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**HUM**Curtain call

E-mail sent by Member 10a3dfd, Tuesday, 5th March 2013 @ 5:28pm

Howdy HUMlings, 

As we come closer to the end of what has been a smashing Hilary 2k13, a huge shout-out to all of you who have made it a point to attend our events and make this an insane term!

Hope you guys had a chance to catch ‘Chutney and Chips’ because it was truly amazing this year #asalways. Hats off to all you guys involved and thank you for putting on a fantastic show! 

There’s a host of exciting events lined up for next term. Firstly, Trinity meet ‘n’ greet in 1st week. Any of you who haven’t had the chance to experience HUM, this is the time to! Secondly, the much-awaited OxHoli is not too far! So bring out your colors and water-pistols for a colorful sunny Trinity afternoon in 2nd week #rangdebasanti. Also, be prepared to bring out your inner Sachin Tendulkar for HUM’s very own cricket tournament in Trinity (I will specify the details as soon as they are finalized). 

I can’t speak for you guys but I will certainly miss these emails over the break! Here’s wishing you guys an awesome holiday and good luck with revision to all of you with mods this term (hang in there!) 



**HUM**End of term Funtimes

E-mail sent by Member 10a3dfd, Tuesday, 26th February 2013 @ 9:43pm

Yo HUMloves, 

The coming weekend brings a lot of excitement with it and you do not want to miss out! So please help us help you have a smashing end to Hilary 2k13. 

Now and forever


**HUM**6th week

E-mail sent by Member 10a3dfd, Monday, 18th February 2013 @ 10:09pm

Good evening HUMhomez, 

There's not much of an intro to give to this one but loads of events and info, so im cutting straight to the chase. 


HUMpyaar (to infinity and beyond?) 

**HUM**Goodbye 5th-week blues

E-mail sent by Member 10a3dfd, Tuesday, 12th February 2013 @ 7:28pm

Hello HUMpeeps,

I know its been a while since you have heard from us. But we're back with a fresh load of interesting stuff coming up! Firstly, a big thanks to everyone who came to the Bollywood night and helped us make it a success. Also, the stage is set for our very own 'HUM dine with me'; so if you have given us your name, you can consider this email as your cue to start planning your meals and plating up some amazing food! Keep the HUMspirit up guys (and contrary to what this paragraph might suggest, I am not on a sugar/caffeine rush)! 


HUMpyaar forever

**HUM** Third week already

E-mail sent by Member 10a3dfd, Monday, 28th January 2013 @ 11:13pm

Hello again HUMchums, 

Hope you guys have had a good week (hopefully the sahi rishta matrimonials made it better?). This week, there’s a couple of exciting events lined up for you. Hopefully you guys will be as excited (if not more) by them as we are. If you guys have any feedback, ideas or suggestions that you’d like to give the President, the Vice-president or me (which we will very much appreciate), you can email us on, or 

Till next week (#sosad), 


**HUM** 2012 HumDonations!

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Sunday, 27th January 2013 @ 4:24pm

GoodAfternooon Humsters,

Despite Abhishek initially wanting to take the thousands of pounds raised by the Hum Soc 2012 committee to start up his own dolphin sanctuary in India, we eventually convinced him to give it to charity.


We are therefore very proud to announce that £2013 has been donated to each of our chosen charities: Smile Foundaton India and Ashiana Charitable Trust. Both are very deserving charities and have greatly appreciated the donations. Smile works to empower millions of children, women and underprivileged people in India. Ashiana, based in London, helps young adults with learning difficulties to improve their confidence. A donation ofover £1000 has also been made to the OCHS as recognition of the great backing they have provided the society with and to help them with their continuous research.


I’d like to thank my committee for the tremendous effort put in over the past year to raise such a significant amount. In addition, a massive thank you to everyone who attended/helped at our events to ensure the year was such a success. The society has been lucky to receive incredible support from the student community and I hope it will continue.


I’m positive this year’s committee will carry on hosting awesome events and raising significant amounts for charity. Good luck to them! 


Once again thank you and Hum Pyaaaaar xxx


Shyam Thakerar

Ex-President (sad times)


P.S. I (Sagar) was in the gym, hench why I couldn't write the email

HumPyaar xx

**HUM** 2nd week notices

E-mail sent by Member 10a3dfd, Monday, 21st January 2013 @ 7:39pm

Hello again HUMSoc, 

Hopefully you guys have been looking forward to this email (or at least the reduction in hashtags in this one!). There's a couple of very exciting things that are coming up this week and we are hoping for some serious participation from you guys. That being said, we absolutely loved the turnout at Thursday's Meet 'n' Greet! Good going with the HUMspirit. Also, keep your Sunday evening of week 3 free for Bollywood night. I will get back to you with the specifics in the next email though. 


Loads of HUMpyaar 

**HUM** Small change

E-mail sent by Member 10a3dfd, Wednesday, 16th January 2013 @ 1:47pm

Good afternoon, 

There has been a small change in venue for tomorrow's Meet 'n' Greet: instead of the Old Dining Hall in St. Edmund's Hall, it will be held in the Pontigny Room at the same college (St. Edmund's Hall). The time is the same, hope to see you guys there at 8 pm. 

Sorry, again, for the inconvenience caused. 


Heads up for **HUM**

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Wednesday, 16th January 2013 @ 10:28am

Goodmorning Humlings,


I would just like to let you all know that there might be a change of venue for the Meet & Greet tomorrow (Thursday) night. We are trying our best to finalise arrangements as quickly as possible and we will send an email out to you confirming any changes that have been made as soon as we know. Our Facebook event will also be updated promptly. So please make sure that you check either your email/Facebook tonight and tomorrow.


Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

I look forward to seeing you at the Meet & Greet!


HUMPyaaaar xx

**HUM** Welcome back

E-mail sent by Member 10a3dfd, Friday, 11th January 2013 @ 6:25pm

Dear HUMSoc, 

This is my first email as secretary of the new HUM committee 2013, which is very exciting but also very unnerving for me (those of you who have read the emails of the previous secretary know what I have to live up to!!!!). So please understand if this email sounds like nonsense #emailfright. But it is actually a very important email to us as your new HUM committee 2013 as we get to introduce ourselves to you: 

President: Suriya Prabhakar

Vice-President: Navjeev Singh

Secretary: Aditya Jain

Treasurer: Rajen Shah

Events Team:

Sheena Patel and Rajpreet Hayre (Events Co-ordinators)

Bhavnisha Modi (Accounts)

Mehul Shah (IT)

Anushka Mehta (Sponsorship)

Samvartika Bajpai (Marketing + Design)

Niloy Biswas (Sewa)

Religious Co-ordinators: Swati Seshadri and Vinay Sridharan. 

I’m also very excited to tell you guys about our first Meet ‘n’ Greet that will be held this coming Thursday (1st week) at 8:00 pm. The venue is St. Edmund Hall (which is on Queen’s lane) in the old dining hall. Please do come, it’s an amazing way for us to get to know each other as a society. #freefood #bethereorbesquare 

There will be aarti as usual, starting Wednesday of week 1 at OCHS (right next to Tesco on Magdelen street). Please be there at 6:30. Keeping in mind the religious nature of HUM as a society, it will be nice to see a good turnout. 

Something exciting to look forward to - Mastana 2013 is an annual Asian cultural show organized by the Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society which is set to take place on Saturday 2nd March, 2013 in Cambridge. There will be dancing, singing and acting #funtimes. They also have a special deal for Oxford students: 20 pounds for tickets to the show and after-party, food and drink. You can look up the rest of the details on To order the tickets, email (remember to quote ‘oxford student deal’ in the mail). #oxfordswag #proudtobeasian

There’s a lot we have planned for the coming year and we are working on finalizing these plans and making them happen! I will of course keep informing you about anything that comes up #thatsthejob. But there will also be facebook event pages for all major events we host/organize so keep looking out for them (it’s an excellent way to make procrastination legit even #just saying). 

Lastly, being very proud of the amazingly interesting community we are, I thought I’d link you guys a video per week that will (hopefully) prove to you the astonishing diversity of the  society we belong to. So, ending this email on a light note, here’s something for you guys to (again hopefully) enjoy:

HUMpyaar xxx 

(As always #famouslastwords) 

**HUM** - And I'm Done..

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Sunday, 2nd December 2012 @ 11:17pm

Exactly one year ago (back when I used to be 'fresh' and 'unhench'), I remember struggling to put my first letter on an e-mail, afraid that I would offend someone, or more likely, embarass myself (I know I still do)! To say that HUM has helped me would be a huge understatement.
My time at HUM, my experiences with the 2012 hummers and my experience on the committee has been an exciting learning experience as well as an integral piece of my Oxford life! The friends I made (only friends I have really) and the times I shared with HUM will last with me for a lifetime (being my emotional, fresh self again) and I'd like to thank everyone involved @ HUM for making it such a memorable year.

Now for the exciting part:
As a wise man once said, a good culmination to a year marks the birth of an even better one (yes, I am indeed the wise man). Similarly, the HUM2012 committee depart marks the start of the 2013 HUMcrew, who are as follows:

President: Suriya Prabhakar
Vice-President: Navjeev Singh
Secretary: Aditya Jain
Treasurer: Rajen Shah

Events Team:
Sheena Patel and Rajpreet Hayre (Events Co-ordinators)
Bhavnisha Modi (Accounts)
Mehul Shah (IT)
Anushka Mehta (Sponsorship)
Samvartika Bajpai (Marketing + Design)
Niloy Biswas (Sewa)

Religious Co-ordinators: 
Swati Seshadri and Vinay Sridharan 

A massive congratulations and a heads-up to all members (well, some more than others) as you have some pretty large shoes to fill (size 44 for the new secretary). I wish you all the best and good luck with Diwali Ball, it'll be hard to beat expectations but even we (with such a cartoon of a president) managed it! That's a joke btw, Shyam has been an awesome president, so a shout-out and big thank to him for making this year such a success @ HUM!

Don't know what else to say, still feel kind of in limbo after the handover. I guess, just a final goodbye from me and I wish you all a merry christmas and a lovely vacation out of Oxford - if you're in Belgium/Bombay, don't be afriad to drop me a message or some HUMlove (no, not in the bootycall sense). It's been a pleasure and this is me, signing out for the last time, don't miss me too much and if you do, please tell me because it'll probably make my day!

HUMPyaaarrrr xxx

Quote of the Year: "
Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost"

**HUM** Aarti, Speaker, Dinner, Movie!

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Wednesday, 28th November 2012 @ 1:48pm

Hummerss, just an update on tonight!

Join us on our final occasion of this year and spend the entire evening HumSchtyle.

The plan is:
Meet for Aarti as usual at 1830 at the OCHS,
Speaker (Anuradha Dooney) talking on Hinduism and Women until 2000,
Dinner at Pizza Express (Oxford Castle @ 2015),
Bollywood Movie Night at Johns MCR if interested after.

Should be a fun filled evening so come join any of them!

THERE IS LIMITED SPACE AT PIZZA EXPRESS SO PLEASE TEXT ME ON 07584990529 or email me with your name TO BOOK YOUR PLACE (THIS GOES FOR EVERYONE, EVEN COMMITTEE MEMBERS)! Also, find some orange codes so we can get our discount!

HUMpyaaarr xx

**HUM** Eighth Week!

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Monday, 26th November 2012 @ 5:09pm

Helllooo humsters,

This is my second-last e-mail :( hope you guys miss me as much as I will miss you!
8th Week is already up and running, marking the last week of the current HUMcommittee and the onset of yet another long 6 week break.

Show your HUMlove and HUMpreciation by coming down to our final Aarti this Wednesday @ 6:30pm. If we get more than 25 people, I will personally initiate a garba dance and choose a bhajan to lead&follow with my lovely, husky (modest, i know) voice - so don't miss out on this opportunity. 

In addition to this exciting Aarti session, we will be going for a special meal this Wednesday to mark the end of this year's committee and to celebrate one last time together before the new year. SikhSoc will also be having their final meal alongside us, so let's get a bigger turn out, woo goHUM (jokes, interfaith ftw). PLEASE rsvp by tomorrow if you can come for the dinner so I can book a table (to avoid mess ups like last time) at mostly Pizza Express (open to other suggestions..)!

After the meal, Varun sivaram is having a bollywood movie night (movie to be decided) at Johns MCR, so contact him for more details (07502264423) or come along with the group after dinner!

Have an awesome 8th week and remember, whenever you're tired/bored this week, there's plenty of time to chill in the next 6 weeks; go out, get involved, yolo (kal ho na ho/zindagi na milege dubara)!

HumPyaaaar xx

Quote of the week:
Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?' #Sewa #Don'tdoitfortheCV  

**HUM** Jay Lakhani Talk: Science & Spirituality

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Wednesday, 21st November 2012 @ 11:18pm

HUMSoc is delighted to announce: Jay Lakhani will be giving a talk to our society on the subject of “Science and Spirituality” at 8 pm on Thursday 22nd November in the Latner Room, St Peter's College.

His talk will explore the links between the teaching of religion and the discoveries at the cutting edge of modern science and whether they can be reconciled. The talk will be followed by a Q&A session afterwards.

If you haven’t heard Mr Lakhani speak before, you are in for an absolute treat. He is the Director of the Hindu Academy and Religious 

Education Council and the first Hindu tutor ever to be appointed at Eton College. 

Join us for what promises to be a fantastic talk by one of the most prominent speakers from the Hindu community and media today. We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Facebook Event:

**HUM** Match Report

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Wednesday, 21st November 2012 @ 5:49pm

Credit to ex-secretary - Jamie Patel:

When the call came that SikhSoc and HUMSoc were to have a football match, both teams scrambled to assemble their teams. HUM were straight away informed that they would be without two ex-committee players who would normally be first up for a game of such magnitude when they realised that Shiv Pabari was still injured and Rajiv “I’m busy” Dattani was… well, busy. On top of this, we realised that almost every player on the pitch had been at BhangraSoc’s KHAOS night, and that meant that very few players would be on top form.


Even so, the team HUM managed to scrap together looked more than capable of holding their own against a SikhSoc side that based their play on quick passing, tricks and flicks. HUM opened the scoring, weirdly through their most defensive player, with Chand Mehta slotting away coolly after the ball had pinged around the area. HUM’s early possession with great movement and passing from Shahil Ghelani and Minesh Chotalia, meant that HUM goalie Nakul Patel was a virtual spectator, and we thoroughly expected to put the game beyond doubt early on. 


We doubled our lead through Jamie Patel, who despite looking scared at approaching a six foot tall rugby boy at speed still managed to get round the SikhSoc goalkeeper and put the ball in an empty net. Later, Jamie, when faced with exactly the same situation, was so excited to get past the keeper he promptly missed the open net, much to the enjoyment of almost all the spectators (there were 3).


Current secretary Sagar Shah was the only member of the current committee playing for HUM and made sure he made up for the lack of numbers by seemingly being everywhere on the pitch (to be fair, he did play in goal...and then in defence…and then went into midfield for a little bit), but still, his tireless running caused nightmares for the SikhSoc team and his pressuring of the ball brought around our 3rd goal, as Jamie finished with powerful strike from the edge of the area. 


As the first half drew to a close, SikhSoc managed to give themselves hope and snatched a cheeky goal. They grew with this goal and in the second half came out and kept the ball for long periods of time, but credit to the HUM boys, who kept their discipline and didn’t let them create any chances. Long periods of the game went by, with SikhSoc dominance on the floor not paying off, and any balls that were attempted in the air were met with “nah, none of us are tall enough for that.” 


SikhSoc frustration became apparent, and some good individual battles emerged, with our respective rugby players Gurvir Grewal and Shahil tussling in the corner for several minutes (they tried to initiate a scrum but the rest of us were too scared to get involved).


Suddenly the stalemate was broken, and it was down to Anish Patel, who snuck in at the back post to calmly take down a crossfield pass and slot it away into the opposite corner. Not content with this, he then harried the ball away from one of the opposition, spun away from a player, and the “Patel connection” was evident as he and Nakul played a series of one-twos to get through the rest of the defence and leave Anish with an empty net to pass the ball into.


At 5-1, the HUM boys made the mistake of relaxing, and SikhSoc scored once more. At 5-2, the Sikh Soc president Mandeep Mohan came on and decided to take matters into his own hands, and decided the best way to do this would be by running very fast rather aimlessly around the pitch. Somehow, this work, and, buoyed by the antics of their president, SikhSoc struck again! 5-3 and HUM were in danger of being the AC Milan of that famous night in Istanbul.


Jamie then took matters in his own hands, after several attempts and many more screams of frustration, he took on two players in the corner and let fly with another hopeful shot. The goalkeeper was unsighted and Jamie’s shot crept between his legs, giving him his hat-trick, although unselfishly he decided to let Chand keep the match ball, since, well, it was his.


Finally the final whistle rang out, and we found out conclusively that now, not only are HUMSoc far better looking than SikhSoc, we’re also better on the football pitch. Whilst not quite a 6-1 drubbing at the home of their title rivals, HUM’s dominance rang out and will do for the rest of the term, until hopefully a rematch will be scheduled in Hilary or Trinity, where I’m sure we’ll beat them again. 

See you at Aarti!

HumPyaar xx

**HUM** Seventh-Week Seva!

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Monday, 19th November 2012 @ 12:02am

Dear Humsters,

Sorry to those who waited all day long for my e-mail (i know you all do), but the Oxford work life got to me today!
This week is cray - packed with events, in particular our two MAJOR events - 7th week Seva & Jay Lakhani Talk.

If you feel like you're bored anytime this week, then you're clearly not making an effort and belong elsewhere (cambridge or something). 

Our new initiative of Seva week is aimed at giving back to the community and getting out of this bubble at Oxford of work and play - we should give time to those less fortunate. Please read below for information on Seva week and get involved with whatever you can!

Ahhh, only two more weeks of HUM2012CommitteePyaar for you guys! But don't worry, the new committee recruitment process is in progress and for any of you who have totally forgot to apply, please send applications ASAP - the deadline has passed, but we'll extend it if you show some HumInitiative!

Have a good week & Embrace all Oxford has to offer before the chilled out xmas holidays!

HumPyaar xx

Quote of the Day: "Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world; but to change ourselves." - Mahatma Gandhi

**HUM** Happy Diwali!

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Tuesday, 13th November 2012 @ 1:35am

Dear Humlings,

HAPPY DIWALI to you all and I wish everybody a very happy new year! May your day be filled with light and your year with prosperity! We do not have any specific Diwali plans for tomorrow (the ball has left us exhausted), however we are thinking of doing some sewa on Wednesday before/after Aarti, but that will be confirmed soon and I shall send out an email sometime tomorrow!

There are several other events that you can get involved with this week, so make the most of this new year and come along to show some HUMspirit! 

Have a good week and good beginning to the year,
Humpyaar xx

Quote of the week: "Dhoom machao, Rang jamao - Happy Diwali"- some bollywood actor

**HUM** Withdrawal Symptoms

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Tuesday, 6th November 2012 @ 12:48am

It's only been two days since Saturday, and yet the withdrawal from the Ball seems to be getting to me; I actually had some free time today! Anyway, enough of me - I hope you guys had an amazing and unforgettable night and enjoyed all the different acts and entertainment we had lined up for you. Some of you mentioned the proximity of the fireworks and we are sorry about that, it was a communication error. 

Please check below for Lost&Found items and loads of upcoming events and notices - we are going all out in the next few weeks as it will be our last weeks at HUM (I know, very sad times)!

If anyone has any share worthy photos, please send them to me so I can put them in our archive.

HumPyaaar xx

Quote of the day: Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will. - Jawaharlal Nehru, 1889-1964

**HUM** T-16 hours

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Saturday, 3rd November 2012 @ 2:49am

Only 16 hours left till the Oxford Diwali Ball 2012!
The timing of this email shows how hyped I am for this event and I hope that feeling is mutual across colleges and universities. Please be prompt at 1830 tomorrow and we hope you have a lovely and unforgettable evening!

ANNOUNCEMENT: University Club have allowe us (after we requested unceasingly) to accommodate for 25 more people, so that's 25 extra tickets! If you have forgotten to buy one or have a sudden urge to come, this is still possible. Due to the short notice, please call me on 07584990529 anytime tomorrow for a ticket and if you can't arrange a pick up time in the day, we will be selling whatever is left from the 25 tickets on the door, so you can potentially grab em there as well!

See you all tomorrow in proper desi spirit!
Humpyaaaar xxx

**HUM** Talk, Walk & Sleep Diwali Ball!

E-mail sent by Sagar Shah, Friday, 2nd November 2012 @ 1:20am

In the last week, every conversation, every dream and every step referred to the Oxford Diwali Ball in some way or another. The committee has been working day&night to make this ball as enjoyable as possible for you and we hope the hard work pays off. JUST TWO MORE days to the night that will illuminate your term and be the highlight of your year.

For those of you who STILL haven't bought tickets, get on it and come to our last spot sale tomorrow from 4pm - 6pm at Starbucks Cornmarket!


Quick reminder of our incredible dance act-SHIAMAK DAVAR INTERNATIONAL 
They have performed with stars such as SHAHRUKH KHAN and ANUSHKA SHARMA and have dance academies teaching over 70,000 students across the world.

In addition to their performance they'll also be giving everyone a dance masterclass!

If that hasn't convinced you yet, I have no idea what will.

Some quick details about Saturday:
Please arrive promptly at 18:30 because reception drinks will start right away.
The dress code is tradition Indian (represent)
 or black tie (pff)
The address is: 
11 Mansfield RoadOX1 3SZ Oxford, Oxfordshire

Exciting timees, Humpyaaar xx

Quote of the week: "
Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone" - Pablo Picasso
i.e) buy your tickets today because the ODB2012 is definitely a once in a lifetime event!

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