Wanted programer to modify chess:

Hello I am interested in Chess I have proposed several custom rule variants to change-up the playbooks. has a posting about Samurai Chess which has a fat two space wide pawn called a SUMA placeable any where on the first row at first move. Pawns -> Samurais Rooks -> Pagodas Knights->Ninja (which can move twice||or||back on successful attack Bishop -> Magi King->Emperor Queen->Empress) I also suggested Life Chess which utilizes the checker pieces for life tokens and players must try to stay on their color tile or lose a life token each move to opponents color. (Note Red Checkers are for White pieces). I also proposed Excalibur Chess where king can ride on a horse and dismount to single adjacent square not in check. When king moves to other side He get Excalibur power and can attack pieces like a queen but without moving. A variant rule involves the king and queen teleporting -optionally when not in check.



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