Game Engines To Consider

RenPy (Nis visual novel game engine) and GoDot look like two engines I will look at.
The blender game engine might be cool but I havent been able to get a good install perhaps I need to prevent hacking or get a SHA Md5 checksum verification first before installing.

I still like wintermute engine but I have recently had an idea about making a tile based engine based on pixels and pixel color representation of FSM finite state autonoma. So basically it will have a uniquecolor for every object even instances but with a count perhaps? I emailed about it here:

Sent to
Can I work with you guys to get my game ideas made... see 2nd link article
Or how can I learn by helping you guys.
I can see paying you to create my game but I want to learn love2d coding or at least do some art with GIMP and perhaps ANIME STUDIO or PAPAGAYO lip syncing? OR music I am trying to save up for a cintiq graphics tablet and a roland digital mixer i made this guitar mod 
Can you port Instead game engine into love2D is all lua script like love. I beat the quantum cat Kayleth Spectrum Port and a few werewolf game endings.  
feasible project facebook api to share customizable game ex slot machine with custom pictures - Great for advertising. or have clients pay for there own customizable version of the game? if they cannot do it themselves.
love2d chat library? I own this domain and maybe a web browser plugin to chat and parse address bar text to extract currently watched video so you can watch the same thing as your friend. Would be better with t=Xs part....
feasible project  new chess versions excalibur chess/samurai chess has new fat two square "suma" pawn placeable in third row which attacks and protects diagonally. First move is suma placement. Custom rule of death swap the pawns directly behind suma can be sacrificed to save suma pawns life. 
Knights are called  ninjas and can move another space after successful attack 2nd move can be optionally set to horse move or king move.
King and queen can swap locations Ruse Teleport Rule
Have you used lua repositories to download games like the Instead Engine has. I want to know how thats done. Instead android uses XML for that I contacted the dev. See Anki Flashcard program for another great interface to get downloadables to expand the software
Also is it possible to swap out lua files on the fly. THere was a game I played as a kid and it let users walk around and JUMP INTO PICTURES and that selected a bunch of mini games and demos one such game on the compilation was beavis and butthead in virtual stupidity. And another tank game like capture the flags but with tanks cars and helicopters face paced like sid meyers pirates shooting each other. 
The Wintermute Adventure Game engine seems dead are there any ways to utilize concepts from this... they set colision boundaries by hand can we paint asset grids like FSM for assets in gridspace? example chair is blue and or tetris but think stacking assets and pixels or 3d stuff instead of colored blocks.
I think games like OSU! are super cool. I also liked kurukurukurin this spining baton game where you have to avoid walls and move to end of maze. I picture a dancing anime sprite bouncing on streams of lines and avoiding walls or a video playing in background with simple dance jumper like MS driller but upwards?
Guru Logic was a cool game about making pixel art puzzles using a shooter think like bust a move. you had to rotate the screen since you can only shoot up.



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