Notes on Encryption

i am not an expert to cryptography and dont know much about your tools. i would like an email if you get a chance with something to learn. i released this article and i came up with ideas for ciphers add/subtraction method this doubles data rule if first is larger subtract else add. add must modulus then truncate overflow in alphabet za would be y character but az would be a or A implementation dependent outer Indian parses lines out to in vowel rotation or rotation lists could include grammar and punctuation. aeiou rot 3 ouaei respectively irrational ciphers need new data type for math i created called FDR fractional digit representation [6/8][1/4] is 7.75 for example math here may encounter a fountain carry to both left and right for example 8[1/3]^2 = 16.66666667 i mentioned this cause irrationals and cipher masking. the digit can represent cesearean shift 6/7 would be 857142/999999 this means first letter shifts 8 2nd shifts 5 3rd shifts 7 4th shifts 1 etc...42..... think 0xDEADBEEF/0xFFFFFFFF AS MASK uninitialize data or disguise data? keep track of shifts to desired data result or use add/subtract to create a list of anagrammable texts to try and find a semi intellible encryption result. binary morse code should be mentioned here. the morsal data type is time respective in theory 4 hz can represent a hexadecimal. i call this data type a morsal to follow the theme of bits nibbles and bytes. my website is jesus pictures inspired me to do binary counting on my fingers he holds a 17 if thumbs are ground the rock on hand symbol is six 0110 and a pinky up is 7 reminds me of tea time base 17 has a square numpad i like that for symetrical fractions like 1/7 and 6/7. these have a common irrational after a shift of 3. example 6/7 shift 3(aka ×10^3) is 857+1/7 making a repeating cipher is fun 420/999 or 12345/99999 see the pattern 987654321/999999999 this is what the FDR type needs a more symbol the more method or function repeats the digit a given amount of time so 675/999 is 675/(9|3) antimore attempts to do the opposit but there are multiple answers 99|2 = 9|4 i havent decided a symbol for more yet but the more pipe from dos suffices for now dont confuse it for a bitwise or theres no parse yet in gcc or g++ ming etc but maybe we can overload it with a cast this is to used for a human interface device to enter direct binary to pc for games or macro interpretters goes with tripleClickers for mouse input for extending productivity or making a game. you can call me 6198311837 or email


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