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Do Merchants Who Sell On Rakuten Need To Be Aware Of Their Competition?

Thursday, 12th April 2018 at TBD

In this article we will give some valuable info for online vendors on some marketplaces telling how to
sell on Rakuten. If you want to become a Rakuten seller, the first thing you need to do is to consider some important questions. You need to determine whether there is a demand for your products in this particular market and research your competition. There are also other considerations for vendors who want to sell on Rakuten. We would like to address some issues that might be of interest for a potential Rakuten seller. We will also guide you in the right direction so that you know how to proceed if you wish to sell on Rakuten.

Vendors who sell on Rakuten need to set up their e-storefronts there. Rakuten does not offer products itself. It serves as a platform for any Rakuten seller who wants to reach Japanese consumers. It is also important to think over your logistics if you want to sell on Rakuten. Selecting reliable partners is very important for Rakuten seller.The marketplace makes it easy and straightforward to sell on Rakuten sending the goods to clients in Japan. The actual goods are stored in warehouses overseas. After Rakuten seller gets an order the item/items can be shipped to the client in Japan. The model like this does not require registration of company in Japan. All duties need to be paid by the end-user.

In order to sell on Rakuten a foreign vendor can create partnership with a supporting firm in Japan. It will assist a Rakuten seller with everything from registration to operation with the aim to have success in this market. Such support companies/teams not only communicate with customers but also provide their expertise when it comes to a variety of issues. They can input the design and marketing processes. They provide tips to Rakuten seller on how to develop and scale their operations.

Many brands that are famous around the world strive to design their storefronts on this marketplace. They choose to sell on Rakuten to extend their marketing efforts in Japan and reach a wide customer base of this platform. This works for both developed and new brands. It is a great way of introduction of products to shoppers in Japan. The model allows each Rakuten seller customize the e-storefront. It is important for brands to have content that tells their stories explaining clients their core values and strategies.

As far as timeframe to launch an e-store to sell on Rakuten, it can vary. It may take from several weeks to several months for Rakuten seller to set up an e-store operation. It is important to think about specials for seasonal sales and line up with special occasions to sell on Rakuten considering that holidays differ in Japan from the ones in the Western world. Rakuten staff and service partners make sure each vendor who wants to sell on Rakuten gets positioned for successful launch of e-store operation.

Great idea is to automate many processes when it comes to multichannel sales. Shopping Cart Elite can help merchants who sell on Rakuten and other platforms to list products and to operate their business effectively. It is a truly innovative software and can be used by different size companies.

Merchants who wish to sell on Rakuten need to realize that the main goal of its chief executive Mikitani is quite challenging. On his t-shirt, this goal was well formulated - "Outdo Amazon!". This was a pretty bold statement on his part. Amazon is huge. Compared with Amazon Rakuten seems a very small  company. The company's sales sites outside of Japan are even below the second-rate companies in the ranking. Their attempt to break into China failed. Shares of Rakuten have grown almost threefold in 12 years, but Amazon also continues to grow rapidly.

Still, merchants who sell on Rakuten and Rakuten workers trust Mikitani. Every week at general meetings, almost ten thousand employees of the company diligently set up the radio for the right wave to listen to his ten-minute speech. Mikitani has written two books in Japanese addressed to his staff and people who sell on Rakuten about the goals of constant improvement, telling how to make the client happy, and that it is necessary to work fast.

It is interesting to know for vendors who have plans to sell on Rakuten, that the company does not hire cleaners, employees themselves clean the office in Tokyo. Rapid growth provided Rakuten with the seventh place in the list of the most innovative companies in the world, compiled by Forbes.

The decision to invest in the social network Pinterest, which has about 20 million users, was strategic: Mikitani saw the possibility of synergy with his main site, because users browse the catalog of his store and often post pictures from it to Pinterest. But the Pinterest deal with Rakuten clearly demonstrated how the concept of Mikitani differs from Amazon's. Mikitani wants people to use his site, because they like it, and they can decide whether to buy the chosen goods. Amazon believes its main goal is to make the customer happy, and Rakuten focuses on those who sell on Rakuten, not on those who buy.

Merchants who sell on Rakuten give customers an opportunity to contact them directly, and because of this, shoppers have a pleasant feeling that they work with living people, not just with a computer.

However, Amazon remains the largest sales platform for many businesses. The thing is that Amazon's traffic is many times greater than that of Rakuten. For example, had three million visitors in one year, while Amazon had about ninety-seven million. Management of Rakuten realizes that it is very difficult to capture the market. They encourage the staff to come 10 minutes earlier to make the work more effective.

At a party in California SEO greeted the young founder of Pinterest, grinning in a welcoming smile. They seem to be close friends. Mikitani is settled in California and has many meetings with many businessmen trying to boost performance of his company. But if he wants to overtake Amazon, he will have to work even harder.

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