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The OxPrentice: Paperclip Challenge!

  • Monday, 1st February 2010 at 6:30pm

    The OxPrentice brings you – The Paperclip Challenge (Negotiation and Online Sales Master…

Oversubscribed - 1-0n-1's with a VC - please read!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Monday, 25th January 2010 @ 11:38am

Dear all - sorry to be clogging up your inboxes - this will only take a minute!

Due to massive oversubscription, we are having to hold a prelimary round of applications to secure a meeting with a VC this Friday. Could everyone who wishes to secure a place - *including* those who have already applied - click here to apply for the chance to have a 1/2 hr meeting with a representative from Octopus.

Don't forget - the Raising Capital Panel Discussion is tonight, the Idea Idol deadline is nearly on us, and we have our first OxPrentice event of the decade next Monday!

Have an enterprising week!x

Wk 2: One-on-One meeting with a VC - limited space available

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Sunday, 24th January 2010 @ 4:09pm

Get a one-on-one session with a VC - an opportunity not to be missed!!!

10am-3pm, Friday 29th January, SBS Cafe

Entrepreneurs will tell you that getting the first meeting with a VC is one of the hardest and most important stages in a startup lifecycle.

OE's partnership means that by filling out one form you can get what hundreds of entrepreneurs dream of! Sign up for a one on one meeting with a VC from Octopus Ventures.

The sessions will be held on the 29th of January in the Cafe of the SBS, and each will last half an hour.

Sign up here - please provide a phone number when you sign up.

Wk 2: Raising Capital discussion, deadlines, Dragons' Den, Paperclip Challenge..

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Sunday, 24th January 2010 @ 11:03am


Hope first week has gone smoothly for you all. First of all, a big thank you to those of you who came to our Idea Idol info session: the place was buzzing with ideas and this year's Idea Idol looks set to be a great success! We've got our Raising Capital panel discussion this Monday, which looks set to be a lively info session- don't forget to sign up! And for those of you future entrepreneurs who are still on the fence about getting involved, our Idea Idol and Ideas2Market deadlines are coming up very soon! So if you've suddenly had a great idea, make sure you let us know!

Lastly, don't forget to check out the new OE termcard for Hilary on our website!

Wk1 - Midweek Update - Free Drinks tonight at Thirst!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Wednesday, 20th January 2010 @ 10:16am

Dear All,

Just  a quick update to remind you all of a few things:

1. This evening in Thirst Bar we are holding a Networking event which will also be an Info Session for Idea Idol - come down and have a drink on us, meet the committee and find out about our flagship business plan competition. This event will be at Thrist on Park End Street and starts at 7pm. Sign up here

2. If you can't make it tonight, you can still sign up for Idea Idol here

3. Our first panel discussion of the decade is this coming Monday, where you'll get the chance to quiz 3 veteran entrepreneurs on the various opportunities available for raising capital for a new venture. This will be held at the Business School and will start at 7.30pm. Sign up now here

That's it! We hope you all have a lovely week, despite the terrible weather...!!x

Wk 0: Idea Idol, Drinks, NACUE...

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Monday, 18th January 2010 @ 9:46am

Hello hello,

Now that term is underway, we've got some great stuff lined up for you! If you haven't had a chance to check out Idea Idol, take 5 minutes now to check out the link and see if there's anything that catches your eye. In case any of you had clicked the link before and not gotten through - please accept our apologies - we've now fixed this, so get your skates on and sign up to Idea Idol now...!

And don't forget the brilliant OE Welcome Back drinks on the 20th, which is also an info session for Idea Idol and a chance to ask any questions you have about the competition, who can enter and what it entails.

Last but not least there's a reminder of the deadline for all people in the Ideas 2 Market programme, a chance to be a keen bean and book an early place at next week's Raising Capital Panel Discussion, and some stuff from the National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs... This is going to be a fun term!!

A look ahead at Hilary for OE! Idea Idol coming up...

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Monday, 11th January 2010 @ 11:37am

Hi everybody,

Hope you're all rested and recovered and ready for the new year! We've got the hotly anticipated Idea Idol coming up (check out the networking session and welcome back drinks below!), as well as further opportunities with Yossa (getting Britain back to work); internship ideas; a blog written by the co-founder of GroupSpaces and Microsoft's own Imagine Cup!

Who knows, maybe 2010 will be the year you get your ideas heard, change the world, make a million...

Don't forget- Idea Idol!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Saturday, 26th December 2009 @ 3:23pm

Idea Idol - sign up now for the chance to win up to 10k in cash and prizes!

Entry to Ideal Idol 2010 is now open!

Click here to submit your entry.

This year, OE brings you Idea Idol 2010: our biggest and best event yet. The rules are simple. The reward speaks for itself. 

All you need is an idea…

What is it?

Idea Idol 2010 is a business idea competition run by Oxford Entrepreneurs. It is open to all students at the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University.

Idea Idol 2010 is a multi-round event. Entries go through several rounds of judging and shortlisting. All this leads up to the Grand Finale, which will be held on the evening of the 10th March 2010.

The annual competition started off in 2004, so we’re now coming up to our 6th year, cementing our place as the leading student-pitching competition in the UK.

Last year’s dramatic finale saw seven finalists each delivering 2 minute elevator pitches to a packed live audience and four formidable judges: Julie Meyer (Founder & CEO of Ariadne Capital), Will Ghali (Marketing Director at Cobra Beer), Ian Robin (Director of Skype for Business), and Ian Carnegie-Brown (MD of Investment Banking at Credit Suisse). The results saw fledgling ventures Easy Solution, Foresight Pharmaceuticals and Youth Bank walk home with ten thousand pounds in collective prize money.

This year we look forward to setting the stage once again for the best in student entrepreneurship, more prizes and a new panel of high-profile judges.

What’s in it for me?

On 10th March 2010, the winner(s) of Idea Idol 2010 will walk away with thousands of pounds in prize money; free legal incorporation from Henmans LLP; free market research from MarkeTest; free business branding advice and more.

In addition, all entrants in Idea Idol 2010 take part in our free business-pitch training events. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of the pitching process and valuable experience for all future ventures.

How do I get involved?

We make it as easy as possible for any students to get involved.

Just click here to go to our online entry form.

All you need to do to enter the competition is to outline in no more than 100 words what your business idea is and what it will do. Then, using a further 100 words, you will need to describe your target market and tell us how your business idea fulfils its needs.

If you’ve participated in our Ideas2Market program, then this entry process will be familiar. We’ve done this because we want to encourage every participant that has taken part in the Ideas2Market program to also enter the Idea Idol 2010 competition.

Deadline for entry is 27th January 2010, so you’ve got the next few weeks to get your entries ready.


Is it really that easy to enter?


Last year’s competition winners, Camilla Oxley and Jochen Klingelhoefer, started out with just an idea on the back of an envelope. Then, after progressing through the competition, they took home prize money of £7500 and £2000 in legal advice from Henmans LLP at the Idea Idol 2009 Final!


And for all the up-to-date info about the competition, check out our website:  www.ideaidol.com

Xmas Update 2: get on TV, use FREE software, get funding!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Saturday, 26th December 2009 @ 3:21pm

Hey guys! Hope the vac has been treating you well and you've all had a great Christmas. Just an update on some of the things you can look forward to next term. Your very own chance to be on TV, get your ideas funded, use FREE Microsoft software...

Wishing you a happy new year,
Ushma and the OE team xx

Xmas Update - Idea Idol now open, chance to pitch to James Caan, and some fantastic PR opportunities!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Monday, 14th December 2009 @ 6:31pm

Well! What a term it's been! It seems like only yesterday we were hassling all of you at Freshers' Fair, and now term is over!

Thanks to everyone who has made this term such a great success - members, partners, sponsors, friends and especially the rest of the OE committee - it's them that make OE what it is - so a warm and heartfelt thankyou to all of you.

For those of you would couldn't make the talk with Richard Reed in 8th week, IDEA IDOL IS NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!!! More information on the competition, and how to enter, can be found below. This newsletter also brings you some amazing opportunities, like the chance to pitch to James Caan from the Dragon's Den!! We also have a couple of excellent PR opportunities, with the Telegraph and with SmallBusiness.co.uk - if these don't wet your appetite, nothing will!

We hope you all have a fantastic Xmas, and, as I've said many times before - we value your feedback, so if you have any thoughts on how we could improve OE in the coming year, if you want to tell us about what you did or didn't like about this term, or if you need an address to know where to send my Christmas present, you can reply to this email and it will go directly to my personal account!!

Have a great Vac,
Jordan & The OE Team


OE Week 8: Founder of Innocent Smoothies TONIGHT!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Thursday, 3rd December 2009 @ 12:30pm

It's almost the end of term now and OE is going out with a bang.

Richard Reed, Founder of Innocent Smoothies is coming tonight to share his experiences of running one of the most succesful drink companies of the last decade. We still have a few spaces left but sign up quick on the link in the first item of the newsletter. Tonight also sees the launch of IDEA IDOL our huge £10,000 business idea competition!  

The end of term brings retrospection and what a term OE has had. Over the last 8 weeks members have started work on creating two iPhone apps and two delicious ice cream flavours in the OXPRENTICE CHALLENGES; budding entrepreneurial students have been linked with dynamic mentors in our MENTOR MATCHUP session; the founder of SPOTIFY gave his first university talk to us; our IDEAS2MARKET programme taught you guys the skills you need to bring yur projects to reality;  the list goes on and on...

We're planning some brilliant events for next term too so look forward to more of the same!

Week 8 - Founder of Innocent Smoothies, Launch of Idea Idol and more!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Sunday, 29th November 2009 @ 3:54pm

We're down to the final event of the term, but don't be too sad... we've got an AMAZING speaker on Thursday. Richard Reed, one of the founders of runaway success story Innocent Smoothies, is coming to talk to OE members! Thursday also sees the launch of IDEA IDOL our flagship business idea competition, where you can win up to £10,000 in cash and prizes.

Hope the rest of term is enjoyable for you all!

Week 7 - Founder of Innocent Smoothies comes to Oxford!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Friday, 27th November 2009 @ 9:47am

We're approaching Week 8 and we've been saving one of our best till last... a founder of Innocent Smoothies, Britain's no.1 smoothie brand, is coming to talk to OE next Thursday! This is going to be popular so sign up on the link later on in the newsletter to guarantee a seat!

Today we had our Octopus Ventures drop in VC clinic. This is the last one this term but look out for more in Hilary!

Week 7: One on one VC clinic and sales workshop!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Monday, 23rd November 2009 @ 1:24am

We can't believe it's already  the end of 6th week! The last few days went past in a flash because we were organising the G+Ds Design an ice cream flavour challenge! On Wednesday dozens of you turned up for it and came up with some delicious, wacky, and downright odd combinations of flavours! Two OE flavours are now on sale in G+Ds across Oxford, so get down there, try them both and buy the one you prefer!

Next Thursday we hold one of our most useful events; the Octopus Ventures one-on-one clinic. There's still a few spaces left so sign up using the link provided asap! Meanwhile on Wednesday we have an unmissable sales workshop for you budding salesmen and women.

Hopefully see you this week!

OE Week 6: Global Entrepreneurship Week!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Monday, 16th November 2009 @ 10:37am

Not only is it the start of Week 6, it's also Global Entrepreneurship Week! It's seven days where students all around the world are encouraged to do something entrepreneurial.

OE embraces this fantastic campaign and is giving you guys a childishly simple way of dipping your toes into the reservoir of entrepreneurial opportunities that Oxford hosts! For the first time ever, in collaboration with G+Ds, Nestle, and Purple Frog, we present OE's OxPrentice: G+Ds Ice Cream Flavour Challenge!

This challenge is so simple ANYONE could do it- no previous entrepreneurial (or even business!) experience is required. Design an ice creak flavour, get marketing advice from Nestle and Purple Frog, get your ice cream flavour sold in G+Ds. SIMPLE!

Sign up, we look forward to seeing you there!

Week 5 Update

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Thursday, 12th November 2009 @ 9:51am

5th week blues? OE doesn't have any; we've been keeping too busy!

On Monday an OE elite team joined innovation agency Happen for a briefing session prior to their Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford Garage Workshop. We've also been planning the awesome G+D's 'Design an ice cream flavour' challenge- a day of flavour designing and marketing guru advice from Nestle and 'Purple Frog.

For real time updates on our antics follow OE on Twitter - join our 500 other followers from all around the world! http://twitter.com/OxEntrepreneurs

OE Week 5 - Fasten your seatbelts!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Sunday, 8th November 2009 @ 11:58am

Congratulations to those of you who were invited to the exclusive meal with Tom Hunter, it was awesome to have good food in such good (and succesful) company! This week we also had our Ideas2market Mentor Match-up evening, which was positively buzzing with ideas, and the gruelling BOOTCAMP, a fun filled day of seminars and workshops which helped members transform their ideas into reality.

On another note; if you're loving OE this year and want to hear more updates then follow us on Twitter for continuous updates . Similarly if you want to plan your social life around OE then click on this link to see our jazzy online calendar!


OE Week 4:

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Saturday, 31st October 2009 @ 4:06pm

What a week for OE! Last Wednesday we welcomed Daniel Ek, Founder of SPOTIFY to hear about his experiences of revolutionising the music industry. If you missed it then don't despair; you can click here to watch a full recording of both Daniel's talk and the probing Q+A session! (Feel free to spread this link!)
This was the time Daniel had ever spoken to a university audience, and we're pretty chuffed he chose Oxford Entrepreneurs!

Meanwhile this Friday OE members, a marketing agency and App designers Inside Mobile gathered to brainstorm and design a new iPhone App for our first OXPRENTICE CHALLENGE. Creativity flowed and ideas we so good that not just one but TWO apps will be taken forward and hopefully sold in the iTunes App store!

But now lets look to the future; Week 4 is a big Ideas2Market week. We have our Mentor Finding Night on Monday at Thirst Lodge, and our Ideas2Market bootcamp is a jam-packed day of seminars from experts teaching students all sides of launching and running a business that *mustn't* be missed!

We look forward to seeing you all again soon,
The OE Team

Last Call: OxPrentice tomorrow

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Thursday, 29th October 2009 @ 4:11pm

Dear OE members - this is your last call to sign up to the OxPrentice iPhone App challenge tomorrow! 

OxPRENTICE Challenge 1 - The iPhone App- Friday October the 30th, 9am-6pm, Trinity College, (Danson Room)

Have you ever had an idea for a new App, but not known what to do with it? This Friday, you will get the chance to create a team and bid to have your idea turned into a reality. In the iPhone App challenge, teams will come together and brainstorm a new idea for an App. They will then go on to design the front end of the App, and by the end of the day they will pitch their idea for a new App, along with a Marketing plan, to a panel of experts, and the winning App - WILL ACTUALLY GET MADE AND SOLD IN THE APP STORE!!, giving teams the chance to be involved in the whole process, from conceptualisation through marketing to final delivery.

- Do I need any technical knowledge? - NO!! All of the coding will be done by Inside Mobile - all you need is a bit of creativity and the commitment to see your idea through if you win

- Will I get paid for my idea? - Sadly not. We want you to take this challenge for the experience, not for financial reward. Inside Mobile have promised to shoulder the entire risk of the winning App failing. For this, we have promised them the lion's share of the profits. OE will take a small cut and this will be reinvested in the society so that we can continue to deliver such awesome events

- Where can I sign up? - We thought you'd never ask!! You can signup here:


OE Mid Week Update: The OxPrentice, Ideas2Market BOOTCAMP, and SPOTIFY Founder!

E-mail sent by Ashvir Sangha, Wednesday, 28th October 2009 @ 10:43am

Mornng OE Members!

It's our busiest couple of weeks so far this year. This Friday sees teams of Oxford students designing an iPhone App that will actually be sold on iTunes AppStore! Meanwhile next week budding entrepreneurs will  be learning the ropes in our nationally acclaimed Ideas2market BOOTCAMP- a day long intensive course from a series of experts

Tomorrow is one of our biggest events ever. Daniel Ek, founder of SPOTIFY, comes to talk about his experiences of revolutionising the music industry. We'll be meeting well over 100 of you tomorrow. See you then!

Oxford Entrepreneurs

Networks: Oxford University, NACUE

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