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Week 7 - Founder of Innocent Smoothies comes to Oxford!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Friday, 27th November 2009 @ 9:47am

We're approaching Week 8 and we've been saving one of our best till last... a founder of Innocent Smoothies, Britain's no.1 smoothie brand, is coming to talk to OE next Thursday! This is going to be popular so sign up on the link later on in the newsletter to guarantee a seat!

Today we had our Octopus Ventures drop in VC clinic. This is the last one this term but look out for more in Hilary!

Week 7: One on one VC clinic and sales workshop!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Monday, 23rd November 2009 @ 1:24am

We can't believe it's already  the end of 6th week! The last few days went past in a flash because we were organising the G+Ds Design an ice cream flavour challenge! On Wednesday dozens of you turned up for it and came up with some delicious, wacky, and downright odd combinations of flavours! Two OE flavours are now on sale in G+Ds across Oxford, so get down there, try them both and buy the one you prefer!

Next Thursday we hold one of our most useful events; the Octopus Ventures one-on-one clinic. There's still a few spaces left so sign up using the link provided asap! Meanwhile on Wednesday we have an unmissable sales workshop for you budding salesmen and women.

Hopefully see you this week!

OE Week 6: Global Entrepreneurship Week!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Monday, 16th November 2009 @ 10:37am

Not only is it the start of Week 6, it's also Global Entrepreneurship Week! It's seven days where students all around the world are encouraged to do something entrepreneurial.

OE embraces this fantastic campaign and is giving you guys a childishly simple way of dipping your toes into the reservoir of entrepreneurial opportunities that Oxford hosts! For the first time ever, in collaboration with G+Ds, Nestle, and Purple Frog, we present OE's OxPrentice: G+Ds Ice Cream Flavour Challenge!

This challenge is so simple ANYONE could do it- no previous entrepreneurial (or even business!) experience is required. Design an ice creak flavour, get marketing advice from Nestle and Purple Frog, get your ice cream flavour sold in G+Ds. SIMPLE!

Sign up, we look forward to seeing you there!

Week 5 Update

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Thursday, 12th November 2009 @ 9:51am

5th week blues? OE doesn't have any; we've been keeping too busy!

On Monday an OE elite team joined innovation agency Happen for a briefing session prior to their Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford Garage Workshop. We've also been planning the awesome G+D's 'Design an ice cream flavour' challenge- a day of flavour designing and marketing guru advice from Nestle and 'Purple Frog.

For real time updates on our antics follow OE on Twitter - join our 500 other followers from all around the world! http://twitter.com/OxEntrepreneurs

OE Week 5 - Fasten your seatbelts!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Sunday, 8th November 2009 @ 11:58am

Congratulations to those of you who were invited to the exclusive meal with Tom Hunter, it was awesome to have good food in such good (and succesful) company! This week we also had our Ideas2market Mentor Match-up evening, which was positively buzzing with ideas, and the gruelling BOOTCAMP, a fun filled day of seminars and workshops which helped members transform their ideas into reality.

On another note; if you're loving OE this year and want to hear more updates then follow us on Twitter for continuous updates . Similarly if you want to plan your social life around OE then click on this link to see our jazzy online calendar!


OE Week 4:

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Saturday, 31st October 2009 @ 4:06pm

What a week for OE! Last Wednesday we welcomed Daniel Ek, Founder of SPOTIFY to hear about his experiences of revolutionising the music industry. If you missed it then don't despair; you can click here to watch a full recording of both Daniel's talk and the probing Q+A session! (Feel free to spread this link!)
This was the time Daniel had ever spoken to a university audience, and we're pretty chuffed he chose Oxford Entrepreneurs!

Meanwhile this Friday OE members, a marketing agency and App designers Inside Mobile gathered to brainstorm and design a new iPhone App for our first OXPRENTICE CHALLENGE. Creativity flowed and ideas we so good that not just one but TWO apps will be taken forward and hopefully sold in the iTunes App store!

But now lets look to the future; Week 4 is a big Ideas2Market week. We have our Mentor Finding Night on Monday at Thirst Lodge, and our Ideas2Market bootcamp is a jam-packed day of seminars from experts teaching students all sides of launching and running a business that *mustn't* be missed!

We look forward to seeing you all again soon,
The OE Team

Last Call: OxPrentice tomorrow

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Thursday, 29th October 2009 @ 4:11pm

Dear OE members - this is your last call to sign up to the OxPrentice iPhone App challenge tomorrow! 

OxPRENTICE Challenge 1 - The iPhone App- Friday October the 30th, 9am-6pm, Trinity College, (Danson Room)

Have you ever had an idea for a new App, but not known what to do with it? This Friday, you will get the chance to create a team and bid to have your idea turned into a reality. In the iPhone App challenge, teams will come together and brainstorm a new idea for an App. They will then go on to design the front end of the App, and by the end of the day they will pitch their idea for a new App, along with a Marketing plan, to a panel of experts, and the winning App - WILL ACTUALLY GET MADE AND SOLD IN THE APP STORE!!, giving teams the chance to be involved in the whole process, from conceptualisation through marketing to final delivery.

- Do I need any technical knowledge? - NO!! All of the coding will be done by Inside Mobile - all you need is a bit of creativity and the commitment to see your idea through if you win

- Will I get paid for my idea? - Sadly not. We want you to take this challenge for the experience, not for financial reward. Inside Mobile have promised to shoulder the entire risk of the winning App failing. For this, we have promised them the lion's share of the profits. OE will take a small cut and this will be reinvested in the society so that we can continue to deliver such awesome events

- Where can I sign up? - We thought you'd never ask!! You can signup here:


OE Mid Week Update: The OxPrentice, Ideas2Market BOOTCAMP, and SPOTIFY Founder!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Wednesday, 28th October 2009 @ 10:43am

Mornng OE Members!

It's our busiest couple of weeks so far this year. This Friday sees teams of Oxford students designing an iPhone App that will actually be sold on iTunes AppStore! Meanwhile next week budding entrepreneurs will  be learning the ropes in our nationally acclaimed Ideas2market BOOTCAMP- a day long intensive course from a series of experts

Tomorrow is one of our biggest events ever. Daniel Ek, founder of SPOTIFY, comes to talk about his experiences of revolutionising the music industry. We'll be meeting well over 100 of you tomorrow. See you then!

Founder of Spotify, OxPrentice iPhone Challenge and much more - This week's a big one!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Sunday, 25th October 2009 @ 3:52pm

Dear Oxford Entreprenerus,

Firstly, thanks to all those that came to the launch of Ideas2Market on Wednesday - the place was buzzing with ideas, and we really enjoyed having Ayd give a talk on Creativity. For those of you who couldn't make it, DON'T SWEAT! You can sign up for the Presentation Skills Workshop we're running with Bain and the Mentor Finding Night below...

Looking ahead, this week is one for the scrapbook - we have Daniel Ek, the Founder and CEO of music phenomenon SPOTIFY coming to give our inaugural keynote address on 'Spotify and the Future of the Music Industry' - this event will be heavily oversubscribed, so sign up quick!

On top of that, we're all really excited to open applications for our first OxPrentice event of the year - the iPhone App Challenge. Further details of the event and how to sign up are below, so get reading people, and do so quickly if you don't want to miss out!!

Lastly, we've opened applications for the elite team of 20 OE members who will get to run a garage workshop with the founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, at this year's Silicon Valley comes to Oxford. This event is a first for OE, and Biz is a super-cool dude, so competition for a spot on this team will be fierce!

There's loads more cool stuff in here... But you'll have to read it to find out!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon,
The OE Team x

OE Mid-Week News Bulletin

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Wednesday, 21st October 2009 @ 12:46am

To keep you up to date on the OE menu for each week we will be sending you mid-week events updates. Week 2 is a busy one...

OE Week 2 - Launching I2M, Alumni Lectures, Get 1-0n-1 with a VC, and much more!!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Sunday, 18th October 2009 @ 8:30pm

Dear OE Members,

As many of you are aware, term kicked off with a bang for OE. Our launch party in thirst lodge was buzzing with entrepreneurial gossip and ideas, which bodes well for the year ahead! Week 2 is a BIG one for OE as we kick off our nationally acclaimed Ideas2Market programme, our alumni VentureLectures event, and our unique drop in VC clinic with Octopus Ventures.

This is a really juicy newsletter with a load of stellar opportunities; so get reading!

Last call for applications to OE Incubation Centre!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Thursday, 15th October 2009 @ 11:57pm


New deadline for applications - Midnight on Saturday!

OE was founded to inspire Oxford students to become entrepreneurial and to support those who are already on their entrepreneurial journey. With below-market priced office space for Oxford startups we can take that support offering to a whole new stratosphere.

This summer Keble College kindly donated rooms in an outbuilding 3 minutes cycle fromm the centre of town. In association with the college we took that space and created the Oxford Entrepreneurs Incubation Centre.

To a handful of excellent early-stage companies, OE would like to offer the use of desk space at OEIC with 24/7 access for a mere £150 per month. This monthly rate includes internet access, a mailing address, use of a conference room (for a small booking fee, and including a projector), printer, and kitchenette (well-equipped, of course, with coffee, tea, milk and sugar).

We will also have the opportunity to work closely with you and support you along the way.

Applications should be made by filling out the online form here: http://tr.im/AxLN

And more information on the centre, the benefits and the expectations can be found here


ALUMNI SPECIAL- event in LONDON on 21st October! SIGNUP NOW!!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Thursday, 15th October 2009 @ 11:46pm

Dear OE Alumni,

This is a special bulletin to let you know about the alumni launch event we're hosting in London on 21st October.


As part of OE's Alumni VentureLectures Programme this special event is being held for Oxford and Cambridge alumni...

It's an opportunity to meet old friends, make new ones, network and share food and drink. Most importantly though we
welcome four extraordinary speakers and champions in the promotion of entrepreneurship at this one-off launch event.

What's happening at the event?
There will be a short talk from Sir Paul Judge. Sir Paul is Benefactor of Judge Business School, former Chairman of RSA and Enterprise Education Trust, and Advisor on many boards both in industry and education. He will be sharing his vision of Democratising Entrepreneurship.

A discussion will follow with the extraordinary panellists including Victoria Lennox (Founder of NACUE) and Rajeeb Dey (Founder & CEO of Enternships), both former presidents of Oxford Entrepreneurs.

Who should go?!
To put it simply- literally any alumni of OE! Here's a list of the kind of people we've had come to our alumni events in the past: inspiring and aspiring entrepreneurs, start-up enthusiasts, intrapreneurs, engineers, consultants, inventors, investors, VCs, business angels, advisers, mentors, lawyers, researchers, teachers, club leaders, employees, "innocent bystanders"

How do I find out more and book a ticket?
Reserve your place now at www.venturelectures.org Tickets £10


Week 1: Welcome to all new members!

E-mail sent by Will Powell, Sunday, 11th October 2009 @ 3:40am

It's been a hectic week of freshers fairs for Oxford Entrepreneurs and with a record 1500 new signups in 3 days we now have over 7000 members! This is a special newsletter to invite members, new and old, to our LAUNCH PARTY ON MONDAY (7pm Thirst Lodge)! We've also got details of our latest alumni event and some info on the office space available in OE's Innovation Centre.


Week 0: Kicking off a new year of OE

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Tuesday, 6th October 2009 @ 7:32pm

The summer is almost over and that's sad. A new term does mean a new year of OE events, speakers and workshops though. And that's definitely good! We have always been proud of the opportunities, connections and community that we provide our members and this year is absolutely no exception. By the end of Freshers Week we expect to have over 7000 members, making us one of the two largest entreprenurial societies in the world.

We have loads of cool features in this weeks edition of the OE newsletter- the opportunity to use Jordan, our President, as a walking billboard for the year, an appeal for inventors from the BBC, an invitation to the MIT Enterprise forum and a request for ambassadors from GroupSpaces, one of a number of successful companies to come out of OE. We'll also be telling you about one of our most exciting projects- the launch of the OE Innovation Centre which offers low price office space solutions to Oxford Uni students.

So get reading to get the low down on some of the best entrepreneurial opportunites around the whole of the UK.



Oxford Entrepreneurs: more summer updates

E-mail sent by Peter Baxendell, Monday, 31st August 2009 @ 10:49pm

Dear Oxford Entrepreneurs,

As summer gently ticks away OE has been moving full throttle, securing brilliant speakers, setting up an enterprise centre and planning next year's events.

We're also starting a new section in our newsletters- 'The OE Business Showcase'OE has a proud tradition of supporting businesses set up by Oxford students (it's why we exist after all!). With that in mind the Business Showcase will spotlight and promote new student ventures each week- this week it's PulsePrint! 

If you’d like a shout out in our next newsletter's 'Businesses Showcase', then fill out this form and register your business with us:


Committee recruitment (and a couple of other things)

E-mail sent by Peter Baxendell, Sunday, 2nd August 2009 @ 10:39pm

Dear Oxford Entrepreneurs,

We have two amazing committee positions up for grabs; Events Director and Creative Director

This is your chance to work with one of the most dynamic committees in Oxford and gain access to a load of rare opportunities. There's blurb below on each of the jobs and we hope that they get you inspired and applying!

This newsletter doesn't stop there though. A link to the OE summer survey gives you the chance to dish out some feedback and make next year's events, entertainment, and speakers even better than the last. It will only take a couple of minutes to fill in and one lucky entrant will win a bottle of champagne!

Finally- for those of you who are graduated external members already making waves in the business world we're giving some info about mentorship of our young up and coming entrepreneurs.

Oxford Entrepreneurs: Summer update

E-mail sent by Peter Baxendell, Sunday, 12th July 2009 @ 4:54pm

Dear Oxford Entrepreneurs,

The summer holidays are only a few weeks old and we hope that you’ve been making the most of the (brief periods of) sun! OE isn’t going into summer hibernation but is working to lay on its best year yet.

That means all the big names, high profile competitions, workshops, and parties will be back next year bigger and better than ever before! We’ve also dreamed up some new programmes for you to get your teeth into. After a successful launch last term, The Oxprentice, a series of BBC Apprentice style challenges, will be hitting Oxford for the first time next term.

Check out below for the latest updates and entrepreneurial opportunities. If you have a spare two minutes it would be awesome if you could fill in the questionnaire below. This will give us some feedback on what you did and didn’t like about the year. We can then improve and tailor our events even better to your wildest whims.

Most importantly though, enjoy the rest of the summer!

Oxford Entrepreneurs is proudly sponsored by
Octopus Ventures, Deutsche Bank, Purple Media, Linklaters, Business Link, Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, cmypitch.com, Webmart and the Oxford University Careers Service

OE 2008-09 Year in Review

E-mail sent by Victoria Lennox, Tuesday, 16th June 2009 @ 4:21am

Dear Oxford Entrepreneurs,

OE has a rich history of excellence in promoting student enterprise as the largest and most active student enterprise organisation in Europe. After seven years of growth, we continue to hold true to our mission of encouraging and supporting student entrepreneurship by providing inspiration, education, networking and the chance to learn by doing at the University of Oxford and beyond.

2008-09 has been a benchmark academic year in terms of membership, governance, programming, innovation and impact. The tangible impact of OE can be seen in the lives of those who engage with the society and felt by the contagious energy that flows through our events when like-minded, enterprising individuals connect.

I am delighted to welcome Jordan Poulton as OE’s 2009-10 President. Jordan previously ran OE’s 2009 Idea Idol competition and sat as VP Governance; founded and led the Oxford Investment Society; and, is the co-founder of CrewDates.com. Accompanying Jordan will be the launch of the OE Enterprise Centre, Enterprise Wednesday networking socials, quarterly alumni events for OE and Cambridge University Entrepreneurs members in London, and the new Oxprentice programming line. Under Jordan’s leadership, I am confident that OE will reach new heights – from strength to strength.

On behalf of the 2008-09 OE Committee, thank you to all of our sponsors, partners, supporters and members. It has been an honour working with each of you over the last year. Please enjoy the
2008-09 OE Year in Review, a window into the internal workings of OE to see what it takes to run a world leading enterprise society from the inside out.


Victoria Lennox
President 08/09

"The entrepreneur builds an enterprise; OE builds entrepreneurs." Thomas F.A. Whitfield

Special: Venturefest Oxford 2009

E-mail sent by Victoria Lennox, Thursday, 11th June 2009 @ 6:36am

The Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation warmly welcomes you to attend

Venturefest Oxford 2009

Monday 29th June, The Kassam Stadium

Venturefest is a free annual event that has been running for over 10 years. The format of Venturefest Oxford 2009 is new with an intense one day event (rather than the previous two day format.) Over 1,000 investors, innovators and entrepreneurs from across the UK will gather at the Kassam Stadium for a day of networks, seminars and keynote speakers followed by a dinner at Wadham College with after dinner speaker Professor Colin Mayer, Dean of the Said Business School.

A series of accessible 'how to' sessions throughout the day include 'how to write a business plan' and 'how to increase your recession resilience'. Fund raising sessions provide the opportunity for investors to meet entrepreneurs in 15 minute "pitch" sessions, and the exhibition area creates the space to network with innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. At the centre of this year's exhibition will be the Morgan LIFE Car, subject of the lunchtime keynote presentation by Dr Malcolm McCulloch.

Venturefest is absolutely free of charge and open to all.

To view the full programme and to register please visit: www.venturefest.com

Oxford Entrepreneurs

Networks: Oxford University, NACUE

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