Five Ways Sleep Deprivation Can Ruin Your Wedding Day

Sleep is something we all take for granted. We do it when we need to and constantly convince ourselves that we are getting enough. But are we? The answer is, probably not. How many of you have headed off to bed late because you were too engrossed in that must-see Netflix show and needed to watch one more episode before falling asleep? How many of you have stayed out with friends having a drink and chatting way past your bedtime, even though you knew you had work the day after and needed to wake up early? How many of you have spent far too much time playing that latest video game when you should have packed it in hours ago and tucked yourself up in bed? We all think cheating ourselves out of a few hours sleep here and there is fine and that we’ll make it up later in the week or at the weekend. But do we? Again, probably not. 

Finding time to sleep in the days leading up to your wedding day can be even more difficult. With a million and one things to do and stress coming at you from every angle, making time to sit down for a few minutes can be hard, let alone finding a decent gap in your hectic schedule for a few hours sleep. But we are here to say that finding time to sleep in the days before your wedding could be the most important thing you do. 

According to experts in the field of Neurology and sleep deprivation, the effects of not getting a good night’s sleep during intensely stressful times in your life should not be taken lightly and can lead to more serious problems than many people realize. This research shows that a severe lack of sleep can cause things like chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, low mood, difficulties learning new things, an inability to remember things, and poor coordination and motor functions.

If your wedding is rapidly approaching, it’s understandable that you will feel on edge, and you may swing between feelings of anticipation, anxiety, and excitement. All of these can make sleeping if you can find the time to do so, difficult anyway. But a lack of sleep could actually ruin your big day, and it’s important to do whatever you can to keep your emotions in check. After all, it should be the happiest day of your life. 

But how exactly can a lack of sleep ruin your wedding day?

Well, as discussed above, there a quite a few ways. Let’s have a look at some in a little more detail:

1. Poor skin condition

A lack of sleep can cause the skin to lose vital nutrients and become overworked and dry. The type of skin conditions you may experience will depend entirely on how sensitive your skin is in the first place, and any conditions you already have. Common effects can include things like dark patches underneath the eye, dark circles around the eyes, puffiness of the eyelid and around the eyes, excessive greasiness of skin, skin dryness and cracking, as well as breakouts of acne and spots.

2. Increase or decrease of weight

Sleep is vital for your body to wind down and process what you do during the day. One of the most important processes your body will do during sleep is to efficiently digest the food in your stomach and gut. If you don’t get enough sleep before your wedding day, your body will fail to process the food correctly and could lead to poor bowel movements, stomach ache, and a loss or gain in weight. A lack of sleep will also fill your body with a hormone called ghrelin, which is a stress hormone. Ghrelin keeps your body on edge to deal with stressful situations more effectively, but one of the biggest side effects it has is an increase in appetite, which could lead to eating more and gaining weight.

3. Digestion issues

While on the topic of issues with your stomach, a lack of sufficient sleep is known to cause a variety of different digestive issues. From bloating, to diarrhea, to constipation, sleep deprivation can lead to nearly every type of tummy ailment you can think of. As the stress levels rise in the run-up to the big day and sleep falls away in favor of last-minute plans, these symptoms are only going to get worse. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable on what will be one of the most important days of your life, or worse, have to run to the toilet every few minutes. Make sure you get as much sleep as possible and ensure your stomach feels just as fresh as you do.

4. Problems with mood

If you’re lacking in sleep, then your body will be in a constant state of stress. When stressed, your body releases an array of hormones to deal with the situation you are in. We mentioned ghrelin above, but there are many other hormones that will flood your system. They do this for a reason: to keep you in a state of arousal so you can deal with what is happening around you. But this heightened state is not always pleasant to be around for others. Irritability, anger, low mood, all these can rear their head when stress hits and can all lead to arguments and disagreements that you wouldn’t otherwise have with the people you care about and love. 

5. Poor decision-making skills

A lack of sleep will cloud your brain and make it difficult to think clearly. This can, in turn, lead to poor decision-making skills. How many of you have made a snap decision while tired only to realize that it probably wasn’t the best thing to do when you were more refreshed and relaxed? But a lack of sleep doesn’t just make you more likely to make iffy decisions. It can also make it difficult to make any decision in the first place. Not a great thing in the run-up to your wedding when you will have a million things to decide to ensure your day is the best it can be. 

And finally…

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life. Don’t let a lack of sleep ruin that for you. Follow our tips, make sure you rest up as much as you can, and you will find that not only will the planning and execution of your big day run far easier, but you will also be able to enjoy every moment.


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