How to increase Subscriber Count on Youtube

After Netflix and Amazon Prime, the most binge-watched platform is Youtube ( You know you can’t deny it, we’ve all day-dreamt of opening a Youtube ( channel and going viral overnight. We are all guilty here! Now, if it wasn’t just a dream and you want to do something about it, then this article is for you.

Youtube ( has more than two billion users logged in every month and 1 billion hours of Youtube ( are watched by users every day. Due to its wide-spread popularity, the platform has also become an important place for advertisers and marketers. Almost all businesses have shifted their focus from traditional media to online media.

To make Youtube ( a full-time career option, you need a decent number of subscribers and engagement. You can wait for that one video to go viral or you can strategically plan out your videos till that day comes. Here are few tips on how to increase your subscriber ( count on youtube:

1. Make good quality content

With the advent of Jio, the number of creators increased drastically on Youtube ( People started posting anything and everything. The trending page of the youtube is full of gossips, fights and any controversial stuff. Though these videos get millions of views, they do not get much business out of it. If you want to stand out, make content that is well- researched and is something extra-ordinary. Shoot with a good camera/phone and edit it professionally. Good quality content will help you get more subscribers ( on youtube.

2. Engage with your audience

Shoot a good intro and outro that describes your channel and what you do. Tell them to subscribe ( in the introduction. Reply to their comments. Conduct giveaways and meet and greet. Promote your fan pages or give a shoutout to a subscriber ( every week. Engaging with your audience builds a good rapport between the viewer and the creator. This will make them subscribe to your channel and share your videos. It is one of the most organic ways of increasing your subscriber ( count.

3. Don’t restrict yourself to one platform

If you are a creator, create content on ‘n’ number of platforms. Social media and blogs are an amazing platform to showcase your content and simultaneously promote your youtube ( channel. Create different content on the niche that you like on all the platforms. You don’t know on which platform you might go viral. And once people like your work they’ll probably follow you everywhere.

4. Be consistent

Prepare a schedule and post accordingly. For example, if you post on Sundays then consistently post on that particular day only. Post more videos every month as your channel grows. But don’t decrease your quality for the sake of quantity. It is okay if you post one video per week but don’t hamper the quality of the video. Your goal is to convert a viewer into a subscriber ( and, that is only possible if you have good content.

These are the four main criteria that you need to work on if you want to increase your subscriber ( count. If you have good content then post it, it will go viral someday. You just have to be patient and work hard.


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