and some Performance for Good Measure

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Sunday, 29th November 2015 @ 6:55pm

Greetings Goodly Dramatics,

I find myself so very full to the brim with news and information, that to restrain myself from gushing it all forth has been as difficult as holding back my tears, watching the final year of my degree pass by at the speed of a panicked antelope.

The Winter approacheth, and with it a host of wint'ry happenings - an Arts ball amongst all the chill, and the performance of a bleak Scottish play. (Bright and lovely in that it is enriched by a stellar cast, bleak insofar as it is set in medieval Scotland.) But no! I give the game away before the appropriate titled sections may have their limelight... 

Refresh your academically soaked crania with such an abundance of high quality drama, such invigorating performance art, that you finish reading this email with your body and soul as nourished as it would be had you eaten a weighty bowl of fresh fruit. 

Read onwards, unto excellence! 

LSDF Bid form and Budget Information.

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Wednesday, 25th November 2015 @ 3:47pm

Greetings Dear Dramatics.

A mid-week email is not my custom, and I certainly do not wish to bespam your email inboxes with my flouncey phrasing, but there are certain morsels of information that I certainly wish for you all to know - 

Firstly, the bid form link on the previous email for LSDF was faulty. Here is the customary, and hopefully, the true link to the internal bid form - Internal Production - Bid Form (2015-2016) (1).docx

Secondly the maximum amount of money to budget with (for an LSDF bid) is £200.

I attach the budget form thusly for good measure, and out of my thought for your convenience -
UCLU Drama Society Budget Form (2015-2016).xlsx

Let it not be said that whilst I remained in my tenure as secretary, many were uninformed. 

Ever yours dramatics, 




LSDF Bids open!

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Saturday, 21st November 2015 @ 12:39am

Greetings Dramatics!

You may be wondering to yourselves, 'What is this queer address which decorates my inbox so strangefully? Why does it offer such excellent opportunity at such a late hour? Which poet could be behind such lyrical phraseology?'

Well let myself be the first to remind you that this be the first email since the beginning of reading week, and, as the chill of November truly sets in, there is much to be aware of, which undoubtedly you have been following, and therefore I merely utter a few brief reminders for your ears to hearken to.

Read forth - 

EDIT: Dates for Etcetera performance.

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 9th November 2015 @ 10:38am


Though I said that the Etcetera performance dates started on 27th November, they actually start on 25th November.

That is all.


Comedy of Errors Auditions, and Successful Bids!

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 9th November 2015 @ 9:34am

Greetings friends!

It is certain truth that we have entered the calm of reading week, the heaven sent opportunity to desperately complete academic work after having spent the term consuming oneself in the drama of drama.

Whether you are sitting at home, so full of food prepared and cooked for you by kindly hands of relatives, with the result that you resemble a frightened puffer fish, or whether you are condemned to the deep and heavy heat of the library, silently crying out for respite -  do not refrain from reading my most regular, and my most dramatic emails, and therefore, I exhort you to read onwards, in the manner due to a reading week, and discover the great plans and ambitions that the society has on offer.

There is much to consider so cast your attention to the time ahead if but briefly, ready to sally forth one day into the brilliant realm of performance.



E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Saturday, 7th November 2015 @ 8:36am

Greetings Friends!

It is necessary for you all to be informed of tonight's deadline for our three open slots, and thus I do so ahead of the massive email tonight.

Here is the info -

There are THREE bid slots open currently. ALL have the deadline of midnight on 7th November. WHICH IS TONIGHT.

- One is an external Etcetera Theatre slot, the performance dates being 27th, 28th and 29th November.

- Another is an Internal slot, for the IoE performance space, with a performance either in the week beginning the 16th, or the week beginning with the 23rd of November. (Indicate preference on the bid form below.)

- The third is a roaming garage slot for the Camden Peoples' Theatre, for a couple of performance nights in the month of February. Exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

Submit unto us, the committee, your bids, using these bid and budget forms - Internal Production - Bid Form (2015-2016) (1).docx
Budget - UCLU Drama Society Budget Form (2015-2016).xlsx

More and abundant information to follow concerning all other facets of our activity. Be aware!


Father's Daughter and a Bid Workshop

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Sunday, 1st November 2015 @ 12:52pm

Greetings friends!

As you awaken from your various Halloween themed events, wiping the residual, customary, white face paint off your worn faces, finding that you resemble death itself more closely now, than when your face was so adorned, it is your duty to consult this email, and to find in it the solace of ever-present theatre opportunity.

Turn your befuzzled and bleary considerations to the wonder of the stage, and thus beat back whatever lingers in the mind after such an evening of quality wave.


Election Results, Bids

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Saturday, 24th October 2015 @ 3:02pm

Greetings Friends,

Dramatic life has never been so interesting as dear friends are incorporated into the great committee of 2015-16, alongside abundant performances and socials!

Read on for the full details -

Membership purchase! A most Extraordinary General Meeting!

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 19th October 2015 @ 7:21pm

Greetings All,

There is much now for you all to pay your attention to, however, this email shall remain brief.

Below are some important points for your consideration, and hopefully for you to act upon also.

OPEN BIDS - Freshers' Showcase

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Friday, 16th October 2015 @ 9:15pm

Greetings Friends,

As the second week passes we must all turn our attention to new opportunity at hand, and celebrate that the society is waltzing along as bouncily and as actively as a toddler discovering an affinity for dance.

Find below the news, which should give you a whiff of all our current happenings. 


E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 12th October 2015 @ 11:01am

Panic not, for I am here to inform you.

Due to unforeseen difficulty with the ever problematic room-bookings, the performances for the Freshers' Plays tonight will be at 9:30pm, in Chadwick G08.

You Were After Poetry will be starting, and Man Equals Man shall follow!

See you all there,


- Comedy of Errors Production team

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Sunday, 11th October 2015 @ 9:23am

Once again an addendum to the great email sent not long ago.

The director for A Comedy of Errors are looking for a production team. The show will be in term 2, and they require the following positions -


Assistant Producer

Assistant Director

Get into contact with Wiebke, the director, via email at if you are interested.

The deadline for applications is 16th October.


Dramatic Whirlwind of Shows and Such-like

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Saturday, 10th October 2015 @ 11:05pm

Greetings Friends!

I watch aghast as each and every dramatic endeavour and opportunity explodes in a great roaring supernova around the entirety of the society.

Whether you are a member of the light and fresh folk, or an old and hardy veteran, these rooms at UCL ring with the tinkle of dramatic and melodic voices, rehearsing and auditioning hither and thither.

I implore you, read onward for the purpose of becoming consumed in the glee of it all.

Auditions & Opportunities!

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Wednesday, 7th October 2015 @ 7:33pm

Hello there! Matt here subbing in for Jack whilst he makes children's dreams come true with his job at Lego.

Well it's been a great few days, meeting a lot of new faces over the weekend and as our three Freshers' Plays get underway I bring you news of more chances to get stuck in. There are opportunities for actors, producers and directors below, so read carefully!

UCL Drama Society

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