Epiphany Projeckto

Grease Siphon.
Set in a plausible future visible from the stars.

The main characters face engineering tasks daily to struggle in the new world. Devin, their captain has a peanut shaped head -deformed from years of exploring with a gas mask. And the main mechanic has bionic fingers to replace the ones he's lost on his right hand. 

Together with the robust attention of a Gothic Kawaii fallout rubberPunk Vixen they embark on a journey to discover habitable zones.

Sinking the boat - Perhaps an Unsinkable boat which uses gravity to produce hydro-electricity. 
In the flooded spring lands - Every summer the ice melts discover a town of suspended huts with hot air balloons and ben frank-stirling stove/engines.
EarthFall - The giant gear in the grandSea Canyon and the power of the flood.
DeLucing Lucy - The lights have a grander scale like an auroura of epiphany
The green fog - magnetic forces of a new engine alter earths gravitational field run or experience falling up.
The UnInventor - The new engines inventor was stopped before catastrophe leading to alternate timelines and the uninvented.

thinking of an anime style cartoon using openToonz or synfig. I bought animeStudio and had an argument with the producer and I will rather make my own animation software forking Inkscape to disable the GUI from being displayed.

Hot Air Balloons and Heated Hulls - a giants sled

nice info


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