Lawsuit against USPTO contacting Trademarkia
Trademarkia I would like to file lawsuit directly against USPTO
I found bugs in TEAS and TESS and the bug reporting system see
Record of Class 35 from my bitfit trademark (old 

has been deleted and there was no method to file for appeal set aside 

LegalZoom and LegalSherpa were paid but refused to assist me.
I also want to be informed of patents that are denied so I can list all 

public domain ideas or patents with prior art on my website 

My mark openInvent was also deemed abandoned but I have paid for the 

Petition to revive it. I was unable to submit specimens of first use like an 

article entitled Re-inventing the Wheel @ and openInvent 

Digest Vol. 1 since my publications a law was made 

against publishing trademark/patent ideas and my websites and email 

addresses have be considerably hacked as well as attempts on my life like 

gassing or spore distribution. is also a good specimen to 

show use. Please note I have also offered 5000USD for the originating cause 

to my public domain release of Inventions as Real Property similar to "the 

Lakers" under the authority granted in the Articles of U.N. which gives 

persons the Right to give away Real Property like my articles ideas.

what I sent TEAS@USPTO.GOV and examining attorneys:
87256764 There were bugs in the TEAS system preventing me from filing action 

on the class 35 mark and also I was prevented in revival of the mark in that 

the mark is not even listed as abandoned on the TESS database so I think I 

have a lawsuit against the USPTO also I tried to submit a bug report and 

your bug report form is broken. I faxed you and my faxes did not go thru I 

have reciepts of the fax failure also I mailed you two letters in regards to 

this bug and I feel as if you are ignoring the issue. My trademarks for both 

openInvent and bitsfit are not abandoned nor am I or was I able to submit 

the specimens I want to submit. and and website screenshots. I have submitted the 

re-phrasings for the mark to both legalSherpa legalZoom the examining uspto 

representative and directly contacting the TEAS system with no 

administrative resolve.

To Trademarkia - Letter looking for a lawyer to sue USPTO by Ember Leona on Scribd

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