Everything you need to know about Azelaic Acid in Skincare

Azelaic Acid popped up on my radar sometime during the middle of 2019 (although it has been building momentum for a couple of years already).

Once a week I would sit on my couch with a view of the Stellenbosch mountains and chat to SKOON’s chemist about trending ingredients. To say he was enthusiastic about Azelaic Acid would be a gross understatement ☺. After looking at all the research on this ‘rising star’ ingredient I found myself equally excited.

Here are all the reasons!

Possibly the fact that Azelaic Acid has all the makings of a stellar skin care ingredient.

Definitely the fact that Azelaic Acid is quite a comprehensive multi-tasker. Multi-tasking ingredients are the differentiators between good and great skin care.

Now, as you all know I always start a blog with a sweet treat and a cup of coffee. A cold, almost-Spring day like today calls for a slice of warm apple tart with a blob of cream…but no, I am on a 90 day sugar detox so today let’s just share a cup of coffee (on my side I am secretly hoping three months will pass in a flash!)

Back to the topic at hand. Let’s find out more!

SKOON Oh Sherbet product powder

What is Azelaic Acid?

The good news first. Your skin is familiar with Azelaic Acid since it is a natural by-product produced by yeast called Malassezia furfur that forms part of your skin microbiome (just a fancy collective term for your healthy skin flora).

I see a lot of blogs referring to the fact that Azelaic Acid is also found in whole grains like wheat, rye, barley, oats and sorghum. Hmm… this is certainly a long and impressive list and leaves the impression of skincare brands bashing wheat around to harvest Azelaic Acid ☺.

In reality, most of the azelaic acid 20% used in skin care products is lab-engineered for maximum stability and effectiveness. At SKOON. we use Azelaic Acid made from RSPO certified palm oil – so no worries about gluten.


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