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Aliens: Colonial Marines – not so good

Posted by Oscar Granados, Wednesday, 1st June 2016 @ 4:29pm

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines is a game that has been released on 12 February 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. IT is a first person shooter game that has been created as a continuation for Aliens, James Cameron movie and the action takes places after the events from Alien 3.

    20th Century Fox accepts the story from Colonial Marines as the official part of the storyline from Aliens series. Bradley Thompson and David Weddle from Battlestar Galactica are part of this game and these are pretty great news.

    Unfortunately, the final product is pretty bad. It has some good parts like the fact that the co-players controlled by AI are efficient in a fight and the sounds and music are pretty great. But that’s all with the good parts.

    The bad parts come in a greater number starting from the fact that the graphic is awful and the story is pretty boring. The game, even though it is called Aliens, it has too many human enemies and that’s pretty disturbing since I have expected to defeat aliens, not people. The multiplayer game play has major problems with the connection and up to this moment these problems haven’t been fixed.

    I am more than sure that many players will state the fact that the graphic doesn’t make a game, but keep it real people without a good graphic what’s left for this game? Because as I said above the storyline is pretty boring and the fact that you have to shoot people is not a thing characteristic for the movie, the inspirational movie.

    The good parts is the fact that the character wins every time experience, no matter what he kills, and with that experience he can make upgrades for his weapons. At least, they gave us that.

    Another great thing about this game is the fact that you can switch weapons during the actions whenever you want, a thing that it is not possible in all shooter games.

    Aliens Colonial Marines is not an impressive game, but it still has some good elements included. It is not a game that I would recommend with all my heart, yet it is nice to play. It’s simply up to you now.

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