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Manage & promote your group

GroupSpaces for Sports Clubs and Teams.

Give your team, league or club an online presence, and allow members to connect off the field as well as on it. Organize and promote practice schedules, games, tours and social events. Collect membership fees or sell team clothing online. Store all your important files and let members share photos. Enable members and alumni to stay in touch with e-mail discussions and customized newsletters.

Save time managing your team, so you have more time to train!

GroupSpaces lets you get rid of 6 or 7 different apps, calendars and spreadhseets, and puts everything you need to manage your team, league or club in one place online. Share management with board or committee members, or keep the control yourself. Either way, you'll save loads of time, which means more time to do the thing you love - play sport!

  • Share management with the click of a button
  • Set up mailing lists for different teams or groups
  • Promote and organize games and events
  • Store information about all your teammates in one place
  • Customize your online home to promote to new members
  • Share files and photos online
  • Take membership payments or set up an online shop

Whatever sport you play, there's a home for you on GroupSpaces. Unless it's 'dressage'... that's not a real sport.