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opentInvent is where I release ideas to public domain. I am unable to patent but that doesn't stop me from inventing. I was in a mental ward and accused of mental incompetence I lost the right to own real property and I lost the right to vote. As a result of what I felt was double jeopardy for the crime of mental incompetence I was further punished because I lost access to the internet, as well as my attorney, and mail.

If you think I am a moron for publically releasing invention ideas instead of keeping a secret and/or getting ripped off by someone without proof of invention (note: you can send yourself an unsealed envelope- the poorman's patent is a myth.) —Or you have another comment Email me at If you are an attorney and would like to help me sue the USPTO for not having a fee-waiver please contact me. Or if you can help me sue for the right to patent and use the internet (US Amendment I- "assemble in peace")
while restrained of the in/unalienable right of liberty in mental wards, jails, and/or prisons — please contact me. Visit the facebook page.

On a side note my appeal never went to federal. The attorney is a moron I would not recommend him unless you seek someone who will be bribed easily. Attorney James M. Crawford CSB(BAR)#171713 ignored my points of appeal CA Penal Code sec.28 and double jepoardy for mental incompetence. Emailed me: "the case lacks merit", hungup on my calls and was FIRED by me but never informed the court. We rate professors what about
Further, the appeal court ignored my supplemental brief so my appeal was ignored and the real "people" you guys should file an appeal on my behalf - maybe a petition? I'm tired of the plaguerism in law and feel that the practice of law is contrary to my religion/belief system an forced upon me violating my right to "freedumb" of religion.

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