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Manage & promote your group

University (and College) clubs & societies.

Give your club or scoeity an online presence, and allow members to connect online as well as at your events or around campus. Promote events, collect membership dues and subscriptions or sell items ('stash') in your online shop. Enable members and friends to stay in touch with e-mail discussions, customized newsletters and photo sharing.

Save yourself time and hassle.

GroupSpaces lets you get rid of different calendars, spreadhseets, checks and cash and puts everything you need to manage your club or society in one place online. Whether you're promoting to new members or trying to get your existing members more involved, GroupSpaces will save you time managing your membership so you can spend more time working on what really matters. Whether you think that's your studies or drinking beer is up to you...

  • Set up mailing lists for current members, alumni, your board or committee and more
  • Promote and organize your events in an online calendar
  • Store information about your members, past and present, in one place
  • Get your members to contribute online as well as offline
  • Customize your online home to promote to new members
  • Collect payments and set up an online shop
  • Share files and photos online