Many facility managers like the idea of preventive maintenance, but quickly become frustrated by not knowing where to start. The good news is that implementing a proactive process can be painless if building teams develop a solid strategy and use the right tools. 

The quickest, easiest way to support a winning preventive maintenance program is by using a facility management software (FMS). A cutting-edge FMS can not only automate preventive maintenance tasks for you, it’ll also replace bulky stacks of paper and cluttered spreadsheets. Software holds your team accountable and provides them instant access to asset information and preventive maintenance protocols in the field.
Technician carrying out a preventive maintenance program task

Here are just a few other noteworthy ways facility management software can help your team get ahead and stay organized with preventive maintenance throughout the year. Make sure you're using the best maintenance software for your team.

  • Utilize location-based asset mapping to find and service equipment.
    Location-based asset mapping allows software users to filter through assets via an interactive floor plan map so they see only the asset pins they need. This feature is especially useful if a team member is assigned to inspect or service all assets of a certain type (i.e. inspect all emergency exit signs for burnt out bulbs) as part of a preventive maintenance program.

  • Use a work order and PM scheduling module to create recurring preventive maintenance tasks.
    Software makes work order management and preventive maintenance scheduling easy. You’ll have the ability to triage incoming service requests by building or floor, assign work orders to specific team members and receive automatic reminders of upcoming preventive maintenance tasks.

  • Upload asset documentation, receipts and proper O&M manuals for future reference.
    Software includes facility document management, which protects your most critical building documentation and grants instant access to it on the field where it matters most. You’ll be able to upload and store any document, including O&M manuals, warranty information, receipts and as-builts for commissioning reports.

  • Stay informed on preventive maintenance success with a data reporting dashboard.
    Many facility managers are data-driven and want to see evidence of success (or the need for improvement) through numbers. Some facility management software solutions feature a statistics dashboard, which serves as a one-stop-shop for departmental data. This data comes in handy when it comes time to draw up annual reports for your organization’s administrators.

  • Access PM information for assets out in the field via any electronic device.
    Facility management software gets your team up, moving and getting more work accomplished throughout the day. You’ll no longer need to be tied to your desktop computer and printer, since an FMS can function on any mobile device and eliminates the need to print out work orders for preventive maintenance tasks.

  • Scan QR codes to view preventive maintenance work orders for an asset.
    A QR code is a type of barcode that can be placed on equipment and assets within a facility. Use a mobile device with a camera to scan an asset’s QR code. With the scan of the barcode, your team will gain instant access to the asset’s PM history, as well as any upcoming maintenance tasks to be completed.

Click here to see facility management software capabilities in action and learn how they can help your department become more successful. 


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