Dongle Sudo for Linux Ubuntu Security

Heres the Idea...
I want to remove sudo from my machine but make it work with usb dongle I also need the same dongle protection in windows for takeown.exe and cacls

In ubuntuFlavor baskinRobbers distro terminal (ctrl+alt+t):

sudo cp /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/mUser
mUser mv /usr/bin/sudo sda2/sudo
ln -s sda2/sudo /usr/bin/sudo
sudo chmod 7755 sda2/sudo ##added my symlink was missing permission
sudo chmod 0000 /usr/bin/mUser ##OR sudo rm /usr/bin/mUser

What this does copys sudo to mUser or whatever your name it then uses the copy to move original sudo to pen drive
then links to pen drive symbolically Adds permissions to use the symlink  for me this was a necessary step
Next we make our sudo copy mUser useless or remove it completely now typing sudo links to whatever is mounted at sda2 also this nees permissions.

In theory, when pen drive mounted at sda2 is removed sudo the symlink will refer to unavailable location. Any Ideas?; Windows? It would be nice to have a script to verify sudo was requested with a simple prompt and have that act as an intermediary between symlink and dongle-sudo

I have tested this on a single drive. My CH!NESE THUMBDRiVE is a POS.



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