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Manage & promote your group

GroupSpaces replaces...

Excel spreadsheets, listserv mailing lists, email marketing software, storing and sharing files on USB sticks, out-of-date websites, offline payments via cash and checks, piles of paper and a whole load more unnecessary trash!

You don't need to be using all these things, making your life more complicated and wasting time while you're at it. Save time and stress, use something that lets you do all these things together, simply, and online. Use GroupSpaces!

Goodbye Excel.

Offline spreadsheets are boring. They're a hassle to share with other group managers, and they get out of sync if you do.

GroupSpaces gives you a powerful member database and lets you share it with others. Store all your member infofmation, ask them to fill in their own, and never worry about whether it's up to date again!

No more piles of paper.

Minutes, articles, fliers, scraps with members' phone numbers... Even managing a small group, your desk is probably pretty swamped! Put it all online and you can throw out the paper, and find what you need exactly when you need it. And so can your members. From anywhere!

An end to bank runs.

Forget about handling cash and checks, keeping paper notes of who has paid and then losing them, or making trips to the bank. GroupSpaces lets you set-up, collect and track payments online.

Allow members to choose and pay for their membership subscription through your group website; send out one-off bills and track the payments; or set up an online shop!

Get rid of CDs & USB sticks.

Streamline your handover to next year's leaders. Don't send CDs or USB sticks around multiple people, just upload all your files once and let others download them at their convenience.

The same goes for your members too! Let them upload and share files and photos, but retain control over which members can view and download each file.