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Before the invention of air conditioners, people used different ways for keeping them cool. The ancient Romans used air duct water that help in circulating the water through the walls. Chinese used different methods to keep themselves cool during the scorching summers. But things changed with the invention of air conditioners.

The one first invented had many flaws and was hazardous for human health. There was a time when air conditioners were an item of leisure. But they are no more so... Slowly and gradually, our lives have become dependent on them and we cannot live without them in hot weather. Earlier there were few model of Ac's available but now they are available in different types. Split Air Conditioner are one among them.

Split air conditioners are units installed inside the home and the condenser remains outside. It is connected by the means of a refrigerant pipes. They make less noise and are available in different capacities depending on the size of the room. Split Ac's are available in 0.50 ton, 0.75 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 tons. Every manufacturer gives you the details about them. One of the thing you must look in them is the BTU (British Thermal Unit) per hour. It is the cooling capacity.

Different manufacturers due to cut throat competition, prefer to provide customers with Split Room Air Conditioners that have the capacity to deliver 9000 BTU of power to cover an area of 200- 300 sq.ft. They have the temperature setting system that can be adjusted as per your needs. Further the sleep mode operation, helps you in relaxing in your room without any disturbance. From past experiences, people have complained of room having air borne particles. But now you need not worry. All the air conditioners today have air filters. They can be removed easily and cleaned with water. Well you might be thinking, where you will fix the Split Unit Air Conditioner  Well, they can be mounted on a wall. For this, you would be required to make a hole on wall.

A word of caution: Installing a split air conditioner in homes/ offices is not an easy task. Hence, take a professional help. They will assist in selecting the right conditioning unit as per the area and give you an idea about the tubing and installation cost.

This may cost you bit extra... but lets be very clear that the range of Split Unit Air Conditioner is not at all expensive.

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