Make a joint venture project in CA Prisons. Prisoners will become advertisements in a virtual world and players get to beat them up and get paid. Advertisers can pay for custom arts. Pay Per Click Hack and Slash.

Prison Temp Agency you can hire prisoners to work for 10cents a hr I am going to post this idea on

Some people have a debt to society and are not paid minimum wage to pay it back.


I want the assertion of the const. right to assemble in peace via the internet in all facilities and public courts like youtube with true accurate records- also suggest a peoples' Amenders Office and that law enforcement learn the law see LEEBAR exam

I would like people imprisoned to be charged a 50 dollar court fee and be given a paper copy of the penal code book so they can learn the laws they are supposed to abide by.

Restore the peoples' rights which are denied/disparaged by the District Attorneys office who has a monopoly on which cases are heard in court. - Alternative would be jury trial for all or voting on cases. Is it worth spending 65k/yr for 5 years for a car theft or would buying a replacement car for the victim be a better use of taxpayer money. The criminal may be better off without a limb and on disability - theolde-new alternative punishment. Disability is 15k a year or less thus a saving of 50k a year per prisoner. With that income we can fix roads or even subsidize minimum wage Increases.

Monopoly On Justice - Injustice In Justice and the Criminal Justice system by Ember Leona (

A report on US Monopolies on Food, Jobs, Phone usage (if available) (no internet at all), No way to pay bills or forward mail.

This may be true for most states but I can
only say that in CA Jails , State Hospitals, and Prisons. Have a monopoly on many things. One is phone usage (prison did not  have phone usage at all -no freedom of speech) Jail/Prison Jobs are unpaid except extra food is given. They should be paid 37 cents max. a violation of minimum wage laws.
I would like to start a joint venture project and pay 10-25 cents an hr to working prisoners too. I have an idea for online world and I need people to populate the world (assemble in peace) and be Adverts. The idea is destroying advertisements and other people can be advertisements and get paid for it.

I think it is criminal. Thus the name criminal justice. I was appointed an attorney that was overburdened and I was not able to speak to him nor was I arraigned within 48/72 hours. I was booked on wednesday see CA PENAL 825 for right of attorney to visit clients

I was Injured by police during a mental health 5150 I was supposed to be taken to mental hospital but I was injected at UCSD hospital once I regained consciousness.

I was denied freedom of speech, there is a monopoly on lawyers, and mail, I could not forward mail or pay my lease or put all my property in storage so I lost all I own before I had a fair trial.Which I never had a jury trial at all. My mental health program got letters from lawyers and hospital bills eventually I was given a 10,000k hospital bill for MRI SCAN and hospital stay thanks to police injuring me. Unfortunately, the Judge refused to open my mail and look at the bill in  my defense and to note significant damages. - The judge broke the law and concealed documentary evidence also by striking my statements from written record. My requests for the return of my property was denied.1538.5

Cell phones, pocket books and business cards are divested so I could not contact people I know. Nor could I use the internet and assert my constitutional right to assemble in peace. Or call 411 or 555-1212 a number that I had to learn because 3 digit codes are not permitted. The phone system requires the called person to press a number to accept the call so even when I called I could not contact automated machines like 411 or even leave messages on attorney phones which I could not get. Nor was their a way to get money from bank or spend my money on the penal code book from jail  or prison.

Denied right to speak and deemed mentally incompetent. -Founder of openInvent.
LOST MY ATTORNEY - PATTON STATE HOSPITAL _____________________________________________

Aside from my demurrers about PC 28 and the mental incompetency hearings being unlawful. My appeal for placement in state hospital and habeas corpus were ignored by monopolized law. The courts did not keep docket numbers nor gave me a jury trial. This monopoly on justice prevented a fair trial and a public trial. I could not be tried in another county or held by officers that didnt know the officers that injured me. Nor could I have a public court a truthful recorded case with video record held on internet - LIKE COURT-TUBE or youtube Court.

At patton state hospital I was able to use a computer but no internet and the lady supervising me helped me purchase and view the penal code book. I got the address from the front cover of the book and I sent money to get the book. My justice was limited - dependent on the biased aide of another. I think by writing a habeas corpus and filing an appeal I proved my mental competence- but I was punished in state hospital prior to jury trial or sentencing. Thus the whole case became a Miscarriage of Justice - where I was denied a lawful proceeding of court prior to punishment. I should have had two reviews from psychiatrists (JUDGEs with more POWER) my habeas corpus was ignored and my appeal was deemed unintelligible nor was I allowed to defend liberty (const) by representing myself in the appellate court or filing my own opening brief because the appellate attorney caused a delay.

When my penal code book was supposed to be delivered to me I was transferred and lost property. I did not ever get to use the penal code book I purchased until after my release and the start of my homeless life. Since my mom kept the book and all the property divested from me and somehow sent to her instead of moved with me to county jail.
Homelessness and the extendend punishment system which needs correctional review.

I was homeless at that time and had to stay in same county not live with mom in a different county. Being labeled as ___ offender meant no job no hope for work and living on the street illegally since homlessness is a crime or a sluegh of them. Public Urination (classified sex offense) Illegal lodging, tresspassing, Refuge Tampering aka Dumpster Diving, theft of shopping cart, san diego tent tickets etc.

NEW SLAVERY - Probation/Parole Slaveholders with more power than court appointed judges

Problem with Probation or parole - which I refused to accept because 1) I maintained my unguiltyness 2) I think probation and parole are unlawful forced punishments in violation of CA PENAL CODE 181 especially note the wording placement into the custody of another - Remanded to Custody of Sheriff. etc. 3) Probation was defined as an alternative "in lieu" of a sentence; I feel there should be no additional punishment in addition to the maximum punishment and maximum fine. 4) the laws defined the maximum punishment to break the same laws would be the same crime as the offenders accused crime. Example PC69  Resisting arrest says punishable by no more than 1 yr. I was punished from 2009 until 2012. The courts violated the law I was accused of. I feel I was not lawfully arrested It was a WIC 5150 where the police failed to place me on Involuntary Hold from a mental health program where I was punched in the face by police and knocked unconscious. - where I spit blood and was accused of assualt because blood came out my mouth toward officers and they injured their knee because they tried to dropkick me but I moved or had been moved by another officer so they landed on the pavement and suffered an injury.(this is from their testimony in court)

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The minimum wage law has loopholes! (loopholes should be on halfbakery because they are just injustices in law and accepted problematic wordings that allow for different just as criminal justice is just as criminal oxymoronically)

This monopoly of prisoner temp agencies will be the "one ring to rule them all"

Having control of this temp agency will help you buy elections and with an army of politicals you can put a bunch of bacon in the lawbooks. All that pork would come from pig industry!

The will be a great economic stimulus! Many people will be replaced with illegally underpaid prisoners who need to pay there indentured servitude and debt to society and are deprived of minimum wage in a pleasant loophole for us employers.

You can hire your prisoner to do your work while you get paid minimum wage and the temp agency gets to keep a fraction of the pay per hour for their monopolized services and corporate kickbacks while depriving employees of benefits like 401k plans or health insurance. The best part of this temp agency is that you can break all the laws and get sued - Just go out of business or change your identity so you become un-sueable.

You owe taxes just go out of business! liquidize all your assets to you wife or females! Marry a new husband and change your name! Remember it wasnt a valid marriage if you werent marriage consigmated in 60 days because a marriage license expires in 60 days at least in CA. No need to divorce to conceal your illegal employment.

Todays special 101 prisoners for 10 dollars and hour. You can pay them to be naked and stand on eachother like IRAQI cheerleaders! Woot!


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