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Theatre Paradok is a performing arts society based within the University of Edinburgh that aims to put on productions that are experimental without being exclusive; thought-provoking without being crap.

Paradok's essential goal is to put on alternative theatre that is free from the problems that so often plague things that pretend to be 'alternative'; where no-one understands what's going on and the piece doesn't seem to communicate anything understandable. We do not dress up in full lycra bodysuits and wander about the stage singing in one key hoping that somebody somewhere might think it's some pre-postmodern illusion to the disconnected nothingness of modern living. Well, only sometimes.


What we do do is take one play at the start of each semester and open it up to the whole society, who contribute their ideas and build the project together. There is a director and production team, but the idea is that everybody helps out in whatever way they can, whether they have a named role or not - we encourage all members to grab needles and thread, dip paint brushes or just make a cup of tea every now and then.

In short, we're an alternative theatre society looking to put on big, professonal-looking and resonant productions, and we think this is best achieved as a group with a strong communal ethos.


That's our mission statement. As far as our character as a society goes, we have established a reputation for ourselves as a very open, multinational, multicultural and generally offbeat group defined just as much by its sense of humour as what it stands for.

Since our conception In 2004 we have gone from strength to strength, putting on bigger and better productions each year. On the back of last semester's show having been shortlisted for the National Student Drama Festival, itself following two sellout shows and a growing level of awareness and interest around campus, Theatre Paradok are only looking in one direction. And it sure as hell aint down.

Theatre Paradok

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