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ZWBDC was created from the life work of Heather Malcomess who along her journey encountered digital, bikers, artists, books, antiques and more.

Heather has lived a very colourful life and experienced life to its fullest. She has overcome countless obstacles whilst trying to grow a company based on technology and how it can change and grow the economy.

Although you may not believe what you read in this book you must remember that the seed of every idea has to start somewhere. Like an acorn dropping from the tree. The first acorn falls and no one pays much attention to it. Then another

and another until the ground is covered in acorns which give off a lovely smell to attract the squirrel. The squirrel decides it likes the acorn and begins to harvest them.

In harvesting the acorns the squirrel builds mass.
Now replace acorns with ideas and the squirrel with the internet.

·         Placement on our social media

·         Placement on relative website/s (event listing)

·         Invites to our magazine members

·         Promotion page on relative website (page with info and pics)

·         Media coverage – ZWBDC postings tend to land up being in the popular zone

  1. advertising the event
  2. social media promotion
  3. getting contestants for your competition
  4. media of the event
  5. publishing story of the event
  6. publishing results, white papers and presentations or link there to 


Article writing
Press release
Social media
Blog writing

Video creation & submission



Online Journalism

Thought change

Graphic design

Business analysis

Business Rescue

Business Valuation
Business IT alignment
Creative conception
Political change
Digital consulting

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ZWBDC Magazine *

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