OpenCart Review: Is OpenCart the Right Program for Building Your E-store?

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In this
OpenCart review, we would like to mention that the stores built using OpenCart software boast professionally designed appearance, are scalable and offer plenty of characteristics and tools with more than twenty different ways of paying for goods. osCommerce provides software for the larger pool of consumers, and therefore it is easy to get info on plugins or search for a programmer who can deal with this software. As far as elegant design templates that can be found online Open Cart reviews point out that OpenCart gives more options than OsCommerce. Moreover, it has straightforward and easy to use tools in its Admin. Providing the fact that this OpenCart review is based on expert’s ratings and opinions, it is important to stress that OpenCart is a useful software, which is free of charge. It has many options for design templates integration and customization to make your web store stand out distinguishing it from many others.

What is OpenCart?

In this OpenCart review, we will provide necessary information on this software. In a nutshell, it is a software package for launching and managing a full-featured e-store. OpenCart solution is designed to better assist merchants with order processing, bringing out essential e-store set of functions that the merchants require to implement when doing business online. As we stated earlier in this OpenCart review, it is a free open source software. Merchants can modify the scripts provided by OpenCart as they deem fit. Many Open Cart reviews also say that the platform comes with free services such as updating and client assistance. After downloading this free soft, anyone can install this Ecommerce shopping cart on the server. In this OpenCart review, we will give you some technical criteria for this software. The conditions for the server to run the software are MySQL or another database, PHP, and Curl.

Who are OpenCart consumers?

From this OpenCart review, you can see that this solution is an excellent option for those merchants who are experienced in web development and can perform basic operations to set up an e-store. Many experts emphasize in their Open Cart reviews that this software is quite comprehensive and easy and can be learned quickly. Besides, it provides user-friendly tools and features. Simplicity helps merchants to upload products fast and sell their product in no time. On the other hand, we want to highlight in our OpenCart review the fact that if you need to add more sophisticated functions to this software, it can turn out to be very costly. Modification prices are around three hundred dollars. It brings us to a conclusion that if you need a feature-rich platform, it is easier to get a different solution than modify OpenCart. Our OpenCart review concludes that scalability can be somewhat problematic with this software. But it is a great solution for those who want to start an e-business.

Key features and pricing of OpenCart

This OpenCart review supports the concept that it is a feature-rich software which is suitable for merchants that want to set up an e-store with a multitude of products in various categories. It offers multi-currency support and operates in different languages. As far as payment systems, it features over twenty gateways and eight ways to ship the products. Options for giving various discounts, easy invoicing and other valuable features give this program high ratings and makes it competitive on the market.

Anyone who wants to download this software can do this completely free. However, as you can understand from this OpenCart review, those merchants who want more sophisticated e-shops might be better off with different solution as all extra features here may turn out to be quite expensive.  Among additional costs, we can name a necessary hosting. You can get a cheap one for around five bucks, but if you want a better hosting solution, you will incur additional cost. Merchants also have to purchase a domain. It costs about ten dollars, sometimes more. If a seller needs an extra service module, he needs to budget extra money for this purpose (a hundred dollars or more).

Design templates in OpenCart

When you download OpenCart soft, you get only basic template which needs to be customized. However, even this essential template solution is mobile-friendly and looks modern and sleek. Vendors who require unusual features or template customization need to learn how to do it or seek the help of design specialists. However, they can download a different, more feature-rich template from ThemeForest.


Managing products and the cost of running OpenCart

OpenCart provides a clean and easy interface. It is simple to understand the features and to manage items in the store. It is easy to add new items or attributes to them. Availability of multitude of themes (free and paid) helps to attain that perfect appearance for your shop, that will attract customers. There are not many charges to keep this software running, so OpenCart can be an excellent opportunity for small businesses or startups to set up their online presence. It is a real cost saving solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

Shortcomings of OpenCart

Many Open Cart reviews specify that it is harder to do customization of this software in comparison to other platforms. So consumers can either use the software without changing or modifications to it or else they can bring on board a development team to make the software meet their unique requirements.

It is necessary to say, that OpenCart is not as SEO friendly as some other platforms. For this reason, SEO needs to be done additionally to achieve the desired outcome in Google. One of the cons of OpenCart is slow script runtime. It is a big disadvantage if you want to build a larger store as customers usually get frustrated if they need to wait and can leave the e-store.


Whether you will be looking into a free or paid solution, first of all, you must think everything through and revise the desirable features of your online store. Sometimes it is wise to get a paid platform if you require more sophisticated scalable store with responsive design. But if you are just starting your online business OpenCart can be one of the best solutions which can help you save the cost and help you start selling immediately.

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