Rationalizing Irrational number new math operators

numbers like .666 are bad they can cause errors.   

1/3 is .33333 its compliment is 1-x so 2/3 .666666
actually repeating patterns are simple 420.420420 is 420000/999 .696969 is 69/99
let me show you a new math:
 repeating digits posed a problem so i created a more operator [this symbol '|' represents more]
6/9 can be written as 6|(infinity) .34343434 is 34/99 so it can be written like so 34/(9|2) 1|5 is 11111 2|6=222222 2|3=222 etc

however the c code implementation math for 1 digit mores is a recursive function take x|y assuming base ten decimal we do x+10x then x =10x  y  amount of times. this may be confusing and even wrong but it us simple addition at heart. 4|3 is 4+40+400 where 4|4 is 4|3 + 4 times 10^4 or easier written as 4+40+400+4000=4444
2 digit mores:
11|2 is not 1111 unfortunately its 121 with this implementation unless we append/concantenate two strings with operator+ overload and treat 11|2 as 1|2 +1|2 11+11 in this case would be 1111 instead of 22 but that doesnt get use what we want. 12|2 would be 1122 instead of 1212 unless we change parse in appending.
to programmers do we want 12|3 to be 121212 or 12+120+1200= 1332 each is unique for computing or we can search the string for the sum of digits and replace with opposite parse 13[replace 3 with 21]3[replace 3 with 21]2 this becomes 121212

14|4 =14141414 or 14+140+1400+14000= 15554 then replace middle 5s with 41s 14141414

three digits more furthers implementation problems bewared of incorrect computer math.
123|3  should be 123123123 but instead we get 123+1230+12300 = 13653 clearly not 123123123
attempts to resolve we can try to split 3 digit mores into 2 digit or 1 digit mores
123|3  may be interpretted as 1|3'2|3'3|3 [note i overloaded ' operator+ to refer to concantentaions of more data types] we get 111222333 as a result we can parse this to correct start at 0 index which is add 3 add 3 thats the first 123 then start at index 1 second array position repeat add 3 add 3. blah bleh
the data is misparsed but there good for encryptions its fu but not fubar.
so should data be left misparsed by the more function?
maybe we add parsing instructions to the data telling program to read this data as so first fourth seventh.... then shift index and repeat... but 
worse is interpretting 123|3 as 12|3'23'|3 121212232323 or would it be 1332 and 2553?

for now more is implemented up to 2 digits.


pi is an irrationational another topic requiring FDR fractional digit representation [10/3]'[1/3]'[.1/3]'[.01/3]'[.001/3].... with fountain carry to both sides on occassion.
my guess at pi is [baseValue/3] in decimal or base 10 its like so
...10^3,10^2,10^1,10^0[raddix/decimal pt]10^-1,10^-2,10^-3,10^-4 and so on. from my experience a power of zero is 1 thus the 1s column exists in all base notations even hexadecimal.

using relative math 1/3 AND 2/3 IS 1 so make 1 by adding 2/3 we need to then subtract 2/3
1/3 can be stored as 1 minus 2/3



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