Ideas for tornado proof housing

I want to help design tornado proof housing.

do you think pyramids can protect against these acts of god. i was thinking deep chains to clamp down a home also bursts of hot air to try and disrupt the tornados spin and thus lower the momentum buildup. I would test home designs in a whirlpool and put models upside down to start. how about a trench around the home with level roof. I always wanted my car to be parked on roof and garage leads into second floor living room

Simple oven can help its a concreted crucible filled with large rocks then oil then packed with salt. or removed the oil and pipe in gas. the heat rising may cause tornadoes the best tornadoes would be typhoons to counter the spin of tornadoes.  I think ansas has high elevation so the hot air rises to that point maybe its like hot ocean waves.  can we push air west? 

of course a mars like tornado can be useful for harvesting energy imagine erecting a helium rope array of drone bots maybe we can use the weight of the ocean to siphon water into the vaccum of space that would make hail sattelites and possibly a second sun like star.

why is it so flat there? maybe a large basin with water will work to disrupt wind flows for now its about using wind tunnels to drill our homes back down into the ground instead of up and into our neighbors house.

of course crapitalism might benefit from tornados like motorist who intentionally cause accidents for insurance claims... insurance is like a ponzi and a bank which cannot pay dividends without a claim. mandatory insurance is not unlike extortion. consider nasa blowing up spaceships for millions and billions when an open flame will burn up our ozone layer O3 layer


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