Random blurbs todo and Window suction Cups plus blankets for weatherization or sound studio recording

Window suction Cups plus blankets for weatherization or sound studio recording

Using these suction cups to stick blankets to the window to prevent coldness or for sound proofing


PHP embeds randomized database entry for each embed and randomize? or store one variable linked list of embed string texts... idk malloc in php or allow users to create their own php codes of randomized embeded posts and creates separate pages for them to embed on their sites?
PHP for shop-s.top:
*Digital business cards Digital Rolodex App interconnectivity
*Unes Currency - Reward points for completing jobs from other customers.
*Make Classifieds pages
*Digital museums like nickoledeons
*Pay for video tutorial lists
* allow list of links to other ebay etsy or craigslist ads.
*Wanted section - post jobs or art commissions.
Idea for printable character sheet for AR card game. The cards are played by unveiling printed paper sheets. so every sheet could have 8x11 inch squares or 4x5 2 inch squares of AR codes. Every player will have their own unique mat. It is somewhat like reverse bingo. And multiplayer.
CD/DVD with CD/DVD-RW to skip areas of missing data on machined Discs that will act as fans on spin. CNC MACHINE CD TO MAKE IT A FAN BLADE OR MELT CD DOWN INTO FAN BLADES USING wooD MOLDS
Hello I am non profit seeking to release a free app and website and looking for help with an idea.
I own Vibrochat.club and Vibro-chat.com.
I want to modify a chat app to include custom parsed codes that can cause physical avatars to move or vibrate. These are like solar powered bobble heads but connected via USB. Also digital avatars can be used with app for digitally notifications. 
PS also help programming a usb/bluetooth battery resistor to allow users to control vibrators via webchats.
I also own shop-s.top and hotti.top as well as openInvent.club and bitsfit.com bitsfit.com
and Junk-Fu.com a food franchise that uses junk food in recipes.
My website g0pg.xyz was taken down unfairly and I would like some legal team to help me get my proprietary php scripts and mySql database from freehosting.com as they have shut down my website for a lie of alledged phishing see tiny.cc/websiteshutdown
I own g0pg.xyz and this site used a modified version of YOURLS php script that prevented users and the admin from logins also I modified the script so that all the artwork was hosted offsite. 
The freehosting.com website has prevented me from getting my php script and database info a list of shortened websites. They similarly did not notify me of their intent  to shut down my website and I attempted to seek administrative remedy but they refuse to restore my hosting or give me my data. Additionally, there reason for denying me service is that the website was allegedly phishing. 
See this pic
Meyers Vs Aabaco
I want to sue my web host for shutting down my URL shortener website g0pg.xyz without notice or appeal or administrative remedy. Also They are preventing me from retrieving my data - database and customized PHP scripts.


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