I saw you at the Freshers’ Fair and/or I’m interested in joining, what should I do now?

Sign up to our mailing list and join the Facebook group

If you haven’t already you can subscribe to our mailing list by sending a blank email to 
triathlon-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk and join our Facebook group hereBy joining the mailing list you will receive regular emails with updates about club news and training/competitions. General notices, useful information and triathlon discussion will be posted on the Facebook group. 

Come along to one of our FREE TASTER SESSIONS
As a new or prospective member you are welcome to attend any of our training sessions. Come along and introduce yourself any time, and you can try your first three sessions for free. During 1st and 2nd weeks of Michaelmas Term we will be running taster sessions specifically aimed at those who are new to the club. These are totally free and there is no obligation to join. 

The Taster Sessions for Michaelmas 2018 are:

Wednesday 10th October - RUNNING
 at 1840-2000
Thursday 11th October - TURBOS (stationary cycling) at 1755-1925 or 1925-2100 

Friday 12th October - SWIMMING at 1930-2100
Saturday 13th October - ROAD CYCLING at 1300
Sunday 14th October - NOVICE
 AQATHLON (see below)
Tuesday 16th October - SWIMMING at 2055-2220
Wednesday 17th October - RUNNING at 1840-2000

For all taster sessions, meet at reception at the Iffley Road Sports Centre, except for the novice ride on Saturday 13th, which will meet at Iffley Road Sports Centre car park. Current members are also welcome to attend. You don’t need any previous experience to come to a taster session or train with us at any of our sessions. Please read the kit section on this FAQ
 page before attending to ensure you are properly equipped for the training session. 

To attend a turbo session, you must sign up beforehand at Training Sign Ups .

Try out racing at the Novice Aquathlon!
The Novice Aquathlon is an annual event for all novices and new members. This year, it will take place at Iffley Sports Centre on Sunday 14th October, with registration at 1230. The race will be a 200m swim followed immediately by a 3km run. There will be prizes for 1st and 2nd place in the novice and non-novice categories. It's a great way to experience mutli-discipline racing in a low-key environment and to get to know other members of the team! Details will be released on our Facebook page shortly or email Novice Rep Seren Waite .

Become a member
If you decide you would like to join the club, you will need to complete the 
online membership form and payment. To find out more about our membership options please see the Membership section.

I’ve never trained for swimming / cycling / running before, can I still join? 

Of course! Every year the club welcomes many new members who have no previous experience of triathlon. All of the club sessions cater for novice members and we have qualified coaches and experienced committee members on hand to ensure that everyone can take part, benefit and enjoy the training. Just come along and see what it’s all about. You definitely won’t be the only one new to triathlon!
What do I need to wear / bring to a training session? 
- Swimming costume/trunks
- Goggles
- Towel
- Drinks bottle
(Lockers in the swimming pool changing rooms use your university card and/or a wristband acquired from reception.) 
Cycling (turbos)
- Bike with road or hybrid tyres
- Drinks bottle
The turbo trainers and skewers are provided by the club. Even in cold weather turbo training gets very warm, so it’s advisable to have shorts and t-shirt on under all your winter layers!

Cycling (road)
If you are new to road cycling and want to come along and try out our novice rides, this is the minimum equipment you will need:
- Bike with road or hybrid tyres
- Helmet
- Drinks bottle
- Snack eg. cereal bar, flapjack
- Waterproof layer
If the weather is cold and/or windy then consider extra layers of clothing and gloves. Novice rides will not take place in the dark or in extreme bad weather.

If you become a regular road cyclist, you should also bring the following on club rides:
- Spare inner tube  
- Hand pump
- Snacks/energy gels appropriate to the length of the ride
- Lights and reflective clothing if appropriate for the time of day or weather conditions

- Shoes that you can run in safely
- Weather appropriate clothing
- Drinks bottle
- Warm layers for before/after the session

If you are unsure about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to ask at training, get in touch with a committee member via email, or post on the 
Facebook group.

Will there be other people my standard?

The answer to this question 99% of the time is yes! We have more members than almost all other sports clubs in the university, ranging from novices to national and international athletes. By coming along to club sessions you will get to meet people of similar experience and ability to you in each of the disciplines, and hopefully find yourself with lots of new friends to train with.

I’ve done one of the sports a lot before, but I’m a beginner in the others, will I still fit in? 

Definitely! It is very common for people to take up triathlon from a background in one of the three sports, but with no experience in the others. You will be able to train with experienced athletes in your stronger discipline and get plenty of advice and support in those that are new to you. 

How many sessions do I have to come to? 

As a club member you can attend as many or as few OUTriC sessions as you like. There is no minimum or maximum number that you must attend to be a member or compete for the club.

I’ve never cycled on the road / in a group before and I’m a bit nervous about it...

That’s okay! It’s completely normal to be a bit apprehensive about cycling on the road or in a group with other riders. Our club novice rides are especially for people like you as we want everyone to have a chance to get involved with road cycling. 

For those not comfortable with heading straight out onto the road, there will be the opportunity to ride around the quiet car park and practise skills such as bike handling and group riding there first.

No one will get left behind! The rides will always be at a speed that everyone is comfortable with. There will be several experienced riders in the group so that it can split up into smaller groups if necessary, but you will never be left on your own. To start with the rides will be short and will always include at least one rest stop in the middle. The route can also be amended during the ride if necessary.

You might see or hear people discussing signals used by cyclists when riding in a group. No experience or knowledge is expected so all will be explained starting from the basics. 

I’m an experienced athlete, what can the club offer me? 

OUTriC has many experienced members who train and compete regularly at a high level, including nationally and internationally at both age group and elite level. We’re always keen to welcome seasoned athletes into the club and help people find new training partners. We have lanes of experienced club swimmers in our pool sessions, and a great group of top performing cyclists and runners. Many members also organise their own sessions to cater for their specific training (e.g. for a long distance race). Look out on the Facebook page as people often post their training ideas/plans there.

Some of our athletes also train with the University swimming, cycling or cross country clubs individually. If this is something you are interested in doing then check out the respective club websites or get in touch with one of us via the committee page.

What competitions does the club enter?

As a club we enter the following competitions as our main events throughout the year:
- BUCS Duathlon
- Varsity Duathlon
- BUCS Sprint Distance Triathlon
- BUCS Standard Distance Triathlon 
- Varsity Triathlon

In addition, the club is represented by teams at:
- Hyde Park relays (running)
- Teddy Hall relays (running)
- National Triathlon Club Relays

Members are also encouraged to take part in the OUCCC (cross country) Varsity Mob Match at the end of Michaelmas term, which is always great fun! 

More information about all of these events will be sent out during the year. Any questions please get in touch with a committee member.

Do I have to be experienced to race for the club? 

Not at all! Athletes of all abilities can compete for the club in all of the events that we enter. For many members representing OUTriC in a BUCS or Varsity competition is their first ever experience of a multi sport event. Our Varsity matches against Cambridge both have “mob match” competitions where everyone who takes part contributes to the result, so the more people we have representing the club the better! 

What kit do I need to be able to race? 

To compete in a duathlon all you need is a safe bike, helmet and either a tri suit or sports kit that you are comfortable running and cycling in. 

For triathlons you will need to wear something that you can swim in as well. If you don’t have a tri suit this can be swimming trunks / a costume that you then put a t-shirt over the top of for the bike and run sections. For Varsity Triathlon and BUCS Standard Distance you will need a wetsuit to swim in as the swim sections of these races are open water (in a lake). Nearer the time of the races information will be sent out about hiring or borrowing wetsuits. The swim in BUCS Sprint Triathlon is in a pool so a wetsuit is not required for this event.

OUTriC tri suits and other race kit can be purchased through the club, but you do not have to wear club kit to race. Information about ordering this will be sent out to the members mailing list. 

Can I get a Blue? 

Yes. Triathlon is a Discretionary Full Blue sport at Oxford. Half or Full Blues are awarded at the captains discretion.

Half Blue 
- Finish in the top 3 Oxford men or women at the Varsity Sprint Triathlon.

Full Blue
- Fulfill the half blue criteria and achieve one of the following:

- Finish in the top 10% of athletes at the BUCS Sprint Triathlon.

- Finish in the top 10% of athletes at the BUCS Standard Triathlon. 
- Finish in the top 10 in a triathlon international race (eg. AG World/European Champs, or ETU/ITU/WTS race).
- Finish in the top 10 in a triathlon national level elite race (eg. British Series, French Grand Prix, Bundesliga).

What else does the club offer as well as weekly training and races?

Every Easter we organise a one week warm weather training camp. More information about the training camp will be sent out to members during the year. The social side of the club is also very important to us. For more information about our club socials throughout the year have a look at the socials page. 

What are the socials like?

The social side of the club is friendly and welcoming to all members. The main organised social events of each term are the Christmas Dinner (Michaelmas), Annual Dinner (Hilary), and Varsity Dinner (Trinity). Club races are usually followed up with a meal out or pub trip and after the Varsity matches we organise joint socials with the Cambridge team.

As well as these, there are many spontaneous socials throughout the year such as breakfast in the sports centre cafe after early morning sessions, post-swimming drinks in the evenings, or finishing bike rides at the pub. We also organise crew dates with other university sports clubs (or sometimes even just ourselves!).

None of the social events are compulsory to attend, but they are a great way to get to know people better and spend some relaxing time away from all this swim-bike-run business. Socials are usually advertised on the Facebook group. You can find out more about this year’s social secretaries on the committee page, and contact them if you have any questions or ideas. 

Oxford University Triathlon Club

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