What is Luxury Family Travel?

We at Outside Suburbia don’t splurge on fancy restaurants or Michelin star menus but like our nice hotels, comfy sheets and unique travel experiences.  We live a simple life inside the ‘burbs but splurge a little on our travels and strongly believe in Memories over Materials.  We have been traveling as a family for 20 plus years and have stayed in some amazing places – from a remote Lighthouse in Iceland to the enchanting Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Mortiz to Luxury Safari tents in Africa, a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala, historic city hotels frequented by Presidents and many more.  We are sharing our best finds for Luxury Family Travel, the hotels and resorts that make your holiday extra special and will have you reminiscing for years to come!

What is Luxury Family Travel?

What does Luxury Family Travel mean?

Luxury to me is about unique experiences, it is less about glamor, decor or amenities and more about the authenticity of experiences and how you are made to feel.

Five-star resorts are not hard to find, there are many small boutique hotels that go above and beyond, there are Hotel Luzern in remote places, what is hard to come by are places that get you starstruck yet manage to make you feel at home, places that anticipate your need and take care of it before you have to ask! That is the essence of Luxury Travel!

Rosewood Miramar Montecito - Luxury Family Travel -

Luxury Family Travel means different things to different people and it seems to be an overused word these days. Between the four of us in our family we can’t seem to agree what Luxury Travel means to us – Mr. Suburbia says luxury to him means clean spaces and beds that are as comfortable as back home if not better. If you are well-rested it makes exploring and experiencing places more enjoyable. Ms. Peachy would say a Luxury Holiday is all about relaxing and pampering, spa time with some activities sprinkled in, can’t blame her she is in college (studying Genetics) with a very busy schedule!  The boy though gets all starry-eyed when he sees a nice house car that can shuttle us to places in style. He still raves about the RollsRoyce he got to ride in at the Badrutts Palace in St. Moritz. One thing we all agree on is Luxury Family Travel hotels and resorts make you feel familiar and welcome. They treat you like royalty whether it is your first visit or 10th! What does Luxury Family Travel mean to your family?

What makes us experts?

We are not experts really, just travelers like everybody else who likes to go somewhere new, seek new adventures at least once or twice a year. Sometimes more!  We are part-time travelers, neither a backpacker nor a jetsetter, just your regular working for the next vacation kinda person. We try to find the best value for the money, stretch our travel dollars to get the best experience possible.  We have busy lives and kids with busy schedules and when we are on a break or holiday we want to be indulged! With pretty plated meals, attentive service, places that address you by name on the second day, hotels that know your preference and stock the minibar and amenities… little bathrobes for the kids, a nanny service so you can have a quiet night one evening… enjoy some family time and creature comforts at the same time!

Luxury Family Travel: Beautiful Resorts and Hotels for your next Holiday

We do our research, keep a running list of nice hotels, cool places, destinations to visit and new resort openings. We try to be careful when planning – it is not about being frivolous or to have bragging rights. We all have such limited vacation days, limited vacation dollars and even more limited time with the kids. But we are not shy about exchanging some of that hard-earned money for memories. Travel is not about counting countries or passport stamps… it is all about experiences and memories. I must mention I only write about places that we have been to and experienced first hand!  I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list


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