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I was instructed not to try and collaborate with u via the website nor post my link.
I have encountered bugs in PHP several times while working a SONY on games and online I think I crashed yahoo a while back by making passwords with ALT + 127 or other alt codes.
Also in forms I have crashed test servers using & gt (semicolon) and other backslashes etc.
My collab improvement. Is what I call PPP Periphery Password Protocol. It entails a library for getting a keyFile or PasswordFile hosted on a clients PC. The upload is not necessary what is needed is the FILE PATH AND THE MD5 AND SHA checksums these are used to create a password. A Dongle which renames CACLS and takeown or On linux renames SUDO will help to provide security as well as can be used with autorun to host the Keyfile needed in PPP. The user need only insert their Thumbdrive with the keyFile and click yes to allow access to the Path for checksum verification that hash of that info can be used as the password.
So my question in PHP is how can I access the MD5 that windows precalculates in the files info property tags.
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