Mound planting and Satellites of the Sea Solar powered coffee machine antennas FPV Fish drones

Satellites of the Sea Solar powered coffee machine antennas.

So this is developing an Idea I had before for floating bouys that heat the surface water to assist in evaporation to make it to  rain. This improvment to that idea is to simultaneously use the bouys for communication purposes. Now with more water in the air we can cause problems like creating a magnifying glass which will cause water to make sunlight more damaging to our skin. Like when you get sunburns on overcast days. Another problem is dropping salt to make it rain salt is a great way to cause the rainfall but it might destroy our crops or make land infertile. These floating sea satellites act like the copper induction heater or water stingers that heat water somewhat like toasters. This hot water might attract various forms of plankton I dont see how this will harm fish because if they get hot they could swim away like a human too close to a fire might react (as opposed jumping over the pit or stepping on coals). Then I can work on funner ideas like FPV mermaid drones encased in mineral oil then vacuum sealed for true waterproofing. Hopefully FPV doesnt mean we get to "sea" the inside of a sharks digestive track.  

Another upgrade to these bouys would be oil collectors for oil spills.
 I am under the assumption that oil floats but that might be untrue for crude oil. One idea is to make whirlpools that would attract objects to the center we have all seen Recycle Reuse Reduce demonstrations of that using a 2 liter bottle to make a whirlpool or a light. But this is using that centripetal force to help clean up our mess. 

On a side topic water can be conserved by above ground mound plantings more of the roots will be at surface level. Maybe using a tarp will help to direct water to root parts while protecting the tops. Also beneath ground irrigation will save lots of water that may get evaporated and will allow the top layer to retain toxic elements and filter out rainwater. Maybe topsoils can be replaced. Another method for aggriculture is tap root drilling. A deep well is dug then that is filled with high quality dirt MagicGro stuff and then a seedling is planted and watered very little or perhaps just under root level. If we can establish root affintitys be attempting experiments like AGAR or Gelatin Hydroponics then we can estimate root growth 



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