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Some of our favorite groups:

Farnham cats protection.

A great example of our default group template with a little customization of the header image and layout. A lot more is possible with GroupSpaces, but some groups prefer the clean simplicity of this theme.

Florida conservation.

This group has customized the colors and layout as well as adding their own header image. They've even added some of their own HTML code to the homepage to get their layout just right.

Bright Futures Network.

This network of over 40 groups uses GroupSpaces to manage members all over the country. With our 'Ultimate' plan, and a bulk discount for their sub-groups, their leaders can manage all groups from one account.

Group managers love GroupSpaces.

I'm so glad I found you

“Thank you so much for hosting simple sites like mine for free. I will tell my friends about GroupSpaces!”

Jim N - Group Manager

GroupSpaces just 'gets it'!

“I've told as many people as I can about your service. I've been waiting years for exactly what you have done here!”

R.S - 'Game Night' group

A breath of fresh air

“I tried 3 alternative platforms in my testing period. GroupSpaces was the clear winner, and my group is thrilled to be live now!”

Beth - Triangle Tarot Group