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**HUM** - Week 4 Email

E-mail sent by Sohini Dhutia, Tuesday, 10th February 2009 @ 12:02am

Hello everyone!
Hope this week has started off well for you!
It was great to see such a nice turnout at the Meet N Greet!
We hope you all enjoyed the food, company and banter.
As usual, this email contains information about Aarti and several upcoming events! 


the HUM committee


**HUM** - Meet N Greet Reminder

E-mail sent by Sohini Dhutia, Thursday, 5th February 2009 @ 6:36pm

Hello everyone!

Don't forget that there's a Meet N Greet event this Friday!

Date: Friday 6th February


 Location: Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College


 Time: 4.15pm to 6.30pm



This event is not to be missed! An opportunity to MEET your friends, GREET

the new HUM committee and EAT some delicious desi food!



Tickets for the Majlis' Bollywood Hollywood Ball will also be on sale during

the event.



Food for the event will be provided by Dil Dunia.



See you all there!

**HUM** - Week 3 Email

E-mail sent by Sohini Dhutia, Tuesday, 3rd February 2009 @ 12:29am

Greetings from your HUM Soc Committee,

We hope you've all had a brilliant week and are looking forward to some special events! This term's calender is full to the brim, so take advantage of every event! We hope to see you at the Meet N Greet this Friday,

Till then, best wishes from
your HUM Committee

**HUM** -Week 2 Email

E-mail sent by Sohini Dhutia, Sunday, 25th January 2009 @ 11:54pm

Hello and Welcome from the new HUM committee!

We hope you had a fabulous first week and are looking forward to all the events we have planned for this term!

If you have any ideas for events or want to give us any feedback on anything, please don't hesistate to get in touch with us.

Have an amazing second week!
Your New HUM Committee

**HUM** - Welcome Back

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Monday, 19th January 2009 @ 11:18am

Dear members,

Welcome back to Oxford! We are handing over, during this week, to the new HUM committee who promise to give you even bigger and better events! We still have a few openings so if you want to get involved drop us a line following the directions below.

The (almost) Ex HUM Committee

**HUM** - HUM Committee Applications

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Thursday, 4th December 2008 @ 11:19am



HUM is having its traditional committee handover at the start of next term and you have the opportunity to get involved and build on the success that the society has had since it was founded.

We will be changing all positions, and all we ask from you is enthusiasm and commitment. It would be great to get a lot of 1st years applying; no experience necessary!

If you’re in the slightest bit interested, or just raring to go, please do send
us an email ( stating what position you would like to apply for.

We would like you to tell us the following:

1) Primary Choice of position
2) Other positions that you are interested in (optional)
3) Send us your application in which ever form that you think is best for you-
CV, cover letter or even just a email.
4) Tell us a little about yourself and any ideas or skills you would bring to

If you want to know more about a position then email HUM (
and the present committee member will answer any questions.

The following positions will be available:

Vice President (Finance)
Vice President (Events)
Religious coordinator
IT & Publicity Officer
Events Coordinators
Sponsorship Coordinators

See the attached file on the HUM email for outlines of all these positions and structure of the committee.

Remember: No experience necessary so there’s no reason not to give it a try and make your mark in HUM!

The deadline for applications is the 7th December by 12noon (Sunday of 8th week) and we will be holding interviews for applicants on 0th weekend of next term!!

**HUM Update**

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Thursday, 27th November 2008 @ 3:55pm

Dear all,

We hope everyone had a great time at the ball we would like to thank you all very much for making it such a spectacular night.

We hope you enjoyed our special guest, Sukshinder Shinda, and all of our other entz .. PMC, Chill out marquee etc etc ...

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and the whole committee for making this event possible

Please join the HUM soc group for information on all of HUM's future events and also join Oxford Bhangra Soc if u still need that dhol beat to keep you ticking ...

Thank you all once again!


**HUM** - Final Ball Update

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Friday, 21st November 2008 @ 3:57pm

Sorry to anybody who missed out on tickets, please see the HUM email which will be circulated shortly to see if you are on the guestlist.

Please note that all dining guests who have received tickets should bring them along to the ball

Non-Dining guests do not require tickets, however they must bring ID to the ball so we can allow them entry.

Timings: Dining guests arrive at 6.30pm, FOOD WILL BE SERVED AT 7PM

Non Dining: Arrive at 8.30pm, FIREWORKS WILL BE SET OFF AT 9PM

Dress code: Formal, black tie advised.


E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Thursday, 20th November 2008 @ 12:53am

Dear all,

All tickets for the upcoming divali ball are sold out. Please do not pidge any more cheques to us.

See you there!!


**HUM** - Dining tickets sold out! SPOT SALE FOR NON DINING

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Tuesday, 18th November 2008 @ 2:36pm

The Diwali Ball is this weekend! We look forward to seeing you there: here are some important ticketing updates!

**HUM** - Week 5 and Spot Sale Information

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Wednesday, 12th November 2008 @ 9:33am

Hey everyone!

Hope you're week 5 is going well and the blues haven't hit too hard! Here are some events for 5th week.

**HUM** - Divali Ball

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Monday, 3rd November 2008 @ 3:43pm

Hope your week is going well. Read below for some updates, a speaker event, and important updates for the divali ball!

HUM Week 3 update

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Monday, 27th October 2008 @ 12:01pm

News for week 3.


HUMSoc: MeetNGreet Reminder

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Friday, 24th October 2008 @ 9:52am

New to Oxford and want to meet people? Returning student on a quest for indian food and good company?

HUM Freshers' Meet & Greet

Date: Fri 24th October (Fri 2nd week) (TODAY)

Location: Magdalen College, Oscar Wilde Room

Time: 4.30pm to 7pm

We will be having Early Bird offers for Divali Ball tickets and will also be holding a raffle for 3 non-dining tickets for all freshers who sign up for membership. (Note, winners of these can pay the difference to upgrade to a dining ticket..)

Don't miss this! We have kept it early so those of you heading back home for divali have no excuse!

See you all there,

**HUM** Week 2 Email

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Tuesday, 21st October 2008 @ 9:07am

Hope your week went well.

Here are some events and announcements for week 2. Most important: check out our fresher's event!!

HUMSoc Week 1 Email

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Thursday, 16th October 2008 @ 11:00pm

To all freshers welcome to Oxford, and to everyone else welcome back! We hope that your first week is going well!

We have some great events lined up for you this term, and this mail is a quick overview. We've also got a few announcements to send out.

Also, please do join our facebook group for more updates on our events!

**HUM** - pre term email

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Thursday, 18th September 2008 @ 4:46pm

Hey everyone,

Hope your summer is going well! Although we have almost a month till Michaelmas, we have a few quick updates for you.

The HUM Committee

**HUM** - Aarti cancelled today

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Wednesday, 11th June 2008 @ 10:46am

Dear All,

Unfortunately, Aarti today has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The HUM Committee

**HUM** Update

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Saturday, 7th June 2008 @ 11:52pm

Hey guys,

Some of us may be in the midst of exams and some may be finished with the year for good but Hum still has updates for you!

**HUM** Update

E-mail sent by Anahita Patwardhan, Monday, 19th May 2008 @ 7:06pm

News for this week. Good luck to all finalists!

The Hum Committee

Oxford University Hindu Society (HUM)

Networks: Oxford University

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