threats of e-commerce

Threats of E Commerce to Raise Your Fighting Spirit

Friday, 15th June 2018 at TBD

There exist a number of threats of e commerce, and they are the following:

·         Human behavior and errors

·         Natural force

·         Purposed act of stealage and fraud or blackmailing, and etc.

On top of that, there are lots of issues as for websites, for, technologies as well as Internet are still a new event; so, unfortunately, still it’s hardly possible to avoid security threats to e business and your website. And even if successful when dealing with one threat, there are always others looming.

The progress is going on and with all the technologies that are changing as well, new websites dealing with ecommerce appear in the market; such websites use completely new and advanced technologies, while other online stores have always be going out of their way to develop and become better, and be top-higher than the rest ones, making a competitive position. With all those continual changes, it’s quite difficult to follow and foresee potential threats, and at the same time stay relevant, keep the staff trained and informed about the novelties and up-to-date changes, keep the costs down and so on.

Now, we’d like to list some largest and latest threats of e commerce. They divide them into two categories: purposed acts and human behavior and errors.

Purposed acts

·         Click fraud and fraud in general - websites dealing trade online are very defenseless and vulnerable to any kind of fraud, no matter from which resources it comes from, internal or external. This can be a credit card fraudulence, or anything that comes to the system with the “help” of hackers, employees and etc.

·         Security – it’s all about the problems that are connected with in-house business network, including interface as well; to be more precise it’s between the processes of transactions, which are performed by the buyer and the network. Hackers can break into and violate internal systems through the websites of online stores.

·         Viruses – hostile programs and viruses in computer are considered to be among the main threats to e commerce security. As a rule, viruses come from outside sources and after they manage to intrude into in-house network, they are able to corrupt website files, absolutely demolish your computer system and interfere into all operations that are performed on the website. The best “well-known” virus Trojan horse is corrupting software, which ability includes catching, detaching and collecting information about customers before the protective system of software and encryption may start. On top of that, viruses of such kind may be impersonated as if they are customers and, with this way, passing over fraudulent and malicious codes to those servers that run the website.

Human behavior and errors

·         Poor and insufficient management – this is one of the most awful threats of e business. When people are not committed to ensuring and providing security, when security department doesn’t care or thinks it’s not obligatory to provide budget with buying licenses of reliable anti-virus software. But this software could provide safety of internal network and help to avoid serious security threats to e business. Absence of appropriate anti-virus makes websites of online stores resistant to any type of attack. So, what can be done by committed management? First of all, there should be regular security audits for IT that will check the appropriate and safe work of the store online. Such proper actions will provide you with security optimization, and will help to deal with all potential problems, which you may face to in the future.

·         Untrained and low-skilled employees - it can also be referred to poor management, as it’s all up to learning manager who must be concerned about training the staff. If there’s at least one employee who is not trained properly, sometimes it can result in very serious problems like incorrect work of the website. Each mistake can be not large but very expensive later. They can enter information about clients to the system in a wrong way – not on purpose! – or click some file that contains virus, they may not to be aware how to keep their system in an up-to-date condition – each accidental error may be caused by an untrained freshcomer and be  compromising for the whole system.

If meaning ecommerce security, one can face lots of problems, which can turn out to be serious threats of e commerce. Preventive measures are always to be taken, as to have a successful business the owner has to have his brand with a pure reputation. To achieve such, all online business owners should understand that threats to the security of ecommerce are 100%-possible and be sure that they know how to prevent oe how to fight with such problems.

Some may ask: does security really influence the reputation of brand? Can it really be ruined if the security is not “secure”? Of course, there exists some particular risk when somebody is buying online. Security issues can pop up accidentally, but it’s up to you to deal with them in an appropriate way or use services of TEA Software to avoid threatening issues. Pitifully, sometimes actions do take place but only when the problem is existing already.

As soon as you see that you are under threat of security issue, you understand that name of your brand can fall under negative perception by your customers and the reputation may become not returnable. So, it should be just the other way round: your online store is in high demand; the reputation of it is as about reliable and trusted. Then it will be recommended as popular and competitive.

Just at once after you have security issues, customers may find it out. And this may result in the loss of many of the customers. Rumors and gossips are quick to be spread, and that is why your first and foremost task is to provide your customers and your website with appropriate security of their data.



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threats of e-commerce

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