CNC machining a CD/DVD to turn it into a Fan Blade

CNC machining a CD/DVD to turn it into a Fan Blade
*using a lathe one could note a pun...

So this simple idea takes a cd/dvd I would use rw media because I want to cut 3 equidistant lines and then taper the surface a bit but not all the way down to make a fan blade.

As the CD spins it should lift dirt off the lens. If something were written to it we need to adjust the jolliat info to have the laser skip past the fan blades for maximum cleaning efficiency. 

I had noted two potential problems with this idea so far:
The cd cracks easier because the spokes cut into it. Perhaps causing cd to break in drive. 
The cd may cause strain on the spindle and wear down motor but this cd fan is not for daily use and I deem the risk trivial.

The cd might spin unevenly due to uneven balancing or heat warping and then cause damage to the laser lens.

Please note CD/DVD Drug Related joke below:

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