Game Engines To Consider

Hey thank you for thoroughly reading and answering my blurbs and ideas.
I would love to find people to test out the new chess rules with. The teleport may seem souped but it wouldnt be useful if the queen or the king were in check somehow. The whole Idea is to complicate chess and make it more interesting.
Instead Game Engine is a Visual Novel Platform like Ren Py but written in LUA. If this were ported to Love2D it would be portable to many other systems like using Dos on xbox homebrew. Kayleth was an old game about waking up as an andriod and eventually carrying your old body to safety and a mission of killing the headmaster android called Kayleth. Quarantine is a Russian only Game since Instead Engine is mainly a russian supported audience but since the engine is about visual novels the games have been translated to many languages so it can aid in learning languages because you can play the same text game translated. (Anki flashcard app is another great learning tool.) From my feeble translation of the game Quarantine involves aliens and different rooms randomly effected by the alien-like outbreak characters get infected and turn to aliens it seems like a randomized storybook. The quantum cat is a good visual novel about a man who eventually gets a shotgun and shoots his way thru for freedom its translated even into japanese. The  werewolf game was made by the team that ported Instead Engine to the Andriod Telephone platform. Also theres little red riding hood but with tons alternate endings and different gifts to give granny. The main point of that citation regarding Instead Engine was to tell you about the way games can be downloaded and added to the game engine library from within the app using a XML file and a online database with files. Instead Engine does this good and so doesAnki flashcards.
Perhaps creating a lua love2D player for Instead Engine is the better way to go about this. Since Love2D does have a critical flaw preventing games from loading other .love files. whereas Instead Engine can load modules and games as if they were separate ROM cartridges and even let players get games without searching through tons of INDY websites or using FlashGot or Facebook sharings of games that severely need proper advertising.
Now MMOs may seem unrealistic... but look at this MMO flappy bird game video on youtube.
You might enjoy killing flappy bird in squishy bird
How bout NotFrogger Idea where you are like jumping ontop of cars on a freeway like the MatrixNotFrogger
The blurVisors apparatus pulls back the corner of the human eye and blurs the viewers vision mechanically it would be better with some kind of wind fan to blow air into the facial tissue for added realism in VR applications.
The slot machine facebook idea... you seemed to miss the point of that topic. The main programming aspect is coding a gamer link to facebook api for sharing one own contributions to the game. EX. I added a level in Mari0 and I wanted to share my game. This allows all your game players to elect to help advertise the community creatable game. So replacing the art that rotates in a slot machine would be easy and allows gamers to make their own games using friends pictures or somethings quickly.
A very simple game idea that would work with that principle would be like the wrongful touch. In the game engine you click on a picture or prop and that gets replaced with a new prop Thats it. The game then has link lists of picture assets that can be stored online using for example. click on picture of tomb stone -> zombie appears -> zombie clicked turns to skull cross bones -> pirate ship...etc the idea is connections between images and the main point is sharing ones own content added content. Its no where near the Second Life idea.



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