Game Engines To Consider

TextMugen and Testing loveDos games with DOSBOX

have you heard of Beats of Rage or Mugen. These have characters that fight like mortal combat or street fighter. I want to reuse these character art and animations and play them back when someone enters text on a multiplayer game.
three taunt texts show on user screen user trys to type the phrase fastest 
P: Down wench! 
K: Vermin!
or others at random from a community built list. like N00b! froob  pwnd or off
so typing  Down wench will punch while typing Vermin! will kick 
Any error will cause character to jump.
Or perhaps Red text for Kicks Green for Punchs  
After a successful attack the words that can be typed are expanded
Forward movement and block need not be implemented its an idea to build up typing speed in a fun way. 
I can also contribute to more detailed games. Me friend is a good artist I am better digitally than pen and paper. 
I have other ideas here @
PS. I really think your Mario Portal Game is awesome!!
If you have a chance look up Zelda Time To Triumph Zelda Oni Link begins and Zelda Navis Quest these games will be awesome games to port to LOVE if possible or just mod in general. The source is available too.
Do you have level editors outside teh game. I want to contribute maybe I can make some ambient music or sound effects?
these are some chiptune VSTs I am looking to try out.


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