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**HUM** Headline Act

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Monday, 31st October 2011 @ 9:47pm


Hope you're all getting excited for the ball - just 5 days to go! We're giving out BIG NEWS here, so make sure you have a read!

HUMlove xx

**HUM** Happy Diwali!

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Wednesday, 26th October 2011 @ 1:49pm


The HUMSoc would like to wish everyone the very best for the coming year!

HUMpyaar xx


E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Tuesday, 25th October 2011 @ 4:42pm

The sale scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00am-12:00pm is now at Starbucks on Cornmarket.
The Friday sale is now from 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Remember the DEADLINE FOR BUYING TICKETS is on the 28/10/11.

Wednesday 26th: Starbucks Cornmarket 10:00am - 12:00pm
Wednesday 26th: The OCHS centre/Exeter College 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Friday 28th: Starbucks Cornmarket 2:00-5:00pm

**HUM** Diwali Week!!!

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Sunday, 23rd October 2011 @ 11:20pm


Happy Diwali to all, many of you may have gone home this weekend, or are planning to next weekend to celebrate, but remember to join into the celebrations in Oxford as well,

HUMpyaar xx

**HUM** Ticket Deadline & More Spot Sales

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Wednesday, 19th October 2011 @ 11:18pm


It was fantastic to see so many of you at Aarti, keep encouraging your friends to come along and we can have an awesome turn out next week for Diwali!

HUMpyaar xx

**HUM** DB Sales, Aarti, Charity, Geniesis!

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Tuesday, 18th October 2011 @ 4:58pm


Congratulations to those who've snapped up their Diwali Ball tickets already, almost HALF have gone already!!!! Make sure you pick yours up before they've run out!

HUMlove xx

**HUM** Week 2 Notices

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Sunday, 16th October 2011 @ 7:58pm


Glad to see so many of you at the Meet, Greet and Eat, and then at Bridge afterwards!

We're also very happy we'll be seeing you again at the Diwali Ball after ticket sales at the Meet, Greet and Eat were crazy! 

Meet, Greet, Eat and Bridge Tonight!

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Thursday, 13th October 2011 @ 3:15pm


Make sure you bring money so you can buy your Diwali Ball Ticket TONIGHT at the Meet, Greet and Eat!

It's at 7:30pm tonight in the Miles Room at St Peter's College. For those of you that don't know, it's on New Inn Hall Street, next to the Methodist Church. Major nearby landmarks include Kebab Kid, the Odeon and Camera.

Come dressed to impress so we can all head down to Bridge afterwards!

HUMlove xx

**HUM** Week 1 Notices

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Tuesday, 11th October 2011 @ 8:26am


Since the 1st week of Michaelmas is always crazy busy, we thought we'd give you a little reminder about all the awesome events going on this week!

TODAY: Diwali Ball Spot Sale, Bhangra Showdown Auditions, Majlis Drinks
TOMORROW: Aarti, Deadline to email Hirrah about wanting to dance at the Diwali Ball
THURSDAY: Diwali Ball Spot Sale, Meet, Greet, Eat then Bridge!

The best way to stay in touch is to join our facebook page:

HUMpyaar xx

**HUM** Michaelmas 2011

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Friday, 7th October 2011 @ 7:34pm


Welcome (back) to a new term packed once again with fantastic events!

To stay up to date with all the goings on this term, we recommend you join our Facebook group:

We hope to see you on Thursday at our Meet, Greet and Eat!

HUMlove xx

**HUM** Diwali Ball News

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Monday, 12th September 2011 @ 6:12pm


We hope you guys are all having a fantastic long vac, and are looking forward to getting back to Oxford in a couple of weeks! Events to look forward to next term include a Meet and Greet, a Garba night for Navratri, and of course the Diwali Ball!

HUMlove xx

OCHS Conference 2011

  • Saturday, 10th September 2011 at 9:30am - 5:30pm Sunday, 11th September
    Location: Somerville College, Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 6HD

    The Goddess: Understanding The Sakta Traditions
    OCHS Conference 2011



E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Tuesday, 21st June 2011 @ 4:13pm


How quickly this year has gone by - we at HUMSoc would like to wish all of you the best of luck with exams, results and everything that you experience this summer. We hope you've enjoyed this term's events, and that you're already getting excited about what we have to offer in Michaelmas 2011 - including the showpiece event of HUMSoc's year, the Diwali Ball!

HUMpyaar xx

**HUM** Final events

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Wednesday, 15th June 2011 @ 1:06pm


Good luck to all those taking exams in the next 2 and a half weeks and congratulations to everyone who's made it through theirs already!

HUMpyaar xx

**HUM** Event TODAY - and Yoga!

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Thursday, 2nd June 2011 @ 1:09pm


Just a quick reminder of the event today, as well as telling you about new yoga sessions!

HUMpyaar xx

**HUM** Summer Eight's - Nah... Chutney and Chips!

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Wednesday, 1st June 2011 @ 12:05am


Whilst most of our friends are getting excited with the prospect of Summer Eights, we at HUMSoc are far more excited about Chutney and Chips on Saturday!

We've got some other events going on this week as well.

HUMlove xx

**HUM** Things going on this weekend!

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Wednesday, 25th May 2011 @ 5:02pm


We've got another event for you for this weekend!

Hope to see you all at Aarti tonight, and if you can't make it, then make sure you get to the Bollywood Film Night on Sunday night!

The subject of the discussion will be Bhakti, and Jay's "bhajan of the week" can be found at:

**HUM** Trinity Week 4

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Monday, 23rd May 2011 @ 11:11pm


We hope you've enjoyed all the events so far, but we've got a couple more to keep you going this term!

HUMlove xx

**HUM** Chutney Launch and Majlis

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Tuesday, 17th May 2011 @ 1:17am


3rd week is upon and here at HUMSoc we're trying to stave away as much exam depression as possible in these early stages of Trinity. That stuff's for later...

HUMpyaar x

**HUM** Kapil Dev, Karan Singh, and much more...

E-mail sent by Jamie Patel, Wednesday, 11th May 2011 @ 8:36pm


We can’t help but keep getting events, tomorrow and friday look set to be awesome!

HUMpyaar xx

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