OI Token - An alternative to QR codes

I was in attempt to collaborate with others on this like lazarsoft and John_Sauter see g0pg.xyz/secs

I want to use this for hosting virtual comic books or sounds banks/ soundfonts.
it can also use OCR optical character recognition and ASCII in place of 
The idea is simple uses the HASH-TAG symbol. # 
with 8 scores I can represent the numbers 0-91 and with 9 positions in a hash tag I get 91^9 combos plenty for small stuff. However using ascii and OCR we might get more?? But the algorithm for that would be difficult.

*link update g0pg.xyz/binscore

I use h to show sums of horizontals(5Xbinarys) and v for sums of verticles(binary):
example above numbers from top row left to right: 6,15, 8 OR verbose 6(5h+1v), 15h(5X binary), 8(5h+3v)
middle row left to right: 1,40,17 OR VERBOSE 1v(binary), 40h, 17(10h+3v)
bottom row left to right: 15, 41, 91 OR VERBOSE 15h(its binary), 40h + 1v, 75h(5+10+20+40)+15v(1+2+4+8)
On the left id like a custom symbol so like this 
Sample OI Token:
*link update g0pg.xyz/oitoken
Currently, I am trying to make a font maybe to use OCR using .ttf file?
I am calling this concept OI Token - OI for openInvent!

Anyone Want to help make an reader app and share credit?
OI token binary scoring encoding.zip has the font from fontstruct.com (I highly suggest looking at that site) and lazarsofts QR reader source I think.

NOTE: In binary scoring system theres an issue/feature that binary scoring numbers can be derived from many different combos.
Ex. 15 can be two horizontals or 4 verticals. So the font doesnt even deal with the lapses in Binary Scoring for now.
Please contact me I need to collaborate with a decent coder for other projects like tiny.cc/codethis
I am on github.com/punkroku see g0pg.xyz/mycard



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