Recent ideas

Phone screens that slide off and battery is placed below
water bottle clip hug lip under cap and locks in notch using gravity and pulling up.
art ideas jesus the superhero themed series 3panel of god saving the tower of pisa after it was bumped into by goliath who was stabbed by jesus wielding his cross as a sword.
injustice in justice broken scale underwater with $ bags and path of lemminghumans with penny ball and chains trying to get out of water then climb wall up latter to giant piggy bank eating a donut and then they jump off cliff with pigs flying helicopters and airplanes with pink pigs with wings decals.
infinty mirror celtic spell mylar printed repeating cylinder texture and cell phone video player mounted visible when light is on.

the fan speaker a fan blade with speaker requires double adjacent rotor or magnet spheres acting as wires that can rotate without self entangling or destructing


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