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Camden Fringe DEADLINE

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 14th March 2016 @ 12:27pm


I once again bespam your inundated inboxes with my ignoble pesterings, but I do declare that these are important epistles, the kind of thing not lightly missed, and if they are indeed missed then so is the opportunity that the email presents itself with. 

My flabbergastation at the abundance of high quality and original bids has been mountainous in scale for the year thus far, and yet, I perceive within the society yet more quirks of originality, hidden gems that will soon sally forth from the rich mahogany that is the society's woodwork. With a quiet and excitable anticipation my innards tremble for the bids ahead, so make them divine dear friends!

Read below for reminders.  


EDIT - Deadline

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Friday, 11th March 2016 @ 5:25pm

Greetings -

The deadline for the recently-opened Roaming Garage term 3 bids in the Bloomsbury Studio is the 22nd March at 23:59

The interviews will follow on 23rd.

More shall follow, and apologies for frequency of email.



BIDS just opened for 22nd

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Friday, 11th March 2016 @ 5:04pm


With a mighty and deafening crack the bids for term 3 have opened up, as if the result of a Dramatic earthquake. 

Find the details here - 

The performances shall take place somewhere between the 31st May and 10th June at the end of next term. 

Be aware that for this slot, Stage Crew shall take 50% cut of the ticket sales. Take account of this in your budgeting. 

The grant is £150 for this slot. 

Here are the specifications for the Studio, should you wish to bid:

The Space

The Bloomsbury studio is a multi-use, black box studio space suitable for all forms of production. The floor is sprung with black dance floor permanently installed. It is also suitable for presentations and lectures. It is available in various seating layouts and capacities depending on the type of event.

Capacity: 50-70 people depending on stage layout.

Dressing room
The studio has one dedicated dressing room suitable for 3-6 people. It has space for costume hanging and a sink.

48 ways 2.3Kw ETC smartpack hardwired dimmers (dim or relay).
12x Robert Juliat 535ww LED 75w Tibo Fresnel (c/w barn doors)
7 x Robert Juliat 533ww LED 75w 30/40deg profile spot
ETC Element 40 control desk
Other lighting fixtures may be available depending on usage in the main theatre.

Roland m200 sound desk
Tascam 500b CD player
Tascam ssr200 compact flash recorder (can record to USB (2.0) stick, SD card and compact flash cards.
4 x EM acoustics EMS-81x small format full range speakers
2x EM acoustics EMS-112 subwoofer speakers
A selection of wired microphones are available.
The studio does not have any radio mics.

A wired Altair system is available for use in the studio.

A celling mounted Epsom G6550WU 6000 lumen projector with short throw lens is available.
The projector can take VGA or HDMI inputs
A BLURAY player is available, please note that if your presentation is on computer you will need to provide your own laptop with HDMI or VGA output.

For any other information or to discuss your requirements please contact the technical department on 0207 6791361 or

Contact - - for more information should you need it.


AGM Results, LSDF, Information in Abundance

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Thursday, 10th March 2016 @ 4:07pm

Greetings Dramatics, 

My hitherto chilly innards were warmed and all a-tingly to see the true myriad of friendly faces present at the AGM this bygone Tuesday. The collective wisdom of the society coalesced into a throbbing orb of judgement, which then directed its heavenly beams of voting light directly at chosen members of the society. The beauty of democracy showcased itself as, one by one, fresh and enthusiastic faces sprung forth on to the floor to declare their intentions and experience - a few of which arose to a higher state of being, as elect members of the next committee. 

These truly are brave and worthy souls, that soon shall embark upon the dramatic voyage which persons such as myself embarked upon not so long ago.

But lo, the coming events! Though I may gaze into the vapid cavern that shall be my post-Dramatic life, there are still a great number of announcements to be made, and thus I shall blow the war-horns of the society in the direction of certain persons and things, in order for you all to direct your chargers to attend the events in good order.

Scrutinise the information below, and join the mighty throng of all those participating!

AGM Nomination deadline, and Edinburgh second round bid deadline

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Sunday, 6th March 2016 @ 12:43pm

Greetings Dramatics,

Is this not the day to present our mothers with gifts most pleasant, and therefore bring them all into humours most merrily? The gift that rises high above flowers and chocolates, is certainly high office. Making your mothers bubble with pride shall make them cry, - "Lo, this be the best child and mother's day that there e'er was!" this being said, rouse and muster the mighty orator within you, be ready to persuade and convince a crowd of the friendliest faces, as, at the AGM, you shall run for something special!

On Tuesday evening, the allure to the AGM shall call silent and hypnotic, the whiff of the finest pizza shall peruse the campus, seek you out, and tempt you to the CSC common room on the second floor of the Bloomsbury building. And once you are there, brought there by faint but unmistakable aroma of pleasant food, you will become entrapped by the painfully virtuous and conversationally affable dramatics, and so will be compelled to stay and participate in the glory of the evening.

The details follow like faithful canine companions - 

AGM Approacheth

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Tuesday, 1st March 2016 @ 7:32pm

Greetings Dramatics,

O Sweet and goodly persons of the drama society, may I address you now as your ever loving secretary, who seeth in you all the potential for rich and prosperous performance, and the glory and shine of the stage.

As I pace about our enlightened campus, passing the educated as they hurry hither and thither, I can smell, and sense with a heightened seasonal tingle in my brain, that spring is making its initial forays into life once more. And with the advent of spring, come the daffodils, come the shedding of big fluffy coats, come the days where coffee is even more a superfluous hot drink than it already is. But, towering above all of these minor observations and developments, the AGM shall arrive within the week, where all those who are most dramatic shall congregate into a vast swathe of politico-dramatic mobbies, and declare the will of the populace, that certain persons shall attain the positions of honour in the society. 

Verily and yea, pursue the honour of committee positions as if they were a cheeky rabbit, running away from you, the massive wolf, that wishes to fang it to shreds and make it your own. Compose speeches like a poet, for what speeches are better than those which are both poetic, and give an accurate picture of your excellent personal qualities. 

Stand to! And run forth unto the glory of the committee positions. 



E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Wednesday, 24th February 2016 @ 10:27pm

Greetings Friends,

I email again for I am completely absorbed within the society and academia means absolutely nothing to me. 

Flamboyance must once again be expunged for speed. 

We are re-opening bids for the Edinburgh fringe. This will give those who have bid more of an opportunity to improve, and anyone who missed the boat a second chance! So bring forth your bid. 

the details follow below. 

AGM - Camden Fringe Bids

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Wednesday, 24th February 2016 @ 8:50am


Reading week is over and the time has come for the term to spool up once more. And it is true, the AGM now loometh not too far off, two weeks away so reflect upon your personage and see whether you deem yourself capable of filling one of the committee roles. 

I have to dispense with lengthy flamboyance on account of an acute urgency that permeates my entire life at present. 

Here are the facts!


Edinburgh Bid Reminder - TONIGHT

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Monday, 22nd February 2016 @ 5:31pm

Greetings Dramatics, 

The customary Drama email will follow this tomorrow evening if the fates so desire. Until then, be satisfied with this short message:

The deadline for submitting a bid for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for this August (2016) is at 23:59 tonight, and bid interviews will follow on 24th February.

Kindle the creative furnaces within your crania, you clever collection of carbon-based life forms. And render unto us thine hefty ideas, so full of rigour and gusto. 

Bid details, along with audition details are included below.


E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Wednesday, 17th February 2016 @ 5:55pm


To express the sheer scale of the undertaking that we are poised to embark upon, would be to talk in such massive terms as the huge phenomena in space, the movement of planets and stars, the suction of black holes, and the great forces of the universe. For such words are the only equal comparison to the glory of comedy of errors. 

Be you pickled and saturated by the reading of reading week? Mayhaps you are oppressed and rendered lame by the weight of exams and revision. Mayhaps you lie peaceful and still in the comfort of your native dwelling, a veritable fountain of free food and warmth at your disposal. Whether in respite or woe, come to the Shaw Theatre, in your masses, with all of your faithful friends and relations, to observe upon the most fruitful efforts of our blessed cast members who tread the boards of the spacious stage.  

Look below for details, and be enthused!

Volpone Performance, Comedy of Errors!

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Thursday, 11th February 2016 @ 1:48pm

Greetings Dramatics,

By the tutelage of Drama I have been educated in how to weather consecutive days on pitifully little sleep - why? Because the second term rumbleth onwards, like a heaving barge laden with happenings and occurrences, unto reading week, when said barge shall offload its cargo to all the goodly places of destination, smoothly and well executed. So shall Drama deliver on its performances and events, which requires of some a touch of sleep loss, and a healthy measure of degree neglect.

Verily not yesterday I was shamed in a seminar for not doing the reading, the professor's eyes peering over spectacles, each casting a white hot gaze of contempt on to my person. And yet, though shame did flicker weakly in my soul, it was nought and pale in comparison to the ardent fire, one that I could barely control from consuming my tongue and sallying forth from my mouth, the desire to recite all of my lines from Comedy of Errors, with full feeling and nuance, and so to completely and utterly paralyse said professor with the potency of Iambic Pentameter. The sight of it would surely have been a mighty one.

Read below for the details of the things that inhibit my reading...



E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Friday, 5th February 2016 @ 6:28pm

Greetings Friends,

This is just a last minute reminder to submit your Bloomsbury Studio bids tonight before midnight. 

The interviews for these bids will be on the evening of 8th February.

Full details on tech and such are included in previous emails, consult them with urgency if you wish to spontaneously bid right now.

Just in case, here is the form and budget too - Internal-Production-Bid-Form-2015-2016.docx

These are different from the Bloomsbury Theatre Bids, the deadline for which is before midnight on 7th February. (Interviews on 10th)

Additionally, further to the Question and Answer session earlier this week, a petition has been proposed and is circulating, to secure for ourselves an alternative venue to the Bloomsbury over the coming two years in which it will be closed. Here is the link - 

Sign it, and demonstrate your support for the glory of the arts at UCL!

Make haste in your bid compositions. We look forward to your ideas in interview!

Trifles Auditions - An Addendum

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Wednesday, 3rd February 2016 @ 11:22am

Greetings - 

Further to the previous email, you must also be informed of the Trifles auditions, of which the final day is today 18:00 - 19:30 in the Kathleen Kenyon Room.

About the play:
Trifles and The Outside are two short plays by the American writer Susan Glaspell. They are rarely performed examples of early feminist writing, intimately studying the women characters and their responses to the world around them.

Mr. Wright is found hanged in his bedroom. His wife is the only suspect, yet there doesn't seem to be a specific motive for the murder. The sheriff, county attorney, and the man who found the body go to investigate, their wives in tow. While the men investigate the crime scene upstairs, the women pack a bag for the widow in prison, and slowly unravel a plot with serious moral implications.

The Outside:
Mrs. Patrick and Allie Mayo have exiled themselves from the world due to emotional pain caused by their husbands. While Bradford, Tony, and the Captain fight to save a drowned man, the women look out on the desolate landscape around them, debating whether the world is inclined toward life or decay.

We are casting three male roles and two female roles, and welcome auditions from BME students. If you are already involved in productions this term, please speak with your director before auditioning.

Here is the Facebook link to the event -

BIG BIDS - Edinburgh and Bloomsbury

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Tuesday, 2nd February 2016 @ 10:45pm

Verily and Yea, there is too much going on to express through the medium of the written word, but, as is my custom, I shall endeavour to do so for your benefit. 

Below are the details of all the great and weighty bids that tower around us, like great and daunting theatrical monoliths - but - monoliths that all of you are certainly capable of ascending, so do bid, for it is the mark of greatness!

Forget not the postponed weekly social tomorrow evening - for the first time this year, and in the interests of integration with many of our peers and contemporaries, a deputation of wavy party-meisters shall proceed unto Sportsnight from Phineas tomorrow. All of you who have an affinity for the party arts, such as the casting of limbs in rhythmic positioning, the quaffing of fine toxic juices, the artists of drunken conversation, professors of brief courtship, convene at the Phineas tomorrow for a massive night out with the Squad.


Bids, Shows, Auditions, Everything!!

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Wednesday, 27th January 2016 @ 4:04pm

Greetings Dramatics,

The occurrences are as abundant as my nature metaphors, and as exciting as three Christmases all packed into the same 24 hours. 

I said not so long ago that the storm of activity was brewing in the distance, and that talent would rain down upon the spectators as a result, and verily, the time is now. Set aside your deadlines and work, waive the seminar readings, endure the awkward silence that comes with having no clue on the same seminar's subject matter, for when high art whispers your name, whether the whisper originate from Peckham, or from Mully's, you know that you cannot hope to resist the pull of drama.

Joy bubbles within my very soul as I imagine your kindly faces, inclined upwards to some performer, your sweet faces all bereddened with the light pink blush of alcohol, contorted with wide-ranging smiles, and glittering light reflecting from your widely open and amazed eyes.

Let it be so, Dramatics, and let no hindrance inhibit you from participating, for the world of the Drama Society is truly a pleasant one. 


E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Friday, 22nd January 2016 @ 3:13pm

Greetings Dramatics.

Further to the previous email, we have been informed by the Union that Bloomsbury Theatre (proper) bids are now open. 

Be advised we are talking about the Bloomsbury THEATRE, (Massive 547 seat-er) NOT the Bloomsbury Studio (for which there are bids open now)

The performances that you will be bidding for will be in 2016-17. Meaning you will be bidding for a slot in the next academic year. 

The deadline for submitting bids is 7th February 23:59.

The interviews will be on the evening of Tuesday 10th February.

Comprehensive details below. 

Bloomsbury Bids Remain Open

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Thursday, 21st January 2016 @ 3:26pm

Greetings Dramatics,

The vast tidal wave of auditions has just now passed, the water of which drippeth chilly and bereft of purpose on some, and warm and full of glorious prospects upon others. And so I say unto those who obtained parts - congratulations, and unto those who did not - be not saddened, for there is much still yet for the Drama society to do. 

If I could liken the current atmosphere to a landscape, it would be the calm savannah, for, though no great happenings are within immediate sight, crickets chirrup away secretly, just as production teams furiously compose rehearsal schedules. Far in the distance can be seen a mighty storm, a dramatic storm, it's high winds the voices of our dear performers, carrying far and wide, and it's rains the rains of talent, showering down on the humble spectators such as myself. 

Poetry over, observe the small reminder:



E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Sunday, 17th January 2016 @ 10:21am

Greetings friends,

Though it feels like a blow to my intestines, both with the information I carry and with the fact that I am saturating your inboxes, I must inform you now that the monologue slam due to take place in Mully's on 19th, is now postponed to an undecided later date. 

Apologies if you had started learning a speech or had started looking forward to it!


An Explosion of Happenings

E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Thursday, 14th January 2016 @ 12:34pm

Greetings Friends,

We have entered upon the new term and new year with a veritable explosion of opportunity and occurrence. So much so that my humble fingers struggle to fully capture the sheer vastness of all that lies before us, and all the high quality theatre that shall, undoubtedly, like a galactic plug, fill the vast black hole of demand for drama amongst the thirsty dramatics.

The coming term is so full of plays-on-plays-on-plays that we could feasibly warm the world by a full 1 degree Celsius with the sheer quantity of C02 we emit in ceaseless line repetition and delivery. 

Look below, and allay your applause til the end.


E-mail sent by Khadeejah binti Abdul Halim, Saturday, 9th January 2016 @ 6:25pm


As is made abundantly clear in the subject - THE BID DEADLINE IS AT 23:59 on Monday. 

There are three open bids, and the full details are included below, along with the bid forms. 

If you are bidding, bear in mind that the interviews will take place in the afternoon and evening of the 13th January!


UCL Drama Society

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