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Bid Reminder

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Thursday, 15th September 2016 @ 12:46pm

A quick reminder to everyone in the hot weather to regularly re-apply sunscreen. And (arguably) more importantly that the deadline for Freshers' Plays, Showcase, and term 1 Garage bids is just over a week away (23:59 on Friday 23rd September) so keep those bids coming in! Also in my haste and excitement I forgot to mention that 50% of the ticket sales from Garage plays goes to Stage Crew Society - this is something to bear in mind when filling out your budget form.

Once again, the bid and budget forms are attached to this email so you don't have to wade through your downloads trying to find them (I know - how gracious!).

Good luck and happy bidding!! :-)


On your marks...Get set...BID!!

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Thursday, 1st September 2016 @ 11:07am

Pinch, punch, first of the month. Yes, best beloveds, the eagerly anticipated date has arrived at long last. The bids for Freshers' Plays, Showcase, and Term 1 Garage are now OPEN! *rapturous applause*

So get your completed bid forms and budgets (which you will find attached to this email) sent in to

The deadline for all of these bids is 23:59 on Friday 23rd September and bid interviews will be on Monday 26th September (we will accept Skype and phone interviews).

President's Greeting and Bid Opportunities

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Monday, 22nd August 2016 @ 12:26am

A hearty hello to all!

It is with no small amount of trepidation and a monumtenal amount of faffing with passwords and formatting that I compose my inaugural email as drama society secretary, with the torch having been passed down to me from the mighty Jack Tivey. I hope you're all enjoying a restful summer, although I know that for many dramatic fanatics there is such a thing as being too restful. And so without further ado I will allay your craving for news and intrigue from the world of UCL drama with a warm message of welcome from our newly appointed president Matthew Turbett and information concerning the first bidding opportunities of the year.

Edinburgh Previews, Edinburgh Proper, Farewell!

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Friday, 29th July 2016 @ 9:05am

Greetings Friends, 

I have subjected my once-worn keyboard to a righteous shaking, and the dust that fell was thick and musty. Indeed it is true that I have not proclaimed the happenings of the society in recent times, which does lay a sizable weight of shame upon my once unburdened brain. 

The summer doth roll along, and the multitude of the Drama society are assaulting my various media forms with their holiday pictures at the rate of frames per second only comparable with a highly advanced film camera, serving to sparken my envy. And yet, the stalwart Dramatics continue their mighty work, in their labours to create such summer art as befits our reputation and previous glories.

Read onward and below, and thus read our details.  


Term Three Auditions: Today and Tomorrow

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Sunday, 22nd May 2016 @ 11:29am

Jubilant Greetings Friends!

My fingers move with the freedom of an unihibited and unburdened mind, as I hail you with joyful virtual cries amid this, the grace period, betwixt the hardship of examination, and the inevitable woe that cometh with the discovery of results. The heavens did crack and from thence has a heavenly song emitted, in concentrated direct beams of divine sanction, to us, who gradually, as each day passeth, shall each grasp the mighty reins of our own personal liberty, bedecked in the glamour and shimmer of our joy, and become the pilot of our own destinies once again. As the foul stench of the examinations gradually fades away, like the latter draining dregwater of a flood, we find 'neath the once sorrowful water the chance to practice our most fine art, like a gem it shineth and has protruded once again into the centre of our attention, and thus we shall march mightily and gloriously towards the opportunity for drama and performance, that hath been made so abundant by our goodly society. 

Cast aside your knowledge and analysis caps, throw them forth unto the dun waters of the odourous Thames, and cry aloud for that which is your destiny - to rightly audition for the term 3 plays. They are great in their variety and magnitude, they are high in their quality and capacity for enjoyment, and they are the culmination of our year, and all the hard graft as a result shall soon be forgot, for ye shall now enjoy the rewards and blessings of the twilight days of this academic year. 

Comiserations to all ye who still yet have further trials to endure, but see this jubilant greeting as a precursor, a whiff of the greatness to come, and thus the last ounce of motivation for you to utterly shatter your exams, as if an evil foe. 

Read below, for helpful details, and spurring thoughts of opportunity.

A Message of Light in the Abyss

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Tuesday, 10th May 2016 @ 2:43pm

Greetings Friends,

I call thusly unto you, faintly, like a distant passenger desperate for a moment of attention and to thereby relieve you from the hefty burden that is likely oppressing your mind. The exam period has left me spent, like a puffed out seal after a long overland trek, and yes, I am conducting such academic trekking with about the same amount of grace as a puffed out seal. And furthermore, some evil fate decided that I should ingloriously fracture my foot on a mere domestic stair - not in battle, or whilst wrestling a shark in order to save a puppy, but a domestic, infuriatingly inanimate and indifferent stair, one that would not even have the decency cry out when I hit it and called it rude names to sate my fury at how something so lowly should inflict such an injury... Thus making me a sorry seal with a massive HDPE boot on his left flipper. I'll conserve my befrothed mouth for a more appropriate juncture. 

At present, there are tasty bites of information pertaining to the most Dramatic Society that you can all lap up.

Bug Auditions - Final Day tomorrow

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Saturday, 30th April 2016 @ 12:27am

Greetings Friends,

A brief reminder to all of the Thespic Throng.

The last day of Bug auditions is tomorrow - it is sure to be a fantastic show, one which you can land a part in now, and then sit back in smug security until rehearsals start after the exam period.

Here is the link for the auditions tomorrow -

Auditions shall take place 15:00-19:00 tomorrow in the rehearsal room in the Bloomsbury Rehearsal Room, which is on the first floor of the Bloomsbury Theatre building.

A brief overview -

Living and hiding from her violent ex-husband in a run-down Oklahoma motel room, the waitress Agnes is introduced to Peter, a Gulf War veteran with severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and paranoia fantasies. The two start an ambiguous relationship, as Peter reveals all his conspiracy theories on government surveillance. Initially dubious, Agnes grows to believe Peter’s theories, and Peter, usually stricken with confusion and paranoia, finds a sense of control and dominance in their relationship. The soldier, now aware of the power he exerts over the waitress, begins hatching plans involving her partaking to solve and counter the conspiracies, experimenting and testing the lengths Agnes will go to under his guidance.

I heartily advise all to audition as a wee procrastination break, for it shall sharpen your focus, and shall only take a few minutes!


Welcome Welcome

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Wednesday, 27th April 2016 @ 8:52pm


Oh sweet and pleasant Dramatics. Though your life may be oppressed in the languor of semi-enthusiastic revision, or mayhaps the maddened flurry of activity that cometh with soaring panic over examinations that approach like thundering train, uninhibited, unrelenting, uncompromising, and imposing in its speed, you may detect, a hint, a whiff, a tiny and distant fragrance merely teasing your nostrils like far off doughnut stand, that cannot yet be seen, but faintly can be smelt. 

That is the doughbut stand of salvation. And it serves pure, unvarnished, excellent, innovative, and inclusive drama, all in one sugary ring of pure doughnut delicacy. Perceive its faint odour, and wait patiently, slowly pace towards that salivatory inducing salvation, with a determined steely gaze fixed upon the future bliss of chomping on the full bounty of the society's shows.

Massacre your exams like a legendary Viking in the glory of Valhalla, and await the feast that cometh fast and true.

Read on for the coming glories. 

Auditions and a Summer Ball

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Friday, 22nd April 2016 @ 9:02am


I must dispense with pleasantries, for I am assailed by deadlines of a rather desperate nature. 


Open Bid Reminder, Co-D opportunity, and a drizzling of T.S. Eliot

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Tuesday, 12th April 2016 @ 12:08pm

Greetings Dramatics,

Is this a dissertation I see before me? Nay. 'Tis but a lacklustre shadow of a stupid idea I had in January which I am now thoroughly bored of... But to Drama!

I sincerely hope that your days are spent in pleasant leisure, and you do not find yourselves utterly paralysed by the swamp of work that is slowly ingesting you into it's dark and soily innards. As for the society, at present, belike it is as the latent lioness, sprawled about underneath the shady canopy of a typical serengeti tree, watching through half-closed eyes as we, her cubs, spring about in the sunshine of holidaying. And upon the approrpuate hour, she shall pounce forth, glittering golden into the sun, ready to hunt the glorious prey that is dramatic endeavour. 

I yearn for such a day whilst I sit here in relentless boredom.

Co-Direction Opportunities, Open Bids!

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Saturday, 2nd April 2016 @ 3:42pm

Greetings Dramatics,

I have crawled, slowly and painfully from my cesspit of want and despair, utterly consumed in an Ancient Historical Dissertation, my eyes all a-scarlet, my mind befuzzed by a distinct lack of sweet slumber, to desperately cast forth with the last of my sanity this email unto all ye and the wider world. 

The Spring hath set itself upon the cheeks of all in the form of the pleasant sun, and many recline in the joyous bounty of its healthifying rays. Folk have now sprung into spring lacking their once precious woollenwear and coats, allowing their hair and shirts to billow in the levity of the spring breeze. 

I gaze with envy upon the frolicking folk of the city, from my most pokey of windows, fat and weighty tears all a-building 'pon the crests of my lower eyelids, I, willing for them not to fall, fight the despairing and arresting sadness that completely paralyses me when I see those who are free to walk in the sun, whilst I transfix an empty stair on letters and characters, devoid of meaning, but vaguely pertaining to banditry in the Roman Empire. 

Now that you have felt my pain, procure details of joy by reading onwards. 

Term 3 Bids!

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Thursday, 24th March 2016 @ 12:46pm

Greetings Dramatics,

I wept long and massy tears upon the paving slabs of Gordon St. kneeling, buckled and broken under the weight of my realisation. I had, alas, just had the last teaching class of my degree. All that lay before me was the bedrudgery of academic burdens, the hard graft and labour of a barrage of assessed written word. My dissertation deadline lying in cunning wait, like a peckish tiger in a Bangladeshi forest, to pounce on my poor unprepared soul.

Further woe did smote my heart upon unhappy realisation that I, Jack, who liveth off the bounty of his dramatic friends and their effervescent company, would be banished from our cuddly artistic bubble ere the chance to perform again. For two months, two long months, I would remain in exile, the hard embrace of an uncaring and parasitic beast ever clinging to my torn form, the parasitic beast that is obligation, absent the freeing spirit of the society, offering it's usual avenue of escape to brighter, greener meadows. 

All weary of my tear ducts' emptiness, all shattered and fractured upon the pavement, light rain bespattering my spent form I gravely mustered what strength I had and rose to face the cascading droplets from on high. Befuddled London-folk swiftly passing by, ignorant of the magnanimity of pain inhabiting the husk of a once fresh male student. 

Thus I came to write the email to find solace.

Hiroic Performance, Edinburgh Auditions, Studio Bids!

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Thursday, 17th March 2016 @ 4:52pm


Friends, we are on the cusp of the end to this, our second term. Many of the goodly folk of the society have wept or cheered at the exam timetable, and perceived through this, the harbinger of the end, coming days of peace and joy. Other such harbingers are the two gems in our societal crown, the auditions for our two Edinburgh plays, and the closure of the studio bids for term three, once the exams are over and we have been liberated to frolic unbridled by academia in the lushest fields of theatre. Pay your attention to the tasks and events at hand, for, exams are not an excuse yet, and the Dramatic world is, as always baying for your attention. 

Last night I did see a spectacle to behold also - the colossal talent of Charlie Crossley, Cora Burridge and Co. was practically bursting out of their very exteriors with a heavenly warmth, radiating from their excellent renditions of students bequeathed with unusual powers, of foresight, and insight into the future and past... Bring the grace of your presence to the Bloomsbury studio today and offer welcome support to our brave actors. 

Lo, the details. 


Camden Fringe DEADLINE

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Monday, 14th March 2016 @ 12:27pm


I once again bespam your inundated inboxes with my ignoble pesterings, but I do declare that these are important epistles, the kind of thing not lightly missed, and if they are indeed missed then so is the opportunity that the email presents itself with. 

My flabbergastation at the abundance of high quality and original bids has been mountainous in scale for the year thus far, and yet, I perceive within the society yet more quirks of originality, hidden gems that will soon sally forth from the rich mahogany that is the society's woodwork. With a quiet and excitable anticipation my innards tremble for the bids ahead, so make them divine dear friends!

Read below for reminders.  


EDIT - Deadline

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Friday, 11th March 2016 @ 5:25pm

Greetings -

The deadline for the recently-opened Roaming Garage term 3 bids in the Bloomsbury Studio is the 22nd March at 23:59

The interviews will follow on 23rd.

More shall follow, and apologies for frequency of email.



BIDS just opened for 22nd

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Friday, 11th March 2016 @ 5:04pm


With a mighty and deafening crack the bids for term 3 have opened up, as if the result of a Dramatic earthquake. 

Find the details here - 

The performances shall take place somewhere between the 31st May and 10th June at the end of next term. 

Be aware that for this slot, Stage Crew shall take 50% cut of the ticket sales. Take account of this in your budgeting. 

The grant is £150 for this slot. 

Here are the specifications for the Studio, should you wish to bid:

The Space

The Bloomsbury studio is a multi-use, black box studio space suitable for all forms of production. The floor is sprung with black dance floor permanently installed. It is also suitable for presentations and lectures. It is available in various seating layouts and capacities depending on the type of event.

Capacity: 50-70 people depending on stage layout.

Dressing room
The studio has one dedicated dressing room suitable for 3-6 people. It has space for costume hanging and a sink.

48 ways 2.3Kw ETC smartpack hardwired dimmers (dim or relay).
12x Robert Juliat 535ww LED 75w Tibo Fresnel (c/w barn doors)
7 x Robert Juliat 533ww LED 75w 30/40deg profile spot
ETC Element 40 control desk
Other lighting fixtures may be available depending on usage in the main theatre.

Roland m200 sound desk
Tascam 500b CD player
Tascam ssr200 compact flash recorder (can record to USB (2.0) stick, SD card and compact flash cards.
4 x EM acoustics EMS-81x small format full range speakers
2x EM acoustics EMS-112 subwoofer speakers
A selection of wired microphones are available.
The studio does not have any radio mics.

A wired Altair system is available for use in the studio.

A celling mounted Epsom G6550WU 6000 lumen projector with short throw lens is available.
The projector can take VGA or HDMI inputs
A BLURAY player is available, please note that if your presentation is on computer you will need to provide your own laptop with HDMI or VGA output.

For any other information or to discuss your requirements please contact the technical department on 0207 6791361 or

Contact - - for more information should you need it.


AGM Results, LSDF, Information in Abundance

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Thursday, 10th March 2016 @ 4:07pm

Greetings Dramatics, 

My hitherto chilly innards were warmed and all a-tingly to see the true myriad of friendly faces present at the AGM this bygone Tuesday. The collective wisdom of the society coalesced into a throbbing orb of judgement, which then directed its heavenly beams of voting light directly at chosen members of the society. The beauty of democracy showcased itself as, one by one, fresh and enthusiastic faces sprung forth on to the floor to declare their intentions and experience - a few of which arose to a higher state of being, as elect members of the next committee. 

These truly are brave and worthy souls, that soon shall embark upon the dramatic voyage which persons such as myself embarked upon not so long ago.

But lo, the coming events! Though I may gaze into the vapid cavern that shall be my post-Dramatic life, there are still a great number of announcements to be made, and thus I shall blow the war-horns of the society in the direction of certain persons and things, in order for you all to direct your chargers to attend the events in good order.

Scrutinise the information below, and join the mighty throng of all those participating!

AGM Nomination deadline, and Edinburgh second round bid deadline

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Sunday, 6th March 2016 @ 12:43pm

Greetings Dramatics,

Is this not the day to present our mothers with gifts most pleasant, and therefore bring them all into humours most merrily? The gift that rises high above flowers and chocolates, is certainly high office. Making your mothers bubble with pride shall make them cry, - "Lo, this be the best child and mother's day that there e'er was!" this being said, rouse and muster the mighty orator within you, be ready to persuade and convince a crowd of the friendliest faces, as, at the AGM, you shall run for something special!

On Tuesday evening, the allure to the AGM shall call silent and hypnotic, the whiff of the finest pizza shall peruse the campus, seek you out, and tempt you to the CSC common room on the second floor of the Bloomsbury building. And once you are there, brought there by faint but unmistakable aroma of pleasant food, you will become entrapped by the painfully virtuous and conversationally affable dramatics, and so will be compelled to stay and participate in the glory of the evening.

The details follow like faithful canine companions - 

AGM Approacheth

E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Tuesday, 1st March 2016 @ 7:32pm

Greetings Dramatics,

O Sweet and goodly persons of the drama society, may I address you now as your ever loving secretary, who seeth in you all the potential for rich and prosperous performance, and the glory and shine of the stage.

As I pace about our enlightened campus, passing the educated as they hurry hither and thither, I can smell, and sense with a heightened seasonal tingle in my brain, that spring is making its initial forays into life once more. And with the advent of spring, come the daffodils, come the shedding of big fluffy coats, come the days where coffee is even more a superfluous hot drink than it already is. But, towering above all of these minor observations and developments, the AGM shall arrive within the week, where all those who are most dramatic shall congregate into a vast swathe of politico-dramatic mobbies, and declare the will of the populace, that certain persons shall attain the positions of honour in the society. 

Verily and yea, pursue the honour of committee positions as if they were a cheeky rabbit, running away from you, the massive wolf, that wishes to fang it to shreds and make it your own. Compose speeches like a poet, for what speeches are better than those which are both poetic, and give an accurate picture of your excellent personal qualities. 

Stand to! And run forth unto the glory of the committee positions. 



E-mail sent by Trini Kaushal, Wednesday, 24th February 2016 @ 10:27pm

Greetings Friends,

I email again for I am completely absorbed within the society and academia means absolutely nothing to me. 

Flamboyance must once again be expunged for speed. 

We are re-opening bids for the Edinburgh fringe. This will give those who have bid more of an opportunity to improve, and anyone who missed the boat a second chance! So bring forth your bid. 

the details follow below. 

UCL Drama Society

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