WANTED: needs a frontend and embedded backend. I was told IRC chat cannot connect to USB devices but I want a chat that parses *poke and other words to activate a usb AA battery (usb cable soldered to AAA to AA battery adapter w/ resistor) when active the device is a kinetic statue like bobble head or motor with paperclip/magnet or oragami holder or battery can be used with a vibrator. If I had parallel 5v outputs MUX to different resistors I think I can make this for pennies. Your pay includes a share in the free service company and upon working chat/usb device. I am looking into other domains and android app creation. Chibi-chat came to mind and making the statues out of Webcams also piqued my interest.

This is a simple app basically its a DNS system for files; A table like excel that saves new file extensions and their and new .com like extension but also encrypts the header so the file is unreadable without opening it thru the arg[v] variable. Understand? you share in redistribution rights website ads and can sell app on ebay or wherever for extra income. I am not looking to profit but will host a free version - that can have advertising if you want some income. -openInvent [at] protonmail com

  1. it can be accomplished with .bat files and 1 .dat file with a unique extension
  2. the encryption of header and rest of file can be truncated and zipped or gzipped? Then create new file with encrypted header and new file extension and append zip or gzip or rar etc.


I want to use operator+ to overload the | symbol I am making a new math function to look like |: this will do a MORE operation which is as follows:

2|:7 =2222222 4|:5 =44444 3|:2 = 33

the actual code involves the BASE in this case 10 and multiple additions of the columns of digit value times the first input. So 12|:2 is actually 12+120 whereas 13|:4 would be 13 + 130 +1300 +13000. 

This is the more operator as defined in


I need this for Fractional Digit Representation like 3|:Infinity = 10/3 

Wanted programer to modify chess:

Hello I am interested in Chess I have proposed several custom rule variants to change-up the playbooks. has a posting about Samurai Chess which has a fat two space wide pawn called a SUMA placeable any where on the first row at first move. Pawns -> Samurais Rooks -> Pagodas Knights->Ninja (which can move twice||or||back on successful attack Bishop -> Magi King->Emperor Queen->Empress) I also suggested Life Chess which utilizes the checker pieces for life tokens and players must try to stay on their color tile or lose a life token each move to opponents color. (Note Red Checkers are for White pieces). I also proposed Excalibur Chess where king can ride on a horse and dismount to single adjacent square not in check. When king moves to other side He get Excalibur power and can attack pieces like a queen but without moving. A variant rule involves the king and queen teleporting -optionally when not in check.



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