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The UCLU Drama Society is one of the country’s leading student drama companies and one of the largest and most successful performing arts societies at UCL.

UCLU Drama Society has a simple aim: to create excellent and innovative student theatre. Whether you’re a seasoned actor looking to pursue a career in the theatre, or if you’ve never been on the stage in your life, joining the Drama Society is a great way to make new friends and enjoy all the exciting theatrical opportunities UCL has to offer. In fact, our society is frequently recognised at the annual Arts Colours Awards for our outstanding work. We have recently received numerous societal awards, most notably Best Society (2011), and Most Developed Society (2012).

Each year, UCLU Drama Society puts on as many as 20 productions, meaning that you’ll rarely find a time that a play is neither in production or performance. In previous years, we have put on vivid re-imaginings of everything from Shakespeare to Philip Ridley. On campus, we boast the Bloomsbury Theatre (a listed 550-seat West End theatre where we put on two large-scale productions a year). We also regularly stamp our mark on acclaimed theatres and performance spaces across the capital. Our productions are consistently popular and critical successes, with the society garnering particular praise for our annual run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival through our touring company, UCLU Runaground. Each of our productions offers a number of fantastic opportunities. So whether you want to act, direct, produce, design/set/lighting/costume/props or write the next dramatic masterpiece, we are here to help develop your ideas and make them into a reality.

The UCLU Drama Society also has an exceptional programme of events outside of university productions, including weekly workshops, new writing workshops, socials and volunteering opportunities.

Website: http://ucludrama.org.uk
Contact Name: Grace Arnold - President
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Tel: 07976326491
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E-mail sent by Jack Tivey, Friday, 5th February 2016 @ 6:28pm

Greetings Friends,

This is just a last minute reminder to submit your Bloomsbury Studio bids tonight before midnight. 

The interviews for these bids will be on the evening of 8th February.

Full details on tech and such are included in previous emails, consult them with urgency if you wish to spontaneously bid right now.

Just in case, here is the form and budget too - Internal-Production-Bid-Form-2015-2016.docx

These are different from the Bloomsbury Theatre Bids, the deadline for which is before midnight on 7th February. (Interviews on 10th)

Additionally, further to the Question and Answer session earlier this week, a petition has been proposed and is circulating, to secure for ourselves an alternative venue to the Bloomsbury over the coming two years in which it will be closed. Here is the link - www.change.org/p/university-college-london-ucl-secure-a-replacement-venue-for-uclu-bloomsbury-theatre-productions 

Sign it, and demonstrate your support for the glory of the arts at UCL!

Make haste in your bid compositions. We look forward to your ideas in interview!

Trifles Auditions - An Addendum

E-mail sent by Jack Tivey, Wednesday, 3rd February 2016 @ 11:22am

Greetings - 

Further to the previous email, you must also be informed of the Trifles auditions, of which the final day is today 18:00 - 19:30 in the Kathleen Kenyon Room.

About the play:
Trifles and The Outside are two short plays by the American writer Susan Glaspell. They are rarely performed examples of early feminist writing, intimately studying the women characters and their responses to the world around them.

Mr. Wright is found hanged in his bedroom. His wife is the only suspect, yet there doesn't seem to be a specific motive for the murder. The sheriff, county attorney, and the man who found the body go to investigate, their wives in tow. While the men investigate the crime scene upstairs, the women pack a bag for the widow in prison, and slowly unravel a plot with serious moral implications.

The Outside:
Mrs. Patrick and Allie Mayo have exiled themselves from the world due to emotional pain caused by their husbands. While Bradford, Tony, and the Captain fight to save a drowned man, the women look out on the desolate landscape around them, debating whether the world is inclined toward life or decay.

We are casting three male roles and two female roles, and welcome auditions from BME students. If you are already involved in productions this term, please speak with your director before auditioning.

Here is the Facebook link to the event - www.facebook.com/events/486924378146897/

BIG BIDS - Edinburgh and Bloomsbury

E-mail sent by Jack Tivey, Tuesday, 2nd February 2016 @ 10:45pm

Verily and Yea, there is too much going on to express through the medium of the written word, but, as is my custom, I shall endeavour to do so for your benefit. 

Below are the details of all the great and weighty bids that tower around us, like great and daunting theatrical monoliths - but - monoliths that all of you are certainly capable of ascending, so do bid, for it is the mark of greatness!

Forget not the postponed weekly social tomorrow evening - for the first time this year, and in the interests of integration with many of our peers and contemporaries, a deputation of wavy party-meisters shall proceed unto Sportsnight from Phineas tomorrow. All of you who have an affinity for the party arts, such as the casting of limbs in rhythmic positioning, the quaffing of fine toxic juices, the artists of drunken conversation, professors of brief courtship, convene at the Phineas tomorrow for a massive night out with the Squad.


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