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Beautifully simple.

GroupSpaces is a set of tools to make it easy to manage your group online. Beautiful but efficient, simple but powerful, fully-featured but not overloaded - we have the perfect balance to help you out.

Think of GroupSpaces as a reliable extra board member, eager to complete any task. If the group manager says 'let's get together', GroupSpaces says 'this is how we do it'.

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Packed full of features.

Tired of using 6 or 7 different websites & applications to manage and promote your group? GroupSpaces provides a simple, integrated set of tools making it easier to get things done.

Every group comes ready to roll with these 6 main features, and loads more within them. For a more detailed look at what we offer, click a feature to the left for more.

10,000+ thriving groups.

Thousands of group leaders trust GroupSpaces to safely store their member data and help them manage their groups online.

  • 5 million memberships worldwide
  • 6 years of happy group leaders

Group managers love GroupSpaces.

It's everything our club needs

“Kudos to the creators! You are going to save us tons of time and effort. It's everything our club needs integrated together in a very easy setting.”

John - Club President

I Love It!

“GroupSpaces is easy to use, with so many options! It's fantastic! I just wanted to say thank you!”

Nancy - Playing with PSP

I'm so impressed

“...with the ease of use and the many features, that I can't stop talking about it! I can't imagine needing anything more to manage our community.”

Mary - Neighborhood Association