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Charity & Challenges

Charity & Challenges

As South Africa adjusts her economy this page will be displaying requests for help. Please note that not all requests are checked for accuracy and their maybe chancers but as i have done a trip through the country i can estimate the reliability of the post. Even places such as Johannesburg are severely hard hit.There are loads of charities and we will let you know about them. Not everyone goes to a charity though. Work projects are being sought and if you have work you can farm out to groups please let us know.

NPO vs NGO. The common belief is that an NGO is a non-governmental organization that can be part of a government which is set up for no profit business. It is usually set up by ordinary citizens, as a foundations or charity. On the other hand an NPO is the basis of SME as it implies a non-profit organization which at concept is set up to deal with issues. An NPO will make money in the foreseeable future where an NPO will never make money as all income is redistributed to the poor and needy.

Method of donating

1.       Donate to organisations NGO

2.       Donate to companies registered as NPO

3.       Personal donations can be made by etransfer to a person’s cellphone and should not exceed R50.00

4.       Transfer through PicknPay or Checkers requires an ID number and person’s mobile number.

5.       Online fundraising websites such as

a.       Thundafund

For those in need:

1.       Don’t give up help will come

2.       Don’t under any circumstance lose your ID or cell phone or change the number even if you are being hounded by people you owe money to because no one can help you if we can’t reach you.

3.       Let us know about your circumstance and what you need

4.       Don’t be a chancer because we will catch you out and ban you from online

5.       Don’t be greedy there are a lot of people to help

6.       If you have animals don’t abandon them but let us know so some can help them to

7.       Find a church to go to

8.       Please follow our rules and we will help you.

9.       Does your phone take photo? If so send one.

10.   Send a brief description of what you can do as hobby or work

11.   Don’t be a burden on your helper

a.       Don’t steal from them

b.      Don’t stay longer than 5 months

c.       Go out every day even if you go to the park or walk the streets

d.      Do you best to get out of the situation as fast as possible

e.      Realise that everyone goes through hard times and depends on you to get out of it

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